Call of Duty: Ghosts - PC System Requirements Revealed - 6GB RAM Required As Minimum

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that the official GeForce website has just leaked the PC system requirements for the latest COD title, Call of Duty: Ghosts."

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Ezz20131595d ago

6GB ram Minimum ?!

what the hell ?! 0_o

lnvisibleMan1595d ago

The dogs have super advanced AI.

BattleReach1595d ago

Don't forget about the fish and woman ultra AI.

Grap1595d ago

never thought Fish AI would require this much of ram.

lnvisibleMan1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

@ BattleReach
Yeah the frame rate going to drop big rime whenever there is aqua-scene featuring moving fish.

windblowsagain1595d ago

The fish code alone takes up 4gb ram. DAT Swimming away from ya is not possible on the N64 erm oh dam.

Mr Tretton1595d ago

It must be that horribly unoptimized.

+ HDD: 50 GB HD space < WTF

john21595d ago

Seems that Activision was jealous of that "50GB" comment for Killzone: Shadow Fall :P

ginsunuva1595d ago

No it's greatly unoptimized. And horribly optimized.

yewles11595d ago

First Watch Dogs, now this. It's a diversionary marketing tactic to shove "the need for next-gen" down our throats.

Software_Lover1595d ago

I dont have a problem with it as I have 16gb, but I doubt if this game is pushing the boundaries graphically.

M-M1595d ago

Sorry Activsion, a game using more HDD space and ram doesn't mean it's next gen, just horribly optimized. What I say is valid because the game looks the same as every other COD graphically and gameplay wise.

nick3091595d ago

Its the next gen ver. Ps4 &x1 ver require the same stuff so why not pcs? Then people complain that its not the next gen edition....

Software_Lover1595d ago

Because Crysis 3 doesn't require this much or take up as much disc space and it walks all over this game graphically......... well, as far as we know.

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The story is too old to be commented.