Will Call Of Duty: Ghosts Mark A Financial End For The Series?

Call of Duty. A juggernaut gaming franchise if ever there was one. Some might say that GTA is synonymous with gaming, too, and they would be right – but it wouldn’t be wrong to say the same for Call of Duty (CoD for short). One cannot deny the impact that CoD has had inside the gaming community and within the realms of pop culture in general. Everyone knows about the franchise and it serves as a time-killer for all who plays. And yet the gaming community has amassed mixed feelings about the series in recent years – and that’s putting it lightly.

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JetsFool35001654d ago

I think it will & its unfortunate its gonna happen to the best of the 3 COD devs

WeAreLegion1654d ago

They were the best before half the team left and made Titanfall.

FITgamer1654d ago

It would be nice if true, but im sure it will still sell well. If it doesn't, maybe it make them finally pull some creativity out of their asses.

raytraceme1654d ago

GTA has Culture cod ehhh not so much.

dcj05241654d ago

No. More people will buy it and it will break its own record. Again.