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Submitted by Abriael 783d ago | news

Killzone: Shadow Fall Lead Designer: “The Lag Is Gone, and that Makes Killzone a Better Game.”

One of the most decried flaws of the Killzone franchise was a widespread input lag that was significantly decreased — but not eliminated — in Killzone 3. Today Killzone: Shadow Fall Lead Designer Eric Boltjes explained in an interview that the dreadful enemy is finally a distant memory, even thanks to the work done in collaboration with Sony on the DualShock 4 controller. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

s8anicslayer   783d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
xHeavYx  +   783d ago
This game will be the first 1st person shooter I buy after a loooong time
itBourne  +   783d ago
Might be for me too, maybe, so tired of the fps genre this gen. RFoM was the last fps that actually suited my tastes.
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Tapioca Cold  +   782d ago
you got bad taste.
SegaSaturn669  +   782d ago
@Tapioca, the general consensus is that RFoM was an excellent game. Check the metacritic scores across the board.

I'll concede that I didn't like the campaign that much, but the co-op and multiplayer made up for it.

It also had interesting guns like the auger, which generated a shield. A neat launch title.
_FantasmA_  +   782d ago
You don't have bad tastes, you just have old school tastes. Even though I got into FPS late, I missed out on the whole Quake/Unreal era because I always had a crappy PC. But I remember watching the tournaments and gameplay videos and used to jizz my pants because shooters used to amaze me.

I used to love gaming already, but when I played Counter Strike, I knew that if I could play one genre of games for the rest of my life, it would have to be those shooters from the late 90s and early 2000s. Theres just something reward about blowing people up, especially with shotguns, in videogames. Its the ultimate way to own people and be better than someone else without having to fight or go outside and play basketball or something.

I'm not sayin I don't like going outside, I'm just saying that shooters are my favorite way to escape and do things I could never do in real life.
jino  +   782d ago
What is that?
iiwii  +   782d ago

dem gibs

I played Unreal Tournament for several years... yes years. Community mods kept it fresh.
TAURUS-555  +   782d ago
no doubt im gonna get it. no lag = priceless
Mad Aizen  +   782d ago
Locked & loaded. Ready for deployment.
ArchangelMike  +   782d ago
This will be the first next gen game I buy.
amiga-man  +   782d ago
I'm not a great fan of FPS games never played cod or battlefield the only two i have played is Warhawk great fun and KZ2 great challenge which was watered down in KZ3 which was disapointing,

Finishing KZ2 in elite mode felt like you had actually achieved something, KZ3 was fun but too easy, so hoping this new game has more in common with KZ2 than KZ3

Oh I did play metal gear solid which was also great fun in its own way
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WorldGamer  +   783d ago
Hope this clears up any issues people might have with this, and we are finally able to put it to rest.
kratos_TheGoat  +   783d ago
I hope sf feel real like kz2. please gg don't make the game to bring cod players, bring back the challenge what made kz2 goty.
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0ut1awed  +   783d ago

Killzone 2 was probably my favorite FPS of this last gen.

So many people couldn't understand the "hefty" feel it incorporated so they instantly screamed "lag!" and "broken game!"

I hope this isn't GG giving into those people....
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Eyeco  +   783d ago
People hated the lag because it wasn't realistic, it felt more like you were underwater than you were carrying weight, real soldiers don't move as sluggish as Killzone it was over exaggerated, games like Battlefield perfectly nailed semi realistic controls, Killzone 2-3 did not.
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Statix  +   783d ago
Even Guerilla admits that Killzone 2 suffered from input lag.

Various sites did tests on the response time between a button press and when the requested action occurs on-screen (for example, pressing R1 to fire, and the subsequent muzzle flash), and Killzone 2 measured around 166ms (if I recall correctly), which is almost twice as much as competing 30hz games, or three times as much as the 60hz Call of Duty.

Only stubborn fanboys (and/or people who aren't perceptive enough) won't acknowledge that the phenomenon of input lag even exists, let alone was an issue that afflicted Killzone 2. These people also fail to realize that the "hefty, weighty feel" that Guerilla is aiming for is primarily accomplished through animations (e.g., how the gun movement, handling, and reload animations, and your character movement animations, are rendered), in conjunction with the heavy amount of post-process motion blur effects. Input delay does in part contribute to this sensation of weightiness or heaviness, but in a largely negative way that affects gameplay responsiveness.
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Bolts  +   783d ago
True dat. Killzone 2 is why I love Killzone. It's not the lag, it's the more deliberate and team base gameplay with guns that are packed with beefy recoil.

