Kotaku: Australia Also Gets PS3, GTA IV Bundle

Kotaku writes, "while still officially unannounced by either Sony or Take-Two, the Grand Theft Auto IV/PS3 hardware bundle that's destined for European shores will also be available in Australia. The news comes courtesy of major nationwide retailer Harvey Norman, who have the bundle priced at AUD$748. Not a bad deal considering a 40GB PS3 and GTAIV purchased separately would set you back AUD$820."

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eagle213862d ago

Probably because it's the weekend. Anyway, this bundle will sell. :)

yesah3862d ago

i thought most Australians were gonna import it?

yanikins1113862d ago

Ive been told by a game importer that the censorship is hardware based. Example he used was their US version of dark sector still has green blood if played on an australian ps3. Can someone confirm or deny this?

sonarus3862d ago

lol @green blood. Some predator sh!t

N4GMember3862d ago

Not if they want a pretty box!

PStriple7033862d ago

bring this too the USA!!!!

ICUP3862d ago

Agree, Sony would be crazy not to bring the bundle to NA.

kwicksandz3862d ago

America can have the gta bundle and Australia can take the MGs4 80gb bundle.


heroman7113861d ago

im pretty sure sony will bring it to the NA, they would be crazy if they didnt

ThaGeNeCySt3862d ago

GTA IV bundle trumps DLC in my opinion

NO_PUDding3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I own a PS3 and i don't think that's true.

The bundle is only good cus you gte the game free. Which sounds better than it is. But I think SIxaxis support is equally as good as DLC. I hope it's applied in the GTA bowling mini-game.

dan-boy3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

some gta artwork on a box thats never gonna see the light of day once the console comes out of it! lol what a ridiculous thing to say. whilst it looks pretty, it aint no comparison to being able to expand what will be an already extensive game.

and what's to stop microsoft telling retailers to throw in a copy of gta with every console sold? which will then still be cheaper. take-two who are the publisher still get their royalties, the retailer still gets their hit, and the consumer gets it for free! just shows how much each platform holder is prepared to lose to get you to buy their console!

sonarus3862d ago

lol i don't agree that DLC is more attractive than bundle or that bundle is more attractive than DLC. IMO both of them serve their purposes equally on one hand it gives ps3 the advantage of being more associated with GTA4 and on the other hand it gives 360 version the advantage of appearing like the superior version. When it comes to hardware sales though, the bundle plays a bigger role than the DLC because reality is no new console owner really knows about DLC. However though it still gives 360 version advantage so majority of dual console owners choose 360 version.

At the end of the day, the biggest advantage 360 has in terms of hardware sales is its price point. But considering ps3 still outsells without GTA4, i really don't see this changing with GTA4 but we will see

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