Trade ins are they Evil or Beneficial to the Gamer?

Wii-Live's Trist has found himself in the group that believes in the good of trade-ins. Looking back over the past two or three years, Trist believes that he has traded in about forty or so games. Some games gave him joy trading-in and some games actually depressed him. In the long run he has reaped major savings on games, including the purchase of a DS and the DS Lite, as well as the Sony PSP, and the Sony PSP 2000. Heres his views on the goods and evils of trade-ins

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Rattles3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

evil evil evil evil, i traded in 4 grand worth of ps2 games and got $99........

it was not worth it :[

Cwalat3838d ago

i bought a PSP from norway for 99 Euros...
i sold it later to EB Games for 125 Euros and bought the new PSP Slim...

every game i sell to EB Games ends up giving me 50% off on the newest games...

either you guys dont know how to bargain, or the EB Gámes staff really likes me... :/

Palodios3838d ago

Its definitely just you. If a game is worth less than ten dollars, they give you one dollar or less, and usually 20-30% of their sale value for anything else.

va_bank3839d ago

... we had no choice. Now that there's eBay, it's stupid to trade it in. If you're not old enough to use eBay - ask your parents, I bet they'll help.

lodossrage3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Trade in game stores would be evil i guess. Considering you'll only get but so much for selling your game. And the value of the game itself lessens over time. But there are few instances where the game becomes rare and can be sold at a very high price. Just look at valkyrie profile 1 and suikoden 2 on ps1 to see what i mean.

To be honest, gamers are better off doing their business through amazon, ebay, etc. Plus there are game events all over the world now where you can meet other games and trade off with each other.

There is even a site called that allows you to trade with each other.

So whether trade ins by stores are evil or beneficial, there ARE better alternatives where you have a greater chance of getting what your items are worth rather than what a store like say EB or gamestop TELLS you it's worth.

Max Power3838d ago

i.e. EBGames. and i see a game that is used and cost 5 dollars less than a new one i figure why not spend 5 more dollars and get a game where i know nothing has ever been wrong with it or miss treated. the price of used games should sold for less, or at least get a justifiable dollar amount for selling a game which you just purchased but had it for less than a week. RIP OFF

PimplePopperMD3838d ago

cause when you wanna buy a new game they give you an unsealed case and a disc out of a sleeve in a drawer.

dont trade. it hurts the industry. just dont buy crappy games then you wont wanna trade them

PimplePopperMD3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

i havent bought a game at a video game store in years. im all set with being sold a 'new' game in a paper sleeve for fifty or sixty bucks.

im good w/best buys and circuit citys and ebays. f video game stores, for anything.

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