Infamous Second Son PS4 Interview With Ken Schramm From Suckerpunch At EB Expo

Press Start Australia had the chance to interview Ken Schramm at EB Expo. Ken Scrhramm is the Brand Development Director over at SuckerPunch Studios in Seattle. We spoke about all things Infamous and why Second Son turned out to be the game that it is.

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GTgamer1688d ago

Love what their doing with the new powers.

hulk_bash19871687d ago

Love what they're doing with the whole game. Definitely one of my most anticipated next-gen titles.

Thehyph1687d ago


Of all the next gen games shown this year, they only two that stood out and said "day one" to me were Second Son and Resogun. I have to wait a few months for one, but the other one is free. You win some; you lose some.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

1687d ago