GTA IV release date is 25-04-2008 in Poland

Yesterday we have informed you about the possibility of buying GTA IV in Britain's Tesco earlier by 4 days. Now we've got something from Poland and it's quite official. Grand Theft Auto IV will be released in Poland on 25th of April, exactly four days before official international release date set by Rockstar, by internet shop -

"We try to deliver pre-orders in express time so there are some possibilities of getting games earlier than the official release date. Our customers are often shops, that's why realization of the orders must be very quick" - said the PR Manager of Wirtus.

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karan73741d ago

luckyy motha f**kaas i would order but... its gonna take about 4 days anyway to reach to U.S so ima just wait till 29th but this guys went they get it should post up sum gameplay's it will be great

ystrandz3741d ago

I've just booked my ticket with British Airways to Poland .. 1 day return

chaosatom3333741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

why early? Doesn't rockstar control release dates?

AzaziL3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

So far, I havn't seen much in terms of Ads telling us the game will be released on the 29th, and it's only one week away!!! The 29th may just be a set release date, guaranteeing the game is released no later then that. However, they never said anything about releasing it early and with the game scheduled to be ready in stores by next weekend, it's possible they'll give the OK for the early release. That's probably the reason why the promotions have been so little, since the Houser's probably already anticipated releasing it early anyways. Hell, even GTA IV's main page isn't throwing the release date (4/29) in our face, or even on the front page.

And they must have been planning to release it early only because they know just as everyone that stores will more then likely release it early and to make everyone feel better, the best they can do is just open the flood gates already. So please everyone, keep trying to get this game, the sooner we get a lot of leaks, the faster we'll all be playing it!

Oh and did I forget to mention that of all A-holes to be playing this game before anyone else, it'll be the ones that won't pay jack sh!t and just steal it via bootlegging. Yep the ones that aren't even paying a dime will definitely be playing this all weekend while the rest of us who actually paid would have to wait until Monday night.

N4GMember3741d ago

For all the years of Polack jokes, the joke is on us, they get GTA4 first!!!!!!

kosha3741d ago

yeah they got battered in WW2 and now they get gta4 early. It balances out (almost)

AzaziL3741d ago

"and the world thought they would always laugh at us, well guess who's laughing now, har har!!"

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

...get the SUPERIOR PS3 Version!!!;)

If you can't (i'e you own a xBox 360) PLEASE check your
'Home Insurance Cover'! for 'Fire Damage' or possible DEATH!!! ;-D

Frnicatr3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )


Don Ahid3740d ago


Meus Renaissance3741d ago

I have a friend who gets this game next Wednesday. It's going to be torture watching him play it on my Buddy List

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