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EB Games Expo 2013: Gran Turismo 6 Impressions | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction writes: "The first thing I noticed about Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) was how dated it looked. Games coming out on the PlayStation 3 still look amazing, even on aging hardware, but GT6 looked like it could have been made early on in the PlayStation 3′s life cycle. The environment looked jagged and the cars did not have that finished and shiny look that most racing games are able to produce now. I am surprised that I have to write this because the trailers for the game have looked stunning. It’s quite possible the build we were playing had not been optimised visually yet." (Gran Turismo 6, PS3)

MASTER_RAIDEN  +   780d ago
WOW. insane to read. take whats written in the article with a grain of salt till you try the software for yourself, but damn. disappointing to hear this was actually someones first impression.
PoSTedUP  +   780d ago
doesnt sound like PD's work ethic at all. infact, im taking the whole damn salt shaker with this one.
blackbeld  +   779d ago
"Being primarily an Xbox gamer, I have never played a Gran Turismo game before."

I stopped reading right there. A fanboy opinion what a waste for clicking.
ambientFLIER  +   779d ago
Yes, because liking xbox means that you automatically hate playstation games. grow up.
MRMagoo123  +   780d ago
LMAO this seems like it was written by someone trying to get even for the ppl saying it looked as good if not better than the next gen racing games.
UncleGermrod  +   779d ago
It doesn't look nearly as good as the next gen racers, it looks great for current gen
NathanM  +   779d ago
I wrote the preview, and I actually had no idea what people were saying about Gran Turismo 6 prior to writing the piece.
InTheZoneAC  +   780d ago
a person not into sims complaining about a racing game with a steering wheel?

I like GT, but even I'd probably hate the first 10 hours of playing with a steering wheel...
Me-Time  +   779d ago
I don't get how anyone can disagree with that. It takes used to using a steering wheel. Maybe it's because you said it would take 10 hours? lol either way, I agree with you. But it could be because that's not all that the "opinion piece" talks about, the physics (feel).
Bathyj  +   780d ago
This is a strange preview indeed. Doesnt like racing games, was "forced" to use a wheel, and is an Xbox editor to boot.

Couldnt someone a bit better fitting for the job do this?
Jamiex66  +   780d ago
Our site is all volunteer work and doesn't have funding to pay for flights etc. I'm the PlayStation editor for the site, but couldn't make the trip.

The editor in question likes Sony products, he even owns a Vita ;)
Bathyj  +   780d ago
Well fair enough, good on you for having a go at least.

It wasnt so much the xbox thing as the doesnt like racing games or wheels thing that I thought was strange.

Im not knocking you, youre making an effort, just keep in mind, I wouldnt ask a virgin for sex tips.
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Jamiex66  +   779d ago
Completely fair, our racing editor is in the UK and I didn't have the funds; so I completely understand your opinion :)

Hope you enjoyed it either way, think of it as a preview of a different perspective.

If you watch enough porn though, your skills level-up ;)
searcam01  +   780d ago
I can't wait for GT6! My G27 steering wheel is ready to be used. Lol, December needs to hurry up.
Tru_Ray  +   780d ago
I read a few paragraphs before giving up. Why should we care about the opinion of someone that is unfamiliar with the series? I didn't realize that there was merit to an uninformed opinion.

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Jamiex66  +   779d ago
It provides a few for those who are new to the series, if you're new to the series is this game worth checking out? Of course if you are a hardcore fan of the series, more than likely you will probably pick this one up regardless.

Thanks for checking it out at least :)
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Hicken  +   779d ago
I disagree, as such a review- so out of touch with what should be expected- doesn't tell those new to the series what's really in there.

I mean, it looks dated, like a launch title? It looks better than GT5, which still looks great.

His inability to get the name of the car right- the P1 and MP-412c look similar as cars from the same manufacturer should, but not similar enough that you should be confusing them- is disheartening.

And then, after talking about how much he dislikes what he played- after the damage is done to anyone reading- he tosses in the suggestion that his experience was marred by playing on an unfamiliar setup.

The few positives he does point out- those that would matter most to someone looking to buy a sim racer like GT- are essentially buried within all the negatives he mentions, and most of those negatives don't sound legitimate at all.

Edit: And while it may not be intentional, it does no one any favors that he's the Xbox editor.
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MRMagoo123  +   779d ago

Dont waste your time the guy that wrote it along with this guy are gonna defend it tho it reads like someone biased wrote it, If i was in charge of this site i would not get someone that doesnt like racing sims to review a racing sim game in the first place, let alone someone that has no experience at all with GT and playing with steering wheels.Then add to that he is an xbox editor lol.

"I mean, it looks dated, like a launch title? It looks better than GT5, which still looks great" I found that pretty funny as well how on earth could a game that looks better than gt5 look like a launch title, the guy is obviously not professional enough to keep his bias out of the preview.
Jamiex66  +   779d ago
My apologies, as I said above we only have 3 Australian based editors and we couldn't get everyone to the event to get a hands-on with the game due to lack of funding.

Hopefully it turns out to be an excellent game anyway :)
bobsmith  +   780d ago
Just got the driving force GT wheel to practice on GT5 until 6. Because all the vids I see people are using a wheel and I wanted to try.
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hit1023  +   779d ago
That was not a McLaren P1 at all...P1 is not in GT6's list so far. The author is obviously a novice to racing games, especially sim racing.
Jamaicangmr  +   779d ago
Ok i have a few issue with the persons impressions. While i have never played this build but i assume the mechanics are the same as the GT6 GT Academy entry demo. That felt amazing even better than GT5.

Ok he started out stating he has never played the series and in his defense the DFGT is abit tricky for a first time user. However as this person doesn't seem to be much of a driver he really shouldn't be doing the preview. I mean.....

"On corners you would have to turn the wheel almost until it was locked to one side or you would just hit the wall."

Seriously? That's called UNDER-STEER and it generally happens when you enter a corner too fast and or brake too late (It happens other times as well but that's the most common cause of under steer.) Try braking in a straight line and accelerate through the corner good throttle management is key.

" there is potential for Gran Turismo 6 to be a fabulous game for hardcore racing fans – it’s just not my kind of game."

We all know the people who generally have this outlook usually prefer the more grippy feel of arcade racers. Which is fine but he shouldn't be previewing a GT game if thats the case.

Yeah i'm defending GT6 which really doesn't need defending as it has the products always prove themselves steller. However my philosify is if someone can do it then so can i.

"Similarly, I saw someone who was driving well around the top of the mountain lose it on the straight because he could not control the high speeds either."

If that person was able to drive well then clearly the problem isn't the game it must be the driver.

*Off to blow in paper bag.*
kingPoS  +   779d ago
When picking up speed down Conrod Straight, my car started to shake and it wanted to move from side to side, much like what would happen if a car was actually going at those high speeds. I have never experienced that in a racing game before.

My logitech driving force gt wheel is ready!!! Wish a had the cash to throw down for a mint g27, but alas - bills need paying.
ambientFLIER  +   779d ago
I'm sorry, but I keep hearing hardcore fanboys mock forza 5 and compare it to gt6, yet those that actually played forza 5 say it looks amazing, and here the guy says gt6 looks dated? Funny...

I think GT6 looks damn impressive for running on old hardware, but can we please stop this trolling bs?? No, it doesn't come close to forza on the new gen system...
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