Teen gets owned trying to steal steam account

Some thirteen-year-old got the bright idea to try and steal a Steam account. But instead of using conventional methods, he decided to attempt this feat through MSN. Thankfully, this kid gets absolutely pwned in the end.

When will people learn? If this story has any correlation to the real world, then the answer is never.

(See the full story for the actual IM conversation)

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THWIP3729d ago

"Go mow some yards, b*tch" :D

Sphinx3729d ago, that's funny.

specialguest3729d ago

the kid deserved to get his plan backfired on him! hahah well done...well done.

andy capps3729d ago

That was hilarious, made my day.

Krimson3729d ago

Awesome, but all the kid has to do is call and get his password reset.

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