Naughty Dog Tweets about PS4, Shows All Four PlayStation Products: PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann (one of the main man behind PS3 exclusive masterpiece, The Last of Us) has tweeted about Playstation 4 and showcasing all four Playstation Products Collection, PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4.

abzdine936d ago

something big is coming from those guys ladies and gents!
VGAs have to come sooner

vigilante_man936d ago

They are just teasing..

And you can all forget about another crash bandicoot game. Jak & Daxter was the follow on from that which is clear if you played J & K 1.
J & K, Uncharted or TLOU or maybe all of them.

The best news from Sony last week was they are not going to do any big multi-port games. This means all AAA games will be next gen only and Vita. Not PS4 & PS3.

At the moment all the multi-platform games we are getting excited about: Watchdogs, AC4, COD, FIFA, GTA V are PS3/360 games built around 512MB systems and ported with extra graphics.

I want true next gen games built around the 8GB Ram and 8-core systems, not ports. That is why it is great news to hear Sony is concentrating on next gen games for next gen systems.

How long do you think we all have to wait before the multi-platform games become next gen only?

pixelsword936d ago

What you and he and he said.

Ezz2013936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

all i want is the last of us HD re-master on ps4
or the last of us 2 on ps4
but i will still be ok with another uncharted or new ip
those guys can do no wrong
all their games end up with GOTY awards
and TLOU is no different
this game was a masterpiece @_@
TLOU is the best game i have ever played this gen hand down

Boody-Bandit936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

She said it to me and not you RedDevils so back off. She's mine!

hazardman936d ago


I like the idea but then why do that when we have Gaikai coming soon.

Consoldtobots936d ago

I think the way you break the multi-platform stranglehold on major franchises is by basically creating competition for it on the PS4. Sure you wouldn't get all the trimmings such as player names in a title like FIFA because of the ridiculous licence EA has but I would drop FIFA in a heartbeat if sony made a better next gen alternative. Just like they have done with their AAA exclusives you create a zone where MS $$$ can't reach and skew the race in their favor.

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hulk_bash1987936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Bring on the next ND Game, whatever it's gonna be I know it'll be amazing.

Haha it's okay them's don't affect me. I have nothing but respect and faith in ND. So whatever they put out next whether it be the next Uncharted/Jak/something completely new, I know it's gonna be awesome. In ND we trust.

Axonometri936d ago

Ignore the Disagree zombies... You are right on. ND=tip of the spear.

GribbleGrunger936d ago

"let's see, one, two, three ... FOUR."

It wouldn't be the first time ND hid a message in something unrelated to another IP. :)

NateCole936d ago

It's going to be a racing game with all ND characters from the past 3 consoles lol!

Ezz2013936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

"let's see, one, two, THREE ,four."

Half life 3 confirmed


ratchet426936d ago

"ONE, two, three, four"

XBone support confirmed!! ;-)

onyoursistersback936d ago

The last of us/the 4or of Us
Uncharted 4
4 square

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RenegadeRocks936d ago

YES ! YES ! YES ! !!!! Anything from ND would be lapped up in an instant :D !

Totoro17936d ago

My #1 reason for owning a PS4.

MastaMold936d ago

Did they paint that PS1? Where is the PSP & PS Vita?

Jaqen_Hghar936d ago

ND doesn't do silly handhelds

Mr Marvel936d ago

PS Vita is NOT silly.

It is one incredible piece of hardware with some great games.

Vegrad415936d ago

Those are probably all dev consoles. See how the PS3 says tool?

NarooN936d ago

Dark blue was the color of the Devkit PS1 systems back in the day. It's awesome how they still have them in the offices. Some of the Net Yaroze PS1's had similar colors.

KwietStorm936d ago

Those are all dev/debug units. The first PlayStation was blue.

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Mr Marvel936d ago

Uncharted 4, God of War IV and Gran Turismo PS4.

WickedLester936d ago

Disagree actually. I'm tired of Uncharted. I want a whole new IP or at least a new Jak and Daxter. Uncharted needs to go back into the vault for a while.

BlackTar187936d ago

I agree completely. Uncharted was great but lets see what else these guys have.

SaturdayNightBeaver936d ago

And Crash!! OMG imagine it Next-Gen!!

hiredhelp936d ago

Off topic but sony has been really busy since first playstation lets see now.
First playstation
Then we saw first time a console to be slimed litterally with the PS ONE.
Then sony brought us PS2
Then a slim version PS2
Then hit this gen with jump from DVD to Blu Ray With PS3
Then several slim designs
Of course not forgetting the PSP 1000,2000(Slim)PSP Go. PSP 3000
Then PS VITA thats alot consoles...

showtimefolks936d ago

VGA 2013

something big coming from ND

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gaelic_laoch936d ago

Naughty Dog keep on Dawging!!!!!

chrissx936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

I need next gen Nathan Drake,just confirm it so I can be at rest

_LarZen_936d ago

Coincident that Crash Bandicoot it up in the

_LarZen_936d ago

I know that...

Could be placed there to give us a hint of what is to come tho.

BlackTar187936d ago

I hope its not crash. I loved crash 13yrs ago and i would still like it today i just wouldn't be rushing out OMG excited to play that game. I definatley wouldn't be buying it.

KwietStorm936d ago

A hint that Activision sold them the rights?

LeonhartX936d ago

Does this confirm a retail ps4 can be a devkit? because the other 3 are devkits

wannabe gamer936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

how could you even draw such a conclusion. no retail unit has ever been a devkit. that would defy the purpose of it being for "devs" or being for "retail"

shadow2797936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

The retail Xbox One is a devkit...

wannabe gamer936d ago

debug unit and devkit are not the samething.

Hicken936d ago

The retail Xbox One isn't a dev kit yet.

KwietStorm936d ago

No, it doesn't confirm anything. I'm not sure why you would say that. Every PlayStation in that display case is a debug unit, but why would this *confirm* anything?