Battlefield 4 Beta on PC gets 62MB Patch, Fixes Numerous Performance Issues

Gamepur: DICE and EA has quietly released a patch update for on-going Battlefield 4 beta. As per the details we have received from our readers the update weighs 61.27MB in size.

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sandman2241692d ago

Let's bring an update for the ps3/360 version.

Pandamobile1692d ago

I doubt there will be one. It takes like 2 weeks to get a patch through MS and Sony's certification process.

RadioActiveTwinky1692d ago

Yaaaay Finally!!! Cant wait to see if it fixes my game.

Bring TITAN MODE Damn it!!!

This would be the perfect time to bring it back too. With the Ocean Warfare they keep blabbing about.

Two Aircraft Carriers as TITANS=EPICNESS

DeadlyFire1692d ago

I think they will throw it in Premium DLC pack at some point.

RadioActiveTwinky1689d ago

I hope so. It was the most fun I had in 2042 back in the day.

Its funny we are only 29 years away from that year lol. Hopefully the mechs are coming soon lol.

pwnsause_returns1692d ago

playing this game made me realize that i need to get rid of my gtx470 and upgrade

RedDeadLB1692d ago

I'd hold off to see if more games require that upgrade.

Upgrading for Battlefield only is a big, BIG mistake, one I've unfortunately done. I upgraded my entire freaking platform and the game didn't get any more enjoyable, I only could say "Hey, I get 60+ fps and you don't!" to my friends, and that's not a reason to upgrade.

bumnut1692d ago

You serious? My SLI 570's struggled with lots of games, a 470 doesn't cut it these days.

I couldn't even max Medal Of Honor with SLI 570's @ 2560 x 1440 because they don't have enough VRAM.

KwietStorm1692d ago

It's not gonna hurt to upgrade from a gtx470 regardless.

MidnytRain1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

What? You play at 60fps because it's more responsive and more realistic. Not for the stupid bragging reason you just gave. You don't buy something better to brag. You buy something better because it's BETTER.

gedden71692d ago

What The FRACK!!!!!

I an update for the 360!!!!!

I want it now!!!

RedDeadLB1692d ago

Nope, runs the same. Major CPU hog, stuttering, still there.

RadioActiveTwinky1692d ago

What CPU and what OS are you using?

RedDeadLB1692d ago

i5 3570k @ 4GHz, Windows 8 x64. HD7850 2GB OC.

iistuii1692d ago

I've got a nice rig, which ran it on ultra bar the MSAA but i think mines got worse now after the patch. Typical...

bumnut1692d ago

really? I am downloading it now and was excited until I read your comment!

bumnut1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Runs better for me, I get the same framerate in ultra as I got on high before the patch.

Still a CPU hog though.

i7 [email protected]
GTX 780
2560 x 1440

RadioActiveTwinky1689d ago

Interesting... that sucks though. The patch really helped my set up a bit. I am thinking of getting a new gpu but not sure yet.

Currently i am rocking dual 570's. I am thinking of either getting an R9-280 or wait for the R9-290 or just go all out and get a 780.

My cpu is fine at 4.0 fx-8350.

You should be running the game fine. Even when you dropped down to High settings was it still acting up on you?

Have you tried using previous drivers? When I downgraded drivers it actually helped with the patch.

RedDeadLB1689d ago

Meh, it doesn't even matter anymore. The problem is probably RAM since I only have 4GB. The CPU usage is a different matter though, it's definitely not something that should happen.

I'm hoping they tone it down for the final release. That will determine whether I will get the game or not.

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