GeoW Comic Book Announced, No GeoW 2 Demo

The success surrounding the popular Xbox 360/PC shooter Gears of War has led to the creation of a comic book based on the game's universe. It's officially been confirmed that DC Comics partnered with Epic Games to publish a Gears of War comic book series, which is "slated to debut from DC's WildStorm publishing imprint in October." More details will be uncovered soon.

As for the second installment in the shooter series -- a.k.a. Gears of War 2 -- Epic revealed that they won't be releasing a demo before the full game hits stores.

"[There are] no plans for a demo," associate producer Tanya Jessen told Shacknews. "The reason being that it's been such a fast turnaround. A two year production cycle, for a game of this caliber, is really short."

In relation to game-inspired comics, the well-known publisher DC Comics also recently revealed that its going to making a comic book series based on the upcoming game Prototype.

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toughNAME3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I was on the fence about this game, you may have sold me and 5 million others had you had a demo.

Killzone 2 FTW!

heyheyhey3891d ago

i know the title

"Gears of War: The Quest for cheaper steroids"

DomUltra3891d ago

Heh, next time your see Dom and Phoenix they're gonna have titties!

jackdoe3891d ago

To be expected. Epic hasn't released a demo on consoles yet and doesn't look like they will in the near future.

Grassroots3891d ago

I truly wish they took another year to develop GeOW2, two years for a game this production value doesn't happen often without a loss in the quality. i don't think a demo is even necessary after the first game.

The comic book looks interesting, to get more of the back story, or just give us more than the vague story in the first game. Still don't know a whole lot of the universe really.

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