A look back at the PC specifications for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launch year titles

50 GB HDD Space, 6 GB RAM, 64bit — Are we heading to a new standard specification for PC hardware? We take a look back at multiplatform titles of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and see what PC specifications they required in order to run on a PC — and how they compared to the hardware at that time.

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Convas1690d ago

A GTX 780 for Call of Duty: Ghost is some unmitigated BS.

That said, I am happy to see us progressing from 2005 era Dual Cores, DX9 and 32-bit OS.

Progress is good! Here's to the next 8 years of gaming on PC. It will be glorious.

SlapHappyJesus1690d ago

I really feel I bought in at a good time. With the talk of a gaming specific OS and, possibly, the ability to make much more usage of the overall power of my CPU/GPU in the future . . .
It really is a fun time to be a PC gamer.

Bebedora1690d ago

Has any of you PC guys a take on Steam OS, Valve's attempt to get a better env. for PC-devs and gamers?

Hmmm..I am thinking, maybe I would consider this.

OrangePowerz1690d ago

What would have been more interesting would have been a comparison of PC game requirements 6-12 month before current gen came out and compare it with the requirements after the release.

DarkLordMalik1690d ago

That's certainly a nice idea :)

BLAKHOODe1690d ago

This is why I prefer consoles over PC. Not only do consoles offer a level playing field, but keeping up with the minimum requirements to run a game on PC can get expensive.. really expensive!

dcj05241690d ago

Not really....... upgrade every 4-5 years or so.

TechMech21690d ago

I own a mac. That's why I choose consoles

CGI-Quality1690d ago

Keeping up with the minimum requirements doesn't get expensive at all. In fact, most of the time, the minimum requirements for games isn't very different from one another. It's rare cases, like this one, where things change.

Jovanian 1690d ago

Level playing field comes at the expense of a capped skill ceiling.

Keeping your PC updated is about as expensive as investing in one console every generation, assuming the costs of paying for online multiplayer, the increased price of console games, the price of having hardware failure or upgrading to a slim or bigger hard-drive model at least once

SlapHappyJesus1690d ago

This is very true.
The only thing actually expensive about PC gaming is the initial buy-in.

Irishguy951690d ago

Nah, it really doesn't. 8800GTX lasted since 2006 for me up until Battlefield 3. And IF the minimum specs require a 8800GTX, then the Minimum settings on the game have better graphics than any console game.

LordDhampire1690d ago

8800 gtx and gts, were monsters when they came out one of the biggest advances in gpus

Volkama1689d ago

yup 8800GTX and an Intel Q6600, years of gaming in those.

Incremental upgrades aren't a necessity, new tech releasing so often just means that you can choose to get exciting new hardware any time you want.

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xKugo1690d ago

If the 780 requirement for COD is true, then next to nobody is going to be playing that game on PC and they would lose a massive amount sales. However, it is nice to see a big leap in minimum requirements for PC games. Means that consoles aren't going to be any where near Ultra on PC and separation between the two platforms will once again be more than just resolution and frame-rates.

Pandamobile1690d ago

That was the recommended, not required.

Required was a GTX 550 I believe.

SlapHappyJesus1690d ago

A 780 for a CoD game with no real jump in visuals is still a joke in general.

KontryBoy7061690d ago

I don't believe those specs at all. Based on the gameplay we have seen... the game looks like a polished MW3. Where is all this GPU usage going towards? Poor optimization thats where

cunnilumpkin1690d ago

a 3 year old mid-spec gaming pc is far more powerful than ps4 or xbox1, a high end pc from 2 years ago blows the ps4 and xbox1 out of the water

a modern gaming rig with a gtx680-780 and a high end I-7 with 16 gb ram absolutely crushes xbox1 and ps4 into oblivion

it is literally already a full generation beyond anything the ps4 or xbox1 could ever hope to accomplish

this is evidenced by games like bf4 running at lowly medium settings in sub-1080p on the ps4, which is the more "powerful" of the two systems

1080p is a 10 year old resolution for pc gaming, that's last gen, and the "next gen" consoles cannot even deliver that

high end pc gaming is 1200p, 1440p, 1600p, eyefinity, and 4k

consoles are always a gen behind, its just normally when they launch, the are at least mid-high end, this gen they are generationally very far behind

Qrphe1690d ago

>consoles are always a gen behind

Undeniable fact taquito, however, a 3 year old mid-spec gaming PC won't be playing games from two years from now while the PS4 and X1 will.

CrusRuss1690d ago

Best post I've seen. These next gen consoles are struggling to do 1080p when most pc gamers and tv content is moving to 2k+ res. 2k monitors are getting cheap now. AMD really sold them some junk chips.

1689d ago
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