GTA's Lazlow Prefers 360 Version Because of DLC

Lazlow Jones -- a lead writer, radio host, and long-time fan favourite who has been responsible for much of the dialogue and content found within most Grand Theft Auto titles -- appeared on the Opie and Anthony show on Friday 4/18 to discuss his role in the development of Grand Theft Auto IV. While he touches on much of what we already know, he also goes into more detail on subjects that haven't received as much blatant coverage (including the downloadable content for Xbox and Rockstar North's inevitable "one month vacation" after GTA IV's release).

Between the Xbox 360 version of the game and the PS3 version, Lazlow admits that he prefers the 360 version thanks to the downloadable content; new missions, new characters, new comedy, etc.

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Harry1903895d ago

special,because he probably is the only one who got a chance to confirm that the DLC is great.I wish i had that chance.

Breakfast3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Not even gonna lie...missions and new characters....that would suck.

NO_PUDding3895d ago

I don't think they would suck. But I wouldn't pay $20 for them, which is what Microsoft would ahve to spend, making up for this one.

Not to mention the advertising campaign.

And more to the point, anyone feel Lazlow is sharing a bit of a dig [sarcastically] that after 1 month vacation they ahve to go abck to work, for Microsoft. Take2 was in a difficult situation when the 50 mil passed hands, and it wasn't Rockstars decision. It never is the developers decision.

I think that the DLC is sounding pretty basic, and I don't think Rockstar are happy about working for a company they would usually place heavy satire on...

Sony is a much more popular company, whereas Microsoft is pretty hated, in everywhere, but the video gaming industry.

As I said in the open zone, this is the last GTA you will see on 360, I am sure.

ThaGeNeCySt3895d ago

"As I said in the open zone, this is the last GTA you will see on 360, I am sure."


NO_PUDding3895d ago

Rockstar have said it themselves.

And everythign like that adds up. I am not saying it won't be ported to the 360 later, but it won't be able to fit on one disk.

EA is the only thing that could put a spanner in the works. And if you disagree, I can't see why. I am sure Sony will put out for the next GTA. They aren't beign sued over Dualshock, nor are they in debt with the development of PS3, makes sense.

ThaGeNeCySt3895d ago

show me where R* said it so I can show other people and laugh at them.

Mystery_Person3895d ago

What about achivements and stuff for PS HOME on PS3?

yesah3895d ago

well i guess this throws out things like, "DLC will be San Andreas size"

i mean he said, "thanks to the downloadable content; new missions, new characters, new comedy"

sonarus3895d ago

If that is all that makes 360 version better then in my eyes both are the same because i know i am not paying for new missions and characters... new comedy maybe lol

deeznuts3894d ago

For 50 Million I'd name my first unborn after the 360 version.

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ReBurn3895d ago

I loved listening to Lazlow in GTA III.

Enigma_20993894d ago

I loved listening to Lazlow in EVERY GTA game...

superman3895d ago

Yeh man Lazlow rocked. Chatterbox FM.

brothersimon3895d ago

Lets face it, anybody who buys GTAIV and says they dont want DLC are just ****ing retards.

THC CELL3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

i bet if the dlc was only for ps3 u would be crying now
Go stick the x box pad up ur ass and get shot a few times so it can vibrate to give u more thrills

PS3 are getting DLC and exclusive online features

Jack Meahoffer3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

The Sony fans have all kinds of excuses as to why the exclusive DLC won't matter but its all garbage.

"Most people don't beat the story is GTA anyway" - Might have been true for the last gen titles but the story matters more this time. Rockstar has said you'll get pulled in a want to know what happens

"PS3 will get its own DLC" - Yeah it'll get DLC but everything PS3 gets the 360 will get ON TOP of the exclusive content only available on 360.

Bottom line is the only reason to buy the PS3 version is you only have a PS3. If you have both consoles its a no brainer and the sells will prove it no matter how much Sony fans pray.

EDIT: THC CELL - The PS3 isn't getting any exclusive features other than fruity a sixaxis tacked on feature. Point to a source where ANYONE other than Sony fanboys say the PS3 is getting EXCLUSIVE DLC. You can't because Rockstar has said the PS3 is getting "DLC"... Which means its getting the same stuff the 360 is getting outside of the exclusive DLC only available on 360. OWNED!

EDIT2: When did Sony or Rockstar say GTA IV will have a Home space? You're hoping and praying doesn't make it valid and a point of discussion. Sure it could happen but there is ZERO proof so you can't make it a point. Also you didn't counter anything I said. Stop going around saying the PS3 will get its own exclusive content when all that is is hope there is ZERO proof.

Trophy system too. Number 1 trophys are a lame rip off of achievements. Number 2 when has there been ANY proof of that? Same as Home space. Hopes and dreams don't count in debates no matter how much you want it to.

THC CELL3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

the image in ur icon is right about u

PS3 ftw always
U are playing a ps3 branded game
Enjoy with love sony and there fans

Trophy's and other items
Wait Party invite systems and wait GTA home space
well i will see them on x box then cant wait to see my new home space on x box yum yum

wow4u3895d ago


But the Xbox 360 *is* getting the DLC.

Its the PS3 owners trying to pretend like it doesnt matter.

See, confusing the subject with your strawmen is silly, they are awful easy to knock down when they are totally empty.

I'll repeat what he said:

"anybody who buys GTAIV and says they dont want DLC are just ****ing retards"

But, I would refine it to be:

"anybody who buys GTAIV on the PS3 and says they dont want DLC are just ****ing retards"

brothersimon3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Probably :-)

But fact that its actually on 360 means I aint, what u gonna be doing when u finished the game?i know what im doing, DOWNLOADIN THE CONTENT LMFAO OWNT ;-D

@Jack - nice ownage, you spoke the truth +1 respect

AngryTypingGuy3894d ago

"i bet if the dlc was only for ps3 u would be crying now " -- but it's not, so we're laughing.

Hey, I've said all along that there are pros and cons to owning each console. One perk for the 360 is that it will deliver a richer GTA IV experience. Just when we've played the game through and through, they will release some kickass new missions for us.

Solid_Snake6663894d ago

u can get that and we wil get Home and home integration .....let see wich ones better

liquidsnake3894d ago

I only have a PS3, and Im not wasteing money for a xbox just to experience DLC. Also, as for now we have no idea what this DLC will contain. And I'm pretty sure that six months from now, I won't be playing GTA4.

AngryTypingGuy3894d ago

If I wanted something like Home, I'd pick up the Sims. I honestly hope that MS doesn't come out with something like that, unless they have the option to avoid it at startup. I'll take the sleek, easy to use 360 and Live interface any day.

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