Why Gears of War 2 Might Not Reign Supreme

Many may deny it, but there are a lot of factors standing against Gears of War 2 being the hit everyone wants it to be.

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sonarus3839d ago

I don't think his concerns are legitimate enough

The BIG reason i thing gears of war 2 might not reign supreme is graphics. Lets face it as much as we say graphics don't really matter, graphics play a huge part in a games sales. Look at GT5P it lacks damage and it is considered a demo but those visuals are simply too hard to turn away from. COD4's graphics also played a role in its success.

Long story short gears of war 1 had mind glowing graphics and to an extent at least in my eyes revolutionary gameplay. I doubt gears of war 2 can achieve the same mind blowing graphics and revolutionary gameplay the first had

Breakfast3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Halo...didnt have great graphics.

It's what they do to fix the gameplay. Thats important. They gameplay in this game needs to be tweaked...not changed.

Palodios3839d ago

Yes and no. Halo isn't the best example because the game has been hyped to hell, and all the money going into advertising and all those calling Halo THE 360 game.
The Wii really exemplifies this idea though. Smash Brothers's graphics has nothing on Uncharted, but Smash will sell millions more.

toughNAME3839d ago

I don't expect Gears 2 to have a massive jump in visuals...

All epic has to do is tweak here and there, add another typical FPS story, and redesign online multiplayer.

And I agree with the article about Tom Clancy syndrome, and I do think this will be delayed...or just plain be a bad game

fenderputty3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I don't know man. The graphics are going to be top notch. They might not surprise people like the first did but, they're still going to be good. Plus ... a lot of people bought and liked the first one, it only makes sense that they're going to want to buy two. Gears 2 is going to be successful. It might not get GOTY but it's still going to be a great game. I guess that's kind of what the author is saying though.

sonarus3839d ago

IMO Halo is a lot more casual/pick up and play than GeOW. GeOW is a lot more targeted at hardcore with its dark plot and bland color scheme. So gameplay will be tweaked for sure but without that massive jump in visuals i don't think it will reign supreme.

Breakfast3839d ago

Highest selling xbox game this year. I think it will reign supreme.

LJWooly3839d ago

I think we've all seen the sorts of games that end up best-sellers on the 360 *hints towards Halo 3* so I think 360 owners will be somewhat indifferent to the actual quality of the game, and buy into the hype noetheless.

However, I'm pretty sure Gears of War 2 is going to be fantastic, and deserve those sales :D

godofthunder103839d ago

i disgree that graphics is what sells a game,hell i would buy a game with graphics like the super nintendo with a great story line and game play before i buy a game that has graphics 10 times better then the 360 and ps3 with no good story line and game play because with out these things the game will sux.
look at halo3,it had real good graphics but they had a lot of other games that came out at the same time with better graphics but halo3 out sold them because it had a better story,game play and more fun to play then them.halo3 wasn't the only game that proved that graphics isn't what people look for in a game first.look at guitar hero and rock band ,they have some good graphics but just like halo3 they had games that came out with better graphics then they had but just like halo3, guitar hero and rock bands are just great games with good controles and people will buy a game to play that is fun and has good controles before they buy a game with just great graphics first,hell graphics is the last thing i look for in a game because with out all the other things i mention above the game will sux and it will have no replay value like the games i mention above.
so all this talk that gears of war 2 will not be a hit is a joke.the people that said this might as well as say that mgs4 will fail because there is no way that any one of these games will fail because fans can't wait to play mgs4 because they played the other mgs games and they want to see what happen and the same goes for gow2,people that bought and played the first one can't wait to see what happens in gow2.people that hate the ps3 and 360 will argue that the game on the system they don't have will fail and this is just fanboy talk.
both games will be good and sell well on bith systems.

LJWooly3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Welcome back, 'Mr. Wall-o-text' :)

QuackPot3839d ago

Everything will undoubtedly be better and the fans will buy to their hearts delight as with Halo3.

I just wish Insomniac had made Nathan Hale more Gung Ho like Marcus and provided a cover system and proper sprint option, then R2 would clean up.

But I'll enjoy both when they come.

Silver3603838d ago

before making any opinions. The screen shots are sick and the what they have planned is stellar. His guesses about Gears two were uninformed.

gaffyh3838d ago

The game will reign supreme no matter what, Gears 1 was great game, a little over-hyped but not as over hyped as Halo which ended up being an ok game.

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brothersimon3839d ago

360 + GoW2 = big.

No matter what ps3 girls may tell you. This game will sell and it will fuking own


LJWooly3839d ago

I don't need some fanboy to reassure me of how good a game's going to be.

The fact that you resorted to calling those who prefer a different console to you "PS3 girls" runs contradictory to the impression of confidence you're giving. If you're that sure of it's success, why act so immature to those who doubt it?

