Bathurst in GT6: First Gameplay Video and Hands-On Impressions

Gran Turismo 6 was on display last weekend at the EB Expo in Sydney, Australia, and the demo included the just-announced Mount Panorama circuit

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Mad Aizen1596d ago

Why does it seem like the worst drivers go to these shows and step into the simulators?

nategrigs1596d ago

This guys not as bad as fact, i think he only wrecks out when the booth babe walks by

ThatArtGuy1596d ago

Actually, he's wrecking constantly. Using the other cars and walls to ping pong about doesn't constitute good driving.

PoSTedUP1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

because there are gamers, and then there are the Gran Turismo players. and could this video be any More off screen??? its like they were trying hard Not to get good footage in every way possible... and to get the hands-on they give you links to someone writing in their forum, im sorry but the overall presentation is poor and i couldnt give them another page hit. now excuse me while i watch my little sister play GT5 with a volkswagon buggy to wash this taste outta of my mouth.
please, take this as constructive critism and not hate.

@nate. hes pretty bad. like, i was driving a little better than him in GT when i was 6, but he apparently isnt a gran turismo player, so its understandable.

windblowsagain1596d ago

I would have preferred better footage.....

Of the woman:)

Gabrielgt1596d ago

Nice circuit can't wait to se all the circuit.and yes is a beginning guy.