Killzone 3 however was CoD garbage. The problem is that Killzone SF looks like a cross between Crysis and Black Ops and every gameplay video I've seen is generic in the worst way possible.
itBourne  +   783d ago
I got into KZ2 for a while, got used to the controls, loved the clan system, then they caved and changed the controls. Plus the game was pretty imbalanced.
kparks  +   783d ago
Heafty & weighty = LAG u got the lead designer admitting it right here u idiot KZ2 was a controler lag pos then they said they fixed it for KZ3 and its still there.. Now here they are saying it again all u butt hurt fanboys still wont admit the damn thing laged even when GG comes out and flat out says the thing laged get a life losers! Flat out when i pull the damn trigger i want the gun to shoot hefty, weighty, lag or whatever KZ2 had it bad!
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_FantasmA_  +   782d ago
The lag was terrible. I play almost nothing but shooters, but that lag made the game not fun. Trying to get headshots on Helghast that were far away was like a chore because you had to pop off his helmet and then aim again to shoot him because they would move so much. Play Killzone Mercenary. Now that game is fun. Its easy to pull of headshots in singleplayer, but it takes more skill in multiplayer because real players move so much.
Irishguy95  +   783d ago
It won't be like KZ2. The article is clearly clarifying that it won't/
kratos_TheGoat  +   783d ago
i didnt had problem with the controller lag in kz2 as long it was challenging and fun idc. but kz3 is cod friendly ripoff, if i wanna play cod, i play cod. but kz 2 story was challenging in elite level and had a badass character radac love him.
OrangePowerz  +   783d ago
The lag was a problem for MP in previous games, but I actually liked it in KZ2 for SP because it made movement more believable for a soldier.
PoSTedUP  +   783d ago
it still will. KZ:M doesnt have any lag but still feels realistic and heavy, they do that with character movement and manipulating the look acceleration, the lag input they fixed was the slight delay in screen movmen, which is a really good thing.
SkippyPaccino  +   783d ago
Killzone!!! The Franchise that people like to take dumps on for no apparent reasons. LOL!
Majin-vegeta  +   783d ago
Na just too hard for the average bro to play instead they want a game that holds their hand aka cod.
kratos_TheGoat  +   783d ago
3 felt like cod if i wanna play cod I play cod. 3 was easy in elite level for both story and bot. even if 3 was fun felt like a cod ripoff didn't feel real like kz2. kz2 felt you was in a real war and it was challenging in both elite and online.
SkippyPaccino  +   783d ago
I own all killzones before you peeps murder me in the down votes ;-)
KrisButtar  +   783d ago
I always get hyped up for the Killzones then they disappoint me. Bought one cause I was like awesome co op campaign but then it had no split screen multiplayer. This new one I was really pumped up for and yet again no offline multiplayer. I think the story is better than Halo and COD but always score less with me and my friends because Killzone just can't match the others with there mp options.

If Killzone had co op campaign and 4 player split screen offered in the same game, my friends and I wouldnt dislike it so much
cell989  +   783d ago
the noobs really hate Killzone, its a game that requires skill, doesnt babysit you, doesnt hold your hand
kratos_TheGoat  +   783d ago
killzone 3 was a noob friendly, i bet my brother who never play 3 will get more kill then death in his first try. while in kz2 require skill. kz3 is cod easy to pick up and pla. play bots in elite level in kz2 then play kz3 and watch how elite level in 3 is a joke plus the story i platinum kz3 super quick. trust me I'm no noob.
PositiveEmotions  +   783d ago
I might get this game for my bro
TongkatAli  +   783d ago
Mercenary is very good, better then 3.
ssj27  +   783d ago
I will get Mercenary if I end up getting the PS TV
CanadianTurtle  +   783d ago
I might be the only person who is really sad about this. I really loved the heavy feel of the controls. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it felt unique.
At least I can rest knowing that more people will take a liking to KZ now because of this. Even if that means they're attracting CoD fans. Regardless, this game doesn't deserve to be ignored.

Can't wait to play it
PLAYWATCH  +   783d ago
They r not getting rid of the heavy or weighty feel which mainly comes from the animation. They r getting rid of the input lag which is about the responsiveness of the controller input.
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Ohlmay  +   783d ago
Let's hope now they removed the network lag because Killzone 3 was incredibly laggy, I'm very much looking forward to this game.
cell989  +   783d ago
must be your connection, as I have a 10mb connection and never experienced any lag, not even at its peak, you sure you werent playing COD?
Ohlmay  +   783d ago
Nope Killzone 3, game had dedicated servers and was still incredibly laggy.
ssj27  +   783d ago
Agree KZ3 had lag on heavy areas but it's not because of the servers or the game.

It's because they allow low internet speed gamers to be able to play the game online.. they could easily restrict those with low internet speed to play the game online but they are to many that do play with weak internet connections and they had to many complains on KZ2 because they could not play online or where getting kick off from a game when their connection got weaker .

so they decide to allow those with poor connection to play but that causes lag.. KILLZONE 2 was lag free until they decide to open their servers for this kind of gamers the one with poor internet connection.

