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Submitted by TheIconGuy 857d ago | review

The Last of Us Review: may be gaming art, but it’s not the art of gaming | DaxGamer

DaxGamer's Robert Showler: "With the exception of GTA V, The Last of Us was my most anticipated game this year. It should have been a day one purchase, but a certain Bioshock: Infinite and an embarrassing Steam backlog put The Last of Us on hold. Having finally got my gangly, spider-like prehensile mitts on the game it’s time to discuss what all the fuss was about." (PS3, The Last Of Us) 8.3/10

badboy776  +   857d ago
This same site gave

Bioshock Infinite Review 9.5/10
Dead Space 3 Review 8.9/10
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Omran  +   857d ago
doesn't matter because this game will be
number one contender for GOTY along with GTA V
lnvisibleMan  +   857d ago
Why does it matter if it get GOTY. It just a label it doesn't add or take from an already fantastic game.
Bimkoblerutso  +   857d ago
It is simply perspective, complete with all the bias and subjective opinion that putting that into words entails. Whether we agree or disagree with whatever is said, we should still be able to appreciate that we are looking at the game from a perspective that is not our own.

And just for the record, if everyone is agreeing with every review that's being written, then I have bad news. We may very well have all entered into some sort of unified collective unconscious, and the end times may be upon us.
MysticStrummer  +   857d ago
I finished GTA5's story and have been able to play multiplayer quite a bit. I just started The Last of Us today, but I can already say which game would get my Game of the Year vote, and that game is The Last of Us. I've had some fun and intense moments with GTA5, mainly online since the story is so damn easy, but TLoU has been much more fun and intense so far.
SlapHappyJesus  +   857d ago
Which means . . . people have opinions?
Philoctetes  +   857d ago
People can have different opinions, but anybody who ranks Dead Space 3 above The Last of Us just has rotten taste in gaming.

This is like somebody saying that they prefer Freddy Got Fingered to Goodfellas. Okay, fine, that's your opinion. Doesn't change the fact that your taste sucks.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   857d ago
You are now the decider of what is and is not shit?
No questions?

Well . . . damn.
I truly enjoyed Dead Space 3 and would probably give it a 9 myself.
Guess I have crap taste.

Thanks for informing me. I never knew.
Philoctetes  +   857d ago
Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. If you rank DS3 ahead of the TLOU, that's on you.
scott182  +   857d ago
Yeah, I gotta say that TLoU is about as hard to not love as any game I have ever played. I couldn't find one thing I didn't like about the game or story... Every unbiased or even biased person I talk to says it's their favorite game, or at least one of them.

I understand everyone has their opinion, and nobody should ever have that right taken away.. But I have heard people try to downplay this game on various no name sites and every time it sounds like a bunch of bulls**t to me, and I believe them to in fact be full of it.
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yhirunna866   857d ago | Spam
starchild  +   856d ago
So? I would give those games about that score too.

I'm not saying I agree with the TLOU score, but I don't see how what you are pointing out is relevant.
testsubject  +   856d ago
Excuse me but Bioshock Infinite is amazing and deserves that score, even though TLOU dosen't deserve the 8.3, it's not a bad score, I would give it a 9.5 just like Bioshock Infinite
SnotyTheRocket  +   856d ago
"The same site gave Bioshock Infinite Review 9.5/10" I fail to see your point? Sure, The Last of Us was better then Bioshock, but Bioshock was a great game in it's own right, and If games got nominated for Oscars, It would be in there.
HebrewHammer  +   857d ago
This may very well be my favorite game of all time.

To each their own!
kratos_TheGoat  +   857d ago
god of war 3 uncharted 2 mgs4 lb1 kz 2 is better then tlou. tlou is my goty just like gt5 & beyond 2 souls. but g.o.a.t hell no.
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dafegamer  +   857d ago
kratos_TheGoat   857d ago | Bad language | show
dafegamer  +   857d ago
doesnt make much sense, since tlou has more improved gameplay than U2, all other games are in a different genre(lbp), so you cant directly compare them like that
MysticStrummer  +   857d ago
I love those games you listed and I only started TLoU today, but I can already say I strongly disagree with you. TLoU is better than those games in my opinion. Demon's Souls is my GoAT though.
kratos_TheGoat  +   857d ago
tlou is my goty with gta 5 and beyond 2 soul but game of all time hell no god of war own tlou when it comes to story graphic and bosses.msg 4 no match .lbp creative .kz 2 realism and classic online. maybe i got carry away with uncharted 2
GryestOfBluSkies  +   857d ago
"Having finally got my gangly, spider-like prehensile mitts on the game it’s time to discuss what all the fuss was about."

sounds like you may have been a victim of hype. it might have been hard for the game to live up to it after waiting this long and hearing so many amazing things.

personally i think it lived up to the hype.
georgenancy  +   857d ago
HOLY COW,abit late for the click bait articles
Deltaguy  +   857d ago
what was wrong with the gameplay? tense action, great loot/create system, variety of enemies with dynamic AI..controls worked fine..great multiplayer
staticdash22  +   857d ago
I'm sorry, I just can't take this opinion serious after seeing they gave dead space 3 an 8.9

The general consensus among dead space fans, was that the 3rd game was a fail. How can you ignore the changes that took away the element that makes this series stand out? The horror, the fright, and the jump out of your chair moments. None of those existed in dead space 3, just a generic 3rd person shooter with aliens. The same thing that plague the recent resident evil games, hurt this game too.
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starchild  +   856d ago
That's complete and utter nonsense. Did you even play Dead Space 3 or did you just listen to the hipsters on the internet telling you that?

