Gran Turismo 6 vs Forza Motorsport 5 vs Driveclub: a Screenshot Comparison Across Two Generations

The tail end of 2013 is going to be a great time for racing game fans, with Driveclub, Forza Motorsport 5 and Gran Turismo 6 hitting the shelves in close sequence.

All three games look great in their own right, but let’s take a closer look at some of their screenshots to see if it's possible to crown a clear winner, and if Gran Turismo 6 manages to keep up with its younger cousins.

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Chris121869d ago

GT6 looks good in the bull shots but then you see the first 'off screen' picture from a race and it's current gen roots are obvious. There's hardly any track detail and the shot is unflattering. The next gen games will clearly be better in graphical fidelity.

OrangePowerz1869d ago

It`s offline rendering used for the screenshots like other games do as well, not exactly bullshots.

Chris121869d ago

The point I was making is that they are not shots from driving the car and therefore hardly a good measure of graphical prowess. The important part is what the game looks like in motion during a race.

Abriael1869d ago

the "hardly any track detail" is because it's Silverstone. That's how silverstone is. Barren.

UltimateMaster1869d ago

Can't believe GT6 looks that great on current gen PS3.

MadSientist891869d ago

thank god someone gets it... nicely said chris

MWong1869d ago

It's amazing how good GT6 looks, it pretty much looks like a next-gen game. Which is shocking since it's a current gen title versus next-gen titles. If they ever made a PS4 HD update for GT6 it would be AMAZING.

OrangePowerz1869d ago

But the same applies to DriveClub and Forza 5 that use offline rendering to make replays look better.

ABizzel11869d ago


Agreed, in-game matter most to me, GT6 looks great, but in-game it looks like a really amazing PS3. The off-screen footage and the dashboard footage look great, but Forza and DriveClub are noticeably better in the dashboard screen TECHNICALLY (GT6 has AA issues on the dash).

That being said the dash on DriveClub is absolutely amazing, and GT6 is great as well, Forza actually looks the worst which is surprising. Rearview mirror places DriveClub in first again, with GT being a bit pixeled, and Forza being washed out with no real detail.

If anything these screens show that DriveClub has had another graphics jump since it's Gamescon outing, and hopefully we'll get one more boost before release and 1080p @ 60fps.

ShinMaster1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Same thing with Forza 5. It doesn't looks as good in the in-game shots as it does on photo mode or replays. Forza has a history of doing this:

Not sure if bullshot or just baked, cause shadows don't even match:

Also, Forza 5 uses an excessive amount of lens flares and god rays as if there was always fog in the game. I guess that means "next-gen" to Turn10.

thechosenone1869d ago

Forza with it's dull lighting. lol

morganfell1869d ago

"The point I was making is that they are not shots from driving the car and therefore hardly a good measure of graphical prowess."

Then that is what you should have said except you didn't. You called them bullshots which means they were photoshopped. So you see, that isn't the point you were making.

Gamingcapacity1869d ago

Not bullshots Chris. Bullshots are fake in-game images trying to be passed off as in-game images.

Chris121869d ago

Apologies guys, I hadn't understood the term bull shots correctly. I was trying to make the point that the only shots that should be compared are in game driving shots.

humbleopinion1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

GT6 doesn't only have it's roots in the current gen, but everything else from stem to leaves. It is simply a current cent game.

Infact, if you try hard even Forza and Driveclub show some current gen roots, but once you actually hit the actual gameplay the difference between them and GT6 is indeed a generation gap:
(and that's on compressed JPEGs with artifacts. Actual gameplay difference is even bigger)

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Riderz13371869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Really disappointing to see that Forza doesn't have night time racing. Driving on a track as the sun slowly disappears and your headlights come on is really an incredible experience.

abusador1869d ago

Its even an incredible, awesome feeling in GTA5 and that isnt even a racer lol Ppl that minimize that feature in a racing game are only fooling themselves.

WorldGamer1869d ago

So Forza doesn't have real time, dynamic lighting? This is news to me, how can they not have night driving?

Does Forza have weather?

1869d ago
TechMech21869d ago

Forza has never really been the technical game...more of an arcade style collect your cars, sell your cars, and paint your cars. I didn't love gt5, but driveclub looks great and Forza 5 looks beautiful, but not too innovative

FunkMacNasty1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

TechMech2 can now be added to the (very long) list of people on N4G that think they are so smart in putting down a game they've never played

Your comment makes you look pretty dumn. Forza is a simulation. Maybe it doesn't have night racing or alll the different styles of motorsports that GT has, but it is DEFINITLEY WAAAAAAAY MORE COMPLEX than "more of an arcade style collect your cars, sell your cars, and paint your cars".

abusador1869d ago

They all look good but from what i see Gt6 got this in most regards, except DC has more lush backgrounds. Forza seems to be using a super high gloss for their cars, GT6 Semi gloss and DC flat matte paint lol and in that lies the differences.

Godmars2901869d ago

And article comparing GT6, Forza 5 and Drive Club?

Knew it was only a matter of time, but still:

DistroyerOfFanbums1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

GT6 looks amazing compared to next gen. To be fair, they have mastered the PS3 architexture whereas, the devs on next gen consoles will have issues the first 2 years of development. All these games look amazing.