Darkstation reviews Singstar '90s

Darkstation reports:

''With each of my reviews for Singstar titles I have to say I look at it in a 50/50 perspective. The songs that are chosen versus any new modes to play in. This is a game with nothing much in terms of new modes, except the duet mode, which as you guessed it, allows you to sing with a friend. Other than that all of the modes of previous games are remains intact and work great.

The mechanics that have made the Singstar titles infamous over the years return as well in this game and work just as well as before. If you have never played one of these titles then you're in for a treat. The simple idea behind the game is that you want to sing the song in tune and in the right melody and pitch. If I am misusing the musical terms it's because I am not musically gifted, and Singstar reminds me of it each time it comes out. However that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.''

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