It's true there was more action in Dead Space 3, but there were tons of horror parts in the game. It was a good mix in my opinion. I don't want every game in the series to be exactly the same.

The important thing, though, is that it was just a really good game. I don't care about labels and preconceptions that other people twist themselves up over.
SpitFireAce85  +   857d ago
This is just one of those morons...trying to
get hits by giving one of the best games of
This generation a 8.3 What a joke of a review

PS.Anyone that gives TLOU anything below a 9
Dont know what a great game is if it bit him
On the a$$.
OMNlPOTENT  +   857d ago
you act like 8.3 is a bad score. 10/10 means 100% which means PERFECT. No game is perfect, not even TLOU despite what a lot of people think. Everyone is going to jump out and say "this guy is such a joke! rating Dead Space 3 higher than TLOU". Everyone has varying opinions. The reviewer gives the game points for excellent narrative but thinks the bad AI and (in his opinion) bad gameplay take away from the experience. If you actually read the review before commenting "AHHHH IT'S NOT A PERFECT SCORE" you might be able to respect his opinion.
SpitFireAce85  +   857d ago
Just go play your
OMNlPOTENT  +   857d ago
@SpitFireAce85 Typical response. I loved TLOU and hardly play COD but you're all pissed off over an 8.3 which is a good score.
Harpers_Ferry  +   857d ago
The simple fact that no game is perfect is exactly why 10/10 does NOT mean perfect, at least not on the scale of any reviewer not smoking meth.
level 360  +   857d ago
I'm sure NaughtyDog meant the gameplay to be what it is, so gamers' could feel that sense of vulnerability and tension.

Even with the control pad lay-out, you could actually feel it especially when all the enemies swarm at you from all sides.

Last of Us is simply a masterpiece in my opinion.
elda  +   857d ago
I just finished TLOU over the weekend & it was a great game with a great story,ND should always make original IP with great stories.
Austin48  +   857d ago
The last of us derserves a 10/10 from these guys they must be Xbox fans instead of playstation
Harpers_Ferry  +   857d ago
I'm not going to complain about the score, because whatever, game reviews, however I had to stop reading halfway through. I got to the section of the review where he sucked at the game, then blamed it on "the game design being so flawed".

But hey, the writer said he just came from playing Splinter Cell: Blacklist, so it's not surprising he wouldn't quite be used to actual stealth.
starchild  +   856d ago
Haha Splinter Cell Blacklist is the best stealth game in years.

TLOU is a great game due to the story telling, atmosphere, characters, presentation and overall solid gameplay. The stealth aspects, however, are hardly revolutionary.

I love TLOU, but you don't need to tear down another great game --Splinter Cell Blacklist-- to try to make it look better.
Harpers_Ferry  +   856d ago
I'm not saying Blacklist isn't a great game, just not a great stealth game. Sadly, the series has moved away from stealth in search of a wider audience.

I also don't think the stealth mechanics in TLOU are revolutionary, they're quite standard for the most part, however, I never blamed them for my inability to use them properly.
TheDivine  +   857d ago
I agree. It has beautiful graphics, good characters, and the story is told well. Problem is the story is extremely cliche, you can see it coming right at the start of the game, and the gameplay was boring. Its def a technical marvel but it also is a technical mess. My experience was marred by game breaking bugs and glitches. Good game but def not goty or best game of all time.

I will say I loved stealthing through the game and collecting materials. It did a few things well and I did play it through to the end which is saying something. It was good and enjoyable but it wasn't memorable. I put it down for months to play SMT4, Tales of Xillia, and other games I had been playing. Guess I have different tastes as games like Fire Emblem Awakening, Ni No Kuni, SMT4, and Beyond 2 Souls are IMO way better games and better goty candidates.
redaxis  +   856d ago
The story although cliché but is told with superb storytelling techniques. The writings, dialogues, voice acting are amazing. There are mind blowing moments that I will remember forever, one of them is the ending, which put in deep thoughts for a while. Very few games left me such impact when I finish the game. Me and my friends then discuss about Joel's decision and his reason for doing so, and debate whether he's right or wrong. Again very few games could let the players have such discussions. TLOU isn't a perfect game, but its very very well done, to me its strength is well overshadowing its weaknesses, I'd rate it a 9.5/10.

Oh, and the multiplayer, man, I'm still playing that everyday afterwork, its fantastic and well balanced and super addictive!
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