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The One Thing Rockstar Censored In GTA V

GR: "Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos and Blaine Counties provide more than enough room for all the terror and mayhem you could want. Now, GTA Online has opened the door for player-on-player violence and total disregard for order and law around the world, but one word remains held back." (Grand Theft Auto Online, Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Sev  +   575d ago
LOL. Seriously? Out of all those things, they censor that? Must have been Microsoft's doing.
HumanAfterAll  +   575d ago
Troll Harder.
vigilante_man  +   574d ago
The irony. Sony pay Rockstar for visibility with GTA V then the word "Playstation" gets censored...
ftwrthtx  +   575d ago
That's just ridiculous.
BattleTorn  +   575d ago
Is it really?

Drugs, sex, and violence - are all not copy-written.

"Playstation" on the other hand, I believe, is.
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Baylex  +   574d ago
Copy paste from other user's comment? You should give credits for that...

None the less nonetheless.. 1+ Agree!
n4rc  +   569d ago
Name one SINGLE brand name used in the game..

It saddens me that isn't completely obvious
acharlez  +   575d ago
Haha. Crazy.
finbars75  +   575d ago
They should be censoring the things that have been coming out of my mouth since last week.I still cant get online which is garbage.It still sends me back into the SP everytime.I know most of my friends are still having the same problems.When your a developer you have to be prepared for these types of things.You honestly think they werent thinking that were going to sell millions or what?Christ man
n4rc  +   569d ago
Delete the title update and redownload.. Seems to work for most
BattleTorn  +   575d ago
Maybe it was a parody that had to be censored, cause I've heard on GTA radio an ad for "digifarm" the farm simulator, that'll be available on the "extravagant 720 gaming system"
insertcoin  +   575d ago
If it really was Microsoft who was behind this, why didn't they just ask Rockstar to use the word "Microsoft" too? ARGH!!!
koh  +   575d ago
Uhh... Because it's a song. I'm not sure the artist would be thrilled if a company changed the words on their track to please a partner.
FreedomGamer   575d ago | Spam
soniqstylz  +   574d ago
It's mostly funny considering the in-game references to the FPS shooters on the eXorbeo 720.
Flipflopp  +   574d ago
In GTA V there is a gaming commercial on the radio that talks about the new 720 gaming system. Hmmm
n4rc  +   569d ago
There is also an ad bashing cloud technology...

Which Microsoft is heavily invested it.. And while rockstars own cloud server were being slammed...

Stop reading into nothing... Playstation is a brand name.. So its not used just like every other product in the game

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