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PlayStation Plus: Payment changes

ps4insider.de reports that Sony just started sending out E-Mails, stating that the PlayStation Plus Payment System is about to change. Starting October 10th you will not pay each 90 Days, instead you will always pay at the end of the 3rd month ( with the renewal) .
In doing so Sony probably wants to streamline the PlayStation Plus payment system before the launch of the PlayStation 4 (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

rustyspoon80  +   411d ago
I'll still be paying each year. Much better deals for 365 days worth.
FamilyGuy  +   411d ago
This is actually giving you MORE days for your 3 months subscription in most cases. An extra 2 days to be precise.

If you start on the 1st, 17th, 23rd you will then end on the 1st, 17th, or 23rd respectively. Up in till now it has just been adding 90 physical days. If you purchase a 3 month subscription you'll be getting MORE days now if those months have 30 days or more and all months, with the exception of February, are 30-31 days.

February for example would be short to do the new 3 month subscription model because it's only 28 days most years.
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UltimateMaster  +   411d ago
So basically. Instead of 30 days, it's month by month.
FamilyGuy  +   411d ago
Yes, and most months are 30 or 31 days. February is the only short one.
ShinMaster  +   411d ago
For some reason when I checked my PS Plus subscription a week ago, it said it didn't expire until 2015... did anyone else get 2 years? I only remember paying for 1 year at a time.
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CuddlyREDRUM  +   411d ago
It still is cheaper for a year at $50, which is what he said. He never mentioned 3 month increments.
kreate  +   411d ago
If it wasn't for the free games, I would never pay.
ALLWRONG  +   411d ago
Akuma2K  +   411d ago
Same here, i pay once a year.....more convienent for me.
ninjahunter  +   411d ago
*Checks PS+*
"Expires on October 9th"
Sarick  +   411d ago
You'd think they'd want to extend the periods one extra month of credit if they're partially into a month.

That would mean that if your pay period is one any day in between a month that an extension would be carried over until the next months billing period.

They could also offer a partial refund for the left over service days towards PSN credits.

Not sure if they'd do that but if they want people to be satisfied with the proposed changes. IMHO: This would be a better transition then skimming a portion of a month.

In your example you'd be billed again for the full period on the 9th and only receive the remainder of that month.

In my example of fairness you'd continue receiving benefits until the end of that month at which you'd be billed in full for the next period on the 1st.

One thing that can be a concern here is an issue that happened with Final Fantasy 11. People would start a subscription late in a month only to see a DOUBLE bill.
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Wescyde  +   411d ago
You do realize you can buy PS+ anytime during your subscription and it will stack right?

They will not cut off what you paid for though it would just end on the final day if you turn off auto renewal
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isarai  +   411d ago
Wait so does this mean you could end up getting less than what you paid for? for example if i got the membership on the 20th of the first month, then do i only get like two months and ten days?
grumpc  +   411d ago
Why would they suddenly cut off some of your days? They wouldn't do something as stupid as that for such a good service.
isarai  +   411d ago
i'm just trying to wrap my head around this new policy, it really doesn't make much sense. It says it will not count 90days instead it will just stop at the end of the third month, to me that sounds like if i buy in the middle of the first month, then it will still just end at the end of the third month which again does not give me a full 3 months. I don't expect them to do something so dumb, it really doesn't seem like something Sony would do, but that's just what it sounds like to me
Sarick  +   411d ago
Only if they do the transition unfairly and not refund the remaining unused/leftover portions into PSN credits.

If you paid for a full month on the 25th of October then only 6 days of that subscription is consumed. Either an extension can be made or the other 24 unused days could be credited towards PSN.
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darren_poolies  +   411d ago
No, what it means is that if you buy a 3 month subscription on say the 20th October then that will end on the 20th January. Whereas on the previous 90 day method, if you bought a subscription on the 20th October that would end on the 18th January. That clear things up a bit?
Soldierone  +   411d ago
So in other words, don't buy PS Plus in February?
FamilyGuy  +   411d ago
They will cut you off on the 20th.

They are going by the month rather than by 90 days. If you start on the 1st, 17th, 23rd you will then end on the 1st, 17th, or 23rd respectively. Up in till now has has just been adding 90 physical days. If you purchase a 3 month subscription you'll be getting MORE days now if those months have 30 days or more and all months with the exception of February are 30-31 days.

February for example would be short to do the new 3 month subscription model because it's only 28 days most years.
Spontogical  +   411d ago
I just received an e-mail from them stating that it is now moving to a 12 month period thingy..

they say 'automatically renew'... hmm are they forcing automatic renewals on me?

I'm utterly confused.
isarai  +   411d ago
i'm sure that's an option, every subscription service has to have an option to disable automatic renew
Riderz1337  +   411d ago
If you pay with a credit card, and you have a credit card number saved on your PS3, then it automatically renews. Of course you can turn this off in the settings so that it won't renew without your consent.
kidhero99  +   411d ago
As Sony announced by means of a circular mail to all PlayStation Plus customers there will be a small change in the PlayStation Plus payment system.

To make the renewal date clearly visible, PlayStation ® Plus membership will be converted to the calendar months, so each extension is made ​​on the same day of the month. From the 10th October, the PlayStation Plus membership is automatically renewed at the end of every third month of membership and no longer as usual every 90 days.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   411d ago
A man's expires in November 2016 so a man thinks he's good.
kupomogli  +   411d ago
It sounds like some people have never had a bill in their lives because they're making it more confusing than they have to.

Just about every single place that you can acquire service at, whatever day you start is the first day of every single month. If it's a day that doesn't exist for every single month, they day will usually change to the first of next month or 28th day of that month.

So when Sony says it will auto renew at the beginning of the third month, if you do the three months payment with auto renew, and you get your service say, February 19th, then it will auto renew on May 19th. If auto renew is turned off, then PS+ will end May 18th.
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kupomogli  +   411d ago
^end of the third month I meant. Not beginning.
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SirBradders  +   411d ago
Some of these commenters mist either be 10 years old or dumb as fuck. How is this confusing. Theres just no hope left.
Spontogical  +   411d ago
:D Thanks for the clear-up guys :p
Kidmyst  +   410d ago
I'm good till March 2015, take advantage of the buy a year and get 3 months free.
OmegaShen  +   410d ago
Nice, plus they been doing a added 4th month. Just keeps getting better.

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