They seem to have fix this problem and find a ways to allow poor internet gamers to play without lag in KZSF we will see how things handle.
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sweendog  +   783d ago
Started last gen with call of duty (cant remember what number but it was a launch title for 360) then more call of duty and battlefield killed my interest. Hoping this gets me back into the Genre I used to love. Quake Turok 1 Goldeneye early Medal of honours Time Splitters.
cell989  +   783d ago
mmm I dont know man, those days are over, KZ will be an awesome game, but the golden age of Golden eye (no pun) will never come back
sweendog  +   783d ago
I think it can happen just hope GG dont mess this up I liked the second one but wasnt too keen on the third. I have it pre ordered but Im not shure it will revolutionise the genre. But just like golden eye put an end to collecting the yellow key then the blue key followed by the red key. I think someone is going to shake it up a bit. I dont care if the cod guys dont like it, back in our day they where too busy playing ridge racer. shame you have no bubbles would have like to know your response
ricochetmg  +   783d ago
I never felt it lagged it just moved slower.
Dlacy13g  +   783d ago
I totally agree. Maybe what they are describing as the 'lag' is the speed of the game? I think previous KZ games could have stood to move just a bit faster overall. Anyway, lets hope they nail it this go round.
JamieL  +   782d ago
"Maybe what they are describing as the 'lag' is the speed of the game?"
"I never felt it lagged it just moved slower."

Do you two not understand this input lag has been PROVEN? It's there, it's real, hell even GG admit it, that's why they are saying its "FIXED", how can you fix a problem that doesn't exist? No matter how much your OPINION says it isn't true, doesn't change the FACT it's there, period. How much you got used to it, or like it, has no bearing on the FACT it's there. Understand?

@ Dlacy13g
Maybe you're just wrong, and the people that made the damn gamn are right.
@ ricochetmg
Maybe you just have know idea what you or they are talking about.
N311V  +   783d ago
This is the first I'm hearing about input lag being an issue in a KZ game and honestly not something I myself noticed at all.
ginsunuva  +   783d ago
Lag? You mean purposeful weightiness? I liked that.

Now it'll be all CoD-y
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   782d ago
cod isn't bad because of how it controls. it's bad because the engine is dated, has horrible servers(lag), it's unbalanced, and just overall unpolished.
ssj27  +   783d ago
I believe that when GG talk about input lag, they mean a delay that the game has from the moment you press or use the sticks on the dualshock.

dualshock4 seem to not have such a input lag and KZSF is free from it.

The heavyweight feeling seem to still be there, report say is in the middle of KZ2 and KZ3.

But haters are stupid and they bashed KZ has having lag because of the heavy weight feeling .. when we are know that it's part of the gameplay and the lag that it had was the input lag that delay response in which we press "x'' or use the sticks on the DS2,3
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mayberry  +   783d ago
Killzone is BOSS! Always war minded and devistastingly brutal! Day 1!
TechMech2  +   783d ago
Never bought Killzones. Played the multiplayer demo, and it was great. Wish I was getting shadow fall, but I'll be picking up a Xbox one first (if the new halo is good, at least)
ufo8mycat  +   783d ago
KZ2 was some peoples best FPS of the generation?

Holy molly some of you need to play more FPS games.

Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinite are light years a head of KZ2.

Hell, I'd go as far to say the SP in KZ2 was even worse then Crysis 3.

Average at best.
mohuzas  +   782d ago
Metroid Prime 3. nuff said.
shimme01  +   783d ago
The dev is not talking about the game. He is strictly talking about the controller. The game will prob still have the weighty feel
Ch1d0r1  +   783d ago
I always thought the killzone games were pretty cool, just that the shooting sucked ass.
Kinger8938  +   782d ago
I agree, but i did find it got better the more i played. Tried going back recently and kz3 just feels sluggish and looks worse than i remember. Hope shadow fall lasts longer online for me what with all the game mode variations etc
Kinger8938  +   782d ago
I really hope the touch pad isnt used just because its there, for gimmicky functions that could easily and more effectively be mapped to a button

Glad they have tightened everything else up though, sounds really promising! Got the big killzone bundle ordered
5eriously  +   782d ago
The realism is what keeps me going back playing KZ3 online. No gimmicky jumps and other fanatical possibilities like with some other Hal but low games!
skwidd  +   782d ago
Everyone is confused as to what GG means by lag. I know when KZ2 was released there was a big delay from button press to visual response. It was weird then then they patched it within a week if I recall. After that, there was still lag but I thought it was perfect. It was a slower more deliberate game that required more strategy and patience. It was not a twitch shooter like COD (which I got tired of already). I LOVED LOVED how the gun has follow through animation and if you're constantly waving it your shots don't hit the reticle. You had to wait a second before the gun settled in position. What! That was brilliant and I want it back!! I recall gunning down tons of people who couldnt understand why they couldn't hit me while I gunned them down. Patience, crouch, target, shoot and watch your recoil. Did I mention I loved it? Took some learning but its very rewarding.

KZ3 was more twitch and I didn't like how it felt. The multiplayer maps were so uninteresting. Did they change the team that did the maps in KZ2?? Those maps were amazing!

Now all I want to know is does it feel like KZ2 or KZ3? Because if its the latter I don't think I'm interested.

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