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Sony’s $999 personal 3D viewer headset now available to pre-order in the US

The site adds that the device is wireless, packs two LED screens that can display a simulated 750-inch screen, and 7.1 channel surround sound. It also supports movies in 3D, and is compatible with PCs, game consoles, smartphones and tablet devices. (PS3, PS4, Sony)

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The_Infected  +   726d ago
Only $999! When the price hits $200-$300 this will be feasible.
Thehyph  +   726d ago
This isn't their VR headset to compete with Oculus Rift... Sony has been making stuff like this for a while now.

This article shouldn't be on the site IMO. It's, essentially a TV/home theatre that mounts on your head instead of a wall/TV stand.
ChrisW  +   726d ago
Oculus also has 3D movie viewing capabilities.
Thehyph  +   726d ago
That wasn't my point. My point is that this device isn't made any more specific for gaming than a TV. So why is it on this site? The same could be said about any piece of hardware that is not primarily for gaming.

It says right in the article that this is not Sony's VR device. There's a lot of comments on here that appear to have missed that.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   726d ago
Same reason the Xbox1 is on this site.
ChrisW  +   726d ago
Uhhh... I'll buy Oculus Rift instead.
WarThunder  +   726d ago
Yea me too. Oculus Rift is $399 right?

Hope Sony cuts the price of their personal 3D viewer headset.
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sprinterboy  +   726d ago
Zancruz  +   726d ago
Wow $1000! Really? I can see $500, But a $1000.... Pass!
MartinB105  +   726d ago
I hate the way they hype a product using meaningless specs. Simulated 750-inch screen? At what simulated distance? Three metres? Three miles? A simulated screen size is useless without knowing the simulated distance.

Also, for those not clear, this is not a VR headset; rather it's a personal viewer. That is, it doesn't do head-tracking and the image doesn't fill your peripheral vision, so you just see the rectangular picture surrounded by black.
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Nerdmaster  +   726d ago
There's a link to Sony’s product site on the article. The main purpose of the article is to say that it's now available to pre-order, not to list every spec.

"The Personal 3D Viewer simulates a 750-inch screen 65 feet away"
annus  +   726d ago
"Feel like you're sitting 20 rows (65 feet) back from a spectacular 750-inch movie screen."

That's from the source. Seems quite pointless buying something like this though. Why would you wan't to feel like you are sitting far away? I guess the only good thing about this would be that it blocks your peripheral so you only concentrate on the screen. FOV of 45 is pathetic in comparison to Occulus Rift's 90, but I guess they aren't really trying for the same crowd. Probably has a much better looking screen, but I don't see many buying it for that price.
RealityCheck  +   726d ago
The specs are quite underwhelming. They are comparing this product to a virtual movie theater but the headset screens are only 720p while in movie theaters they are 4k or about 2160p. For this being their 3rd gen product and not even being 1080p is disappointing.

Virtual Image Size
750 inch in 20m distance

Display Resolution
1280 x 720

Field of View
45 degree

From: http://www.sony.co.uk/produ...
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SmoothC911  +   726d ago
If it was 1080p I'd actually consider getting one, but considering the 720 spec at that distance, I can envision it being a bit muddied with no real definition
thejigisup  +   726d ago
@smoothc911, 720on this device is pretty damn good and its Crystal clear I'll tell you that you thinking the image is muddied is false and there is quite a bit of definition, both of those screens are amazing.
prodg52  +   726d ago
You would have to process two 1080p resolutions at once. That would take a lot of power and not necessary when the screens are small. 720p would actually look really good.
Nerdmaster  +   726d ago
I hope that by the time I buy another computer next year, this thing will be less expensive.
XtraTrstrL  +   726d ago
Well this isn't their headset that would be competitive with the Oculus Rift. This is just their 3D viewer line, which they've been working on for awhile now. They wouldn't be ready to release their Oculus Rift-type headset yet, they're still testing and developing something that would be in line with Oculus Rift in price and style. I believe they already stated they'd be ready to give more info on their OR-type headset sometime early-mid next year.
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Einhert  +   726d ago
Not at all competitive with the Rift, the rift has 3D as well and it is a fraction of the price.

Oh its £1300 in the UK.....well count me out when I could upgrade my PC significantly for that or buy both an xbox one or PS4..
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Iltapalanyymi  +   726d ago
ohh! thats a bit too expensive! would have bought this if it was under 500€!
plmkoh  +   726d ago
I think the price is quite good for tje hardware, lossless wireless HDMI isn't cheap.
digger18  +   726d ago
Order placed
TwistingWords  +   726d ago
Looks like a robots jock strap
specialguest  +   726d ago
Lets be fair. This isn't meant for the gaming consumers. $999 for a product like this sounds about right if you've kept up with the hmd world. The reasons why the oculus rift might be significantly more affordable is the method of which they have created their VR headset with. The rift spilts 1 big display with 2 magnifying lenses, while the Sony hmz uses 2 separate expensive high ppi mini display for each eye.

The sony hmz display quality is superior in all aspects to the rift, but it comes with a much higher price tag. With the rift, there is a sort of screen door effect which devs are still working to improve. This effect is present because you're basically viewing the display at a magnified level. However, this issue will most likely be minimized once the 1080p consumer version is released.
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kewlkat007  +   726d ago
Not sure what to make of this gadget..probably will be the next Virtualboy with that price.
vikMage  +   726d ago
If that's the one, tried it @ TGS 2012 & it's not the same as Oculus.
This has 2 screens while Oculus has 1. Using it still makes you feel you're looking @ a screen while Oculus gives you more immersion.
Honestly it might be good for movies (saw a 3D amazing spider man demo through it which was pretty amazing :)) but for games Oculus is a definite no-brainer.
+ the price tag...$999...never thought it'd be that much...
Klonopin  +   726d ago
With prices like that I doubt these gadgets will become mainstream anytime soon, unless Oculus proves otherwise.
thejigisup  +   726d ago
Had a chance to put the hmz t1 at the Sony store in Manhattan and the device is impressive and clear, the 3d it's top notch. This new iteration sends to fix both the weight, size and form issues with the other two. Glad to see its a little more portable than the last. Price for now is high but understandable, it'll come down for sure.
PoSTedUP  +   726d ago
lucky you! im out there a lot but never been to the sony store, im gonna make it my next mission. i heard the hmz t1 &2 are oled screens with the t1 having 5.1 surround, and the t2 having crappy sound. i wanna get the T1 soon. is it a good emersive experience? and how about the screen door effet?
thejigisup  +   725d ago
Screen door effect? Pfsshhhtt, non existent. I recommend seeing a few hours aside as they also have a tour of all of there new and upcoming technology that is pretty remarkable as well. Correct me if I'm wrong here but for some reason I believe there is no audio built into the hmzt2, I gotta double check that. I only say so bc I saw someone wearing the hmz t2 with the Sony pulse elite which is also amazing and personally my headphones/set of choice...dat bass impact pretty much is ground breaking as far as I'm concerned. I've put many hours on those things and they are def the best headset imo for the price even better than those beats by dre by a long shot. If you get an amp for them wooooo child

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