Xbox One Does Not Collect Personal Data For Advertising

Contrary to a report by Advertising Age, Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console does not collect marketing data about users. Microsoft commented on the article today saying “We have a long-standing commitment to your privacy and will not target ads to you based on any data Kinect collects unless you choose to allow us to do so.”

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xHeavYx1409d ago

Riiiiiiiiiiiight, MS seems to "accidentally" misquote a lot of stuff lately

PunisherRevenge1409d ago

Lol....Hi Sony fangirl nice to see you're still trolling every Microsoft

xHeavYx1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Instead of insulting me, why not provide some facts to show where I'm wrong? Because that's what I do, I'll defend my claims with facts, sorry if you can't take it

thereapersson1409d ago

Just ignore marcelliuss1; ad hominem attacks are frequent when someone doesn't have an actual argument. When you can't one-up your opponent, try to discredit them through slander!

Ron_Danger1409d ago

Ignore him... Typical blind fanboy who just goes negative and off topic to try to distract everyone else from seeing the truth. Just look at Stuntz' comment down below. I call him out for just blind fanboy rage typing.

JokesOnYou1409d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Well Heavy Im not going to name call but what "facts" did you provide for your claim? Sure micro has been "accused" of alot but they have also appeared before Congress to fight against over reaching data privacy request by the government.

Microsoft is also highly rated by an independent social site for their privacy standards/measures.

-Another day, another rumor debunked, they clearly state it will not collect and share your personal WITHOUT PERMISSION.

-lol, Disagrees won't change the info in these links and I encourage others to reposts the links whenever similar misinformation is presented.

-vvvvvEdit: ziggucat oh you mean it collects data like face mapping/face recognition which is saved to the console/gamertag so that the system recognizes you and loads your personal preferences? Yeah of course how else do you suppose they do it? QUESTION: Do you have Facebook?...I mean nevermind that they need your permission like in so many other TOS product agreements but seriously what could someone be doing in front of Kinect that this type of ad info collection is so offensive?

ziggurcat1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@ jokes:

nice spin.

it still collects the data even without your permission. you just need to give them permission to bombard you with the ads they've derived from the collected data.

edit: of course, it's all moot if you don't even plug the kinect in to begin with.

edit #2: “We have a long-standing commitment to your privacy and will not target ads to you based on any data Kinect collects unless you choose to allow us to do so." --> the wording seems to indicate they still collect the data for ads regardless of whether you give them permission, and that the permission granting only allows them to put those ads (i'm assuming) onto the dashboard.

i don't find it offensive at all, it's just the article is trying to argue that MS isn't collecting personal data, when in fact they are - they just don't release any of the info without your permission.

xHeavYx1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Fresh out of the oven, just for you
You act like MS never shared Skype and email conversions

UltimateMaster1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Microsoft commented on the article today saying “We have a long-standing commitment to your privacy and will not target ads to you based on any data Kinect collects **unless you choose to allow us to do so**.”

TechMech21408d ago

That ain't no troll statement. I pm buying an Xbox one before a ps4, but you as an Xbox fan gotta admit that Microsofts policies has became a little bit out of the consumers best interest.

rdgneoz31408d ago

@jokes Nice to see they're "fighting against over reaching data privacy request by the government," when they were the first to bend over for the NSA... Other companies held out a bit longer.

MiHX21408d ago

Stop that!No one likes to be called "A Fangirl/Fanboy/Xbot/Sony Pony"

kreate1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

The problem is that, when u purchase and try to use Microsoft products, they force u to agree that Microsoft does what they want w u.

U do have the option to buy Microsoft products but hit the disagree,back, or cancel button when the terms of agreement shows up. U can't use what u bought though.

Most companies have this, bUT Microsoft takes full advantage of it in favor of themselves.

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sycnation1408d ago

agreed @heavy

and this prove (among the other clusterf()&$ deals.with xbone) that Microsoft is full of it when it comes to privacy and consumer rights. to them its profits over people

sony amd nintendo are no exceptions either.