Enjoy the game as it is. Believe me, it's going to sell, regardless of quality. Now, don't worry, it'll be great, just don't drag yourself down to the level of those you criticise.


PSMonster213839d ago

Even your precious Gears is going down the drain. HAHA.

LJWooly3839d ago

Thanks mate, you too can have some bubbles :)

lawman11083838d ago

MGS4 will be lucky if it moves 1 million in 1 week

liquidsnake3838d ago

GT5:P sold over a million units it's first day in EU only. And lets face it, MGS4 is ALOT more hyped than GT5:P. Also, MGS4 will have a world wide you do the maths.

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Rattles3839d ago

PC + Geow2 = better

No matter what 360 girls may tell you. 360 games "Geow2" will allways be better on PC.


brothersimon3839d ago

no, it sucks on pc i played the pc version it wasnt as good
instant uninstall :-D

Pain3839d ago

will always be beter on Real XBOX err PC...


LaChance3839d ago

PC + GEOW 2 = you playing this game early 2010 and spending the price of a 360 arcade to upgrade.

I mean , its like you want us to say " wait beyond ".

Luckily Im not that type , but have a great wait pal at least you'll play this one day.

Z F1GHT3RS3839d ago

(i made that name up lol on my other account long ago with only one bubble)

delay this station beyond
phoneys balls

PSMonster213839d ago

360+GeoW 2= PEICE OF SH*T!!

lawman11083838d ago

NOBODY does PC now because of the $$$$$$ you need to keep even a half a$$ed system going. That is why gamers game on the 360 and yes even the BD player that can play games (poorly) Your one of the many on this site that are sooooo pro PS3 you killed this site. I find it funny that such a "PRO" PS3 site would take out a full page ad in OXM a xbox mag. When I do find the rare GOOD PS3 game I admit it is a good game (Uncharted ...(far from great but good, HS, RFOM and MLB 08) Ilk like you just bash,bash and make up c,rap that only you and your pals on this site make up. NPD numbers just showed you where your PS3 THIRD place.........I want to see the BD movies vs PS3 games sold numbers I bet you the Movies KILL the games in number sold. As we all know now even in Europe where you douche bags always say the 360 does not sell the 360 sells 7 games per system vs the 3 a PS3 sells per system. Face facts my man and PS .....NA makes up more then 60 % of the WHOLE game market so stop saying " thats only in NA"

captainjy3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Rattles, what game doesn't look better on the PC than a console? With being able to customize AA settings, it damn well look better on a PC.

Second of all, the article isn't even an article and shouldn't have been posted. It's a blog that is just opinion. As much as it kills POS3 fans, Gears of War is a staple in gaming, just as much as I hate to admit the MGS is a staple in gaming. Gears 2 will be huge, people will flock to it and it will get played for 2 years and beyond until the fans are begging for Gears 3. How can it disappoint? We have only seen the surface of the Unreal 4 engine. Destructible environments, increased enemy handling, water and more 3D enhancements, there's no way in hell that it can disappoint!

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Fishy Fingers3839d ago

If your expecting a massive leap in visuals I think there's a chance you may be disappointed. The first one, while amazing had the shock value of being the first true "next-gen" game. This one will be scrutinized down to the last pixel.

All I'm looking for is bigger environments and a more dynamic mix of location. Better story structure, 4 player co-op would be amazing and at least 8x8 online. I'm gameplay over graphics.

BLUR1113839d ago

that's what im looking for to but i don't think the'll have 8 on 8 multiplayer maye 6 on 6 at most cuz the animation and the charactors are so big and detailed is why theres just 4v4 in the first one

InMyOpinion3839d ago

Hmmm. Epic themselves said in an interview that 4x4 multiplayer was a design choice, because they believe it provides a more immersive experience. You get to know(hate) the competitors better and the team spirit is bigger. It also makes for more strategic gameplay.

IMO some games benefit more from having a large number of players than others. Battlefield for example, wouldn't be the same with 4x4, but It was never something that bothered me in Gears. I think it would be boring if all games just competed to have as many players at one possible, instead of trying to optimize the gameplay experience.

LJWooly3839d ago

@ Jenzo:

That was just Epic's excuse. Luckily for them, Gears of War turned out to be suited perfectly to that amount, it's still pretty fun to play online now.

Let's face it, they would have tried for more players if they could.

rogimusprime3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

if they screw around and forget to include a decent rocket launcher, I will say the game sucks. It still makes me mad that when you pick up the boomers weapon, it looses its functionality. That's just garbage. Goldeneye had a better GL.

supahbad3838d ago

i thought they already announced 5x5 for MP

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marichuu3839d ago

It worked for Halo, why shouldn't it for Gears of War?