AMD Radeon R9 and Radeon R7 Review Roundup – Officially Available In Retail Stores Around the Globe

The AMD Radeon R9 and AMD Radeon R7 series graphic cards are now officially available around the globe from various AIC partners of AMD. The AMD Radeon R9 and Radeon R7 feature impressive price to performance ratios and deliver amazing gaming performance with the robust GCN architecture from AMD.

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steve30x960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

From what Ive heard the R9 280X is a rebranded HD7970 GHz edition

Just in case people think I am lying heres where I heard it from

johny5960d ago

so? It's a HD7970 that's more affordable for every one and it's three to four times more powerful then the next gen consoles!

steve30x960d ago

SO I was just giving you guys the information.

johny5960d ago

Well it's not actually a rebrand as it has Mantle, Directx 11.2 and open gl 4.3 with true audio built in!

They may also overclock better since they improved the 28nm process so expect around 1.2 to 1.3 ghz no problem!

steve30x960d ago

Tom Logan got 1150MHZ out of the Asus R9 280X Top

Azurite960d ago

Mantle works with a bit older models too, not just Hawaii.

Bolts960d ago

True Audio is absolutely worthless. Like most AMD products the lack of software support will murder this feature. It also doesn't help that True Audio isn't available brand wide, but rather limited to a select high end models.

So unless AMD spend millions paying a dev to implement it in their game the chances of this being coded is zero.

Bolts960d ago

While the rebranding make sense from the marketing perspective, this news is bad for the AMD fanboy camp. These cards are basically old tech slapped with a shinny new name. Smart AMD fans will avoid the new R series like the plague and mop up the more affordable brands up.

If it weren't for AMD lousy software support and (still!) pathetic Cross Fire game performance, I would be joining the Red team right about now.

johny5960d ago

ok? that's the same Nvidia did with the GTX 700 series?

WarThunder960d ago

Nvidia did with the GTX 700 series...

"AMD lousy software support" i have been using AMD for a year now, never had a single problem with the Drivers.

Bolts960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

Then you haven't been gaming a lot lately. BF 3, Rage, Rome Total War 2, Shogun 2, just to name a few were games that had horrible driver issues when Nvidia cards did not. If you actually own a 7990 then you'll understand how incredibly disappointing it is.

Switching to Nvidia for my BF3 build was the smartest move I have ever made.

Polysix960d ago

Get a GTX780 and avoid this nonsense.

SlapHappyJesus960d ago

While I do believe the 780 is the best cost/performance card on the market at this time . . . AMD is still the build to go with if looking into a brand new PC and these cards go a long way to cementing that fact.
As an Nvidia person, AMD is really pulling their weight at the moment.

WarThunder960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

"780 is the best cost/performance card on the market"


GTX780 cost $649
HD 7970 GHz is $350
And the GTX780 is slightly faster.
I would not pay double the price to get 10 or 15fps more

If i want to spend $650 on a video card i would ad $50 and get the HD7990

Which is x2 faster and cost only 50 bucks more.

So the HD 7970GHz and the HD7990 gives you more power per dollar/euro
Both are the best price/performance card on the market

badz149960d ago

780 best cost/performance LOL!

SlapHappyJesus960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

In my defense, when you look at the post as a whole, that is really meant when talking Nvidia cards in general . . .
Nvidia will always be the "if you have the cash" choice for PC gaming. While I have it in my machine, I will never claim it is the best cash/performance out there. That's just a lie.


Thanks for the insight. I am a better man for reading that response of yours.

steve30x960d ago

The GTX780 is way too expensive. If it is reduced by at least another €100 it might be worth buying .

johny5960d ago

I suspect with with other brands we might get 1.2gz! I easily get between 1.2ghz and 1.3ghz with my first edition Nvidia gtx680 before they took away voltage control.

I think third party cards with better heat control with more voltage might get that? AMD r9 290x Lightning Edition anyone?

Yukicore960d ago

GTX 770 is an alternative for good performance, better drivers, although a bit more expensive than 7970, performance is better in most games.

But there are some games that do take advantage of the card, and get along fine with the drivers. But speaking of that, when I had 7950, I had some games that were running really badly on the card, with 770, runs like a charm.

Nvidia is more balanced and fluid experience, AMD is more of a hit or miss. I don't like that.

clouds5960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

You only need that kind of card if you play above 1080p. You should buy your video card with your specific monitor in mind, not just because of raw power, unless money doesnt matter.
I've been a nvidia and amd user in the past, for me the deciding factor was always bang for the buck and right now i think it's AMD (I've got a 7870 for a very good price). Another big reason is that consoles have Radeon GPUs so with console ports there should be an edge with Radeon cards. That is just an assumption of course but it's a logical assumption :)

And if money really is an issue you could get a 7850 with a good stock cooler (like the Asus DirectCU II) and overclock it. These cards can take alot of overclock! You can basically turn a 7850 into a 7870 if you are willing to overclock.