NewMonday1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

MS: "unless you choose to allow us to do so"

By "choosing" they mean not going into settings and disabling data tracking, typically taking advantage of the uninformed consumer.

Dat fine print


A good point

GTgamer1408d ago

Its called terms of agreement u know when u first turn on a console and always click accept because your just trying to get to gaming and boom you just agreed for MS to take your data and use it stop being a little Naive xbox fanboy and think with your head for once the console was built around this have you guys all forgotten the early articles of the xone helping advertising by using the kinect to see if u look away from a commercial are did those not exist to you.

Concertoine1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Umm... they did misquote. It only does those things IF YOU LET IT, this is something which they did not clarify previously.
It all comes down to the fact that it doesnt MATTER what it does if you dont even have to agree to it. If i gave you a new car and said, "hey here's a hammer, you must periodically hit yourself in the head with it while driving. Oh but you dont have to do it if you dont want to," would you really care that i said that? No, you'll take the damn car and drive, just as xbone owners will take the console and play!

1408d ago
Thirty3Three1408d ago

There was a semi-recent article about the NSA admitting to it...

So this is a lie.

slampunk1408d ago


You must lead a full filled life? as a one console gamer who trolls comment threads?!

Keep it going though as i always get a laugh out of reading your comments!

You obviously don't intend on buying an XB1, yet you waste so much of your time / life trolling N4G comments threads about XB1...... Quite sad really......

PunisherRevenge1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Lol....You see Heavy i would provide facts but that would be a waste of my time on you......Well on second thought i will provide a fact. The fact of the matter is you didn't provide any "FACTS" so why should I? Also for everyone calling me a fanboy just shows how much of a blind fanboy they are. Instead of coming with some real facts as to why you feel i'm a fanboy, you'd rather sit around behind a screen and talk sh** because that's really the only thing you're good at......Well that and Sony circle while you all choose a side and be limited to only Sony exclusives, I'll be enjoying all three consoles because I play games not corporations.

Trekster_Gamer1408d ago

OK troll show us the facts!
Most likely bullet points engraved on your Sony circle jerk troll card...

Go and troll Sony articles....

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christocolus1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

not this again...i thought mr albert penello cleared this up earlier. news just keeps getting recycled here on n4g.especially when it concerns the xbx one.

hellzsupernova1408d ago

Mostly the negative stuff, but it's a sea of bad news for Microsoft . For us gamers we should mostly care about games and I know where I will be playing next generation.

christocolus1408d ago

judging from your name seem quite immature and shouldnt even be posting are an embarrassment to yourself..ignorant troll.....smh...

MasterCornholio1408d ago

I don't trust Panello especially after what he did on Neogaf.

Nexus 7 2013

thebudgetgamer1409d ago

“We have a long-standing commitment to your privacy and will not target ads to you based on any data Kinect collects unless you choose to allow us to do so.”


DeadManIV1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Microsoft are still trying to f**k people.

VonBraunschweigg1409d ago

No, help them with their advertisement content. They're in front of their televisions, makes sense. They need more sugar and stuff. Kinect will see their needs, plus they get to wave back.

Trekster_Gamer1408d ago

Yet another butt hurt Sony troll comment... Go away....

LackTrue4K1409d ago

and if you decline the service, it will log you out of your XboxLive...

Eonjay1409d ago

"We have a long-standing commitment to your privacy and will not target ads to you based on any data Kinect collects unless you choose to allow us to do so.”

So they do collect data; if you give permission. The data will be sold to advertisers and this confirms what Advertising Age said.

forcefullpower1409d ago

I would not be surprised that you have to agree to it when you first sign into the x1. so you will have to agree to it unless you want a useless machine

Bit like sony did with the Linux firmware.

hellzsupernova1408d ago

Hopefully not buried in those agreements, that you have to agree too.