New Battlefield 4 PC Beta Win 7 vs Win 8 Comparison, Massive Performance Difference On Same Specs

Yet another comparison of Battlefield 4 PC beta has arrived. It compares the performance of Battlefield 4 beta on PC running Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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steve30x1622d ago

I was running Windows 8 Pro X64 for three months and my games ran wiorse on it than it does with windows 7 pro X64

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LAWSON721621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I have had Windows 8 pro for about a year and Windows 7 for about 2-3, and not one game has performed worse on Windows 8 for me.

Gamer19821621d ago

Its gonna run better on W8 thanks to DX 11.1 BF4 supports it and its exclusive to W8. It's as simple as that. People knocked it and said it wouldnt make a differnce well obviously it does.

stragomccloud1621d ago

You mean 11.2. 11.1 is supported by winedows 7.

ATi_Elite1621d ago

I like Win7 and Win7 pretty much has ALL the bugs PATCHED out.

Meanwhile Win8 Does not offer anything for ME that would justify another $100 purchase plus Win8 is still getting the KINKS patched out.

That's just my opinion.

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Ohlmay1622d ago

Thank god I switched to Windows 8, it was painful, but it will be worth it once Battlefield 4 is installed on my computer ^_^

PeaSFor1622d ago

meh, i will simply wait to play the final optimized game on Win7

Win8 can go suck a D

Gamer19821621d ago

its nothing to do with optimization its to do with dx11.1 which is not on W7.

SniperControl1622d ago

I just hope Steam OS can root out all these problems.
I currently have W8 on my gaming PC and am totally fed up with it, as it is purely used for gaming only and nothing else, alot of the resources are being wasted on redundant background tasks. Also the UI is bloody appalling!

nukeitall1622d ago

Clearly you don't know what you are talking about. Win 8 is the most efficient windows ever released!

Letros1622d ago

It is pretty good, much faster than W7 overall.

thehitman1622d ago

I have win8 on my gaming laptop and I found it a huge pain. I had to dl an app called Pokki just to get the start menu and I hate how it turns every program into an app because if you want to multitask between programs whether its music, skype or w/e it totally switches your main screen to the app screen and just getting to normal settings and changing things seems like a chore on win8. I have 8gb of ram so I cant tell really if it runs that efficiently or not but it doesnt use up too much resources compared to my PC but just the UI design aspect of the O/S seems very flawed.

This is the first time I think a newer version of windows sucked compared to the previous, I even enjoyed vista over XP which I am properly in the smallest minority on that one.

SniperControl1622d ago


Man, i thought you were a X1 fanboy, turns out you are a MS fanboy. Are you one of those that only buys American or something?

W8 maybe the most efficient windows OS, but it aint the most efficient PC OS.

With Mantle being a Linux built API, Steam OS is going to be way more efficient OS aimed purely at games.

nukeitall1621d ago


Nope, it is just you being a close MS hater so eveything positve people say about MS appears that way to you.

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thekhurg1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

You are aware that Steam OS requires a Windows PC to run Windows games properly, right? All Steam OS is going to do is stream games from one PC to another...

Fishy Fingers1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

What? SteamOS is built on Linux, it's a stand alone OS that doesn't require Windows what so ever. SteamBox will ship with SteamOS only installed or you could install SteamOS on any current PC (or Mac) as a dual boot alongside Windows.

The 'steaming' feature is there so you can play your current library of games that doesn't support SteamOS (Linux) >yet<.

Your misinformed dude. No offense.

infamous-butcher1622d ago

what he said is true, you will not beable to play, lets say bf4 on your steam machine, as it wont be out for Linux. it will be able to stream the game from your Windows pc to your steam box, which will be the only way to play non Linux games, and thats alot of games.
steam machines will require a Windows pc to stream frm to play any game that isnt on the linux os

SniperControl1622d ago


Dude, Steam OS will be a stand alone system that can run Linux games, both Nvidia & AMD have promised in the future that they will support Steam OS with graphics drivers, Valve has also stated that many big devs are on board with Steam OS.

Mantle is a big game changer, that API is gonna change alot.

thekhurg1622d ago

People need to learn to read. Games on Windows only will require a Windows installation to run properly. SteamOS is not a dream OS that will run every game imaginable.

Read my original comment before you spam disagrees. Otherwise you look like uninformed idiots.

Or just read the official SteamOS page and the following:

"You can play all your Windows and Mac games on your SteamOS machine, too. Just turn on your existing computer and run Steam as you always have - then your SteamOS machine can stream those games over your home network straight to your TV!"

It's crystal clear that if it's a windows only game (like I said in my original comment) that you will need a windows PC for it to work.

Thanks for playing, try again.

infamous-butcher1620d ago

apparently people just disagree with facts, thekhurg.

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kaozgamer1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I have W8 on my gaming pc and it is much better than W7 in terms of efficiency.

Feralkitsune1621d ago

Windows 8 DOES run better than 7. This is coming from a guy with 7, 8, and Ubuntu on separate harddrives in his PC.

SniperControl1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )


I never said Steam OS was the dream OS, but it has potential.
I understand that current windows games have to be streamed onto Steam OS, but all future AAA games will have linux support and run perfectly on Steam OS. That is what interests me.

Every PC gamer knows that windows has never really embraced gaming fully, Steam OS is geared to be the most efficient gaming OS on PC, being primarily a PC gamer, I want to maxamise my considerable investment I have put into building a high end gaming rig.
Yeah, i have a history with MS both on a personal and professional level, I am not a fan of MS, but I loved win 7, it is there best OS to date. Win 8's UI is a total shambles, purely geared towards tablet use, you have to do more to do less, where is the logic in that.

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OmegaShen1622d ago

Windows 7 is better no matter what, less tablet like junk to.

Plus alot of people are switching back to Windows 7 because they hate 8. I used 8 and had nothing but problems and had to restart my computer alot.

SniperControl1622d ago

I am gonna wait for 8.1 and see what that is like, but i am this close to getting rid of w8 and going back to w7.

kydrice1622d ago

I'll never upgrade to 8, not even for BF4.

steve30x1622d ago

You mean Downgrade to windows 8.

steve30x1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

HAHA Look at all those Delusional windows fanboys disagreeing. Its the small minority will say windows 8 is great. Every single person I know hates windows 8 and reading the internet websites at least 75% of the people using or who used windows 8 agree that its not a good OS.

@ FragMnTagM : I don't hate windows 8 for its stupid Modern UI. I converted it to work the same as windows 7 without that new start screen. I hate it because some of my games that aren't even five years old wouldn't work , some new games wouldn't work and after a few weeks windows 8 started giving errors for absolutely no reason what so ever. It might be faster in every day use but I never saw any gains in gaming performance. I actually saw some of my games perform worse in windows 8 that they did in windows 7.

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