PS4 GPU Makes It The Most Powerful Console In The World, Makes Responsive 60FPS Possible:Witch Beam

"We recently had a chance to speak to Witch Beam designer Sanatana Mishra, currently working on Assault Android Cactus for the PlayStation 4."

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Lovable1628d ago

All I care about is that FF 14 is 60 fps +1080 p. Dayumm!!! Early Christmas present and it soooo goood!!!

cleft51628d ago

Keep the great news coming Sony. PS4 will be mine soon.

Mad Aizen1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

It's amazing that PS4 is already this good w/ the PS3 going as strong as it is and GT6 has yet to drop. Sony has something really, really special on there hands here w/ these two beasts. Personally I can't keep up - I'm so broke! :P

MWong1628d ago

You forgot that Beyond 2 Souls is about to drop also. That game might give TLOU a run for it's money. I really can't wait to see what Sony's 1st Party Studios can do with the PS4.

It's always great news when a 3rd party publisher let alone a great Indie studio gives you praise.

Pogmathoin1628d ago

Reading this in toilet... oh yes... everything this guy says is so true, clearly because its about my beloved PS4.... ohh sweet.... oh noo...

mewhy321628d ago

No one can deny that the PS4 if the most powerful console ever conceived. Cant wait to get mine.

sonarus1628d ago

@Mwong i will agree with you that TLOU was great but personally i am not a big fan of all these choose your own adventure type games like heavy rain. I simply lack the patience. Last of us started slow i bought it and launch and honestly stopped playing like 2 hrs in thats how impatient i am. It wasnt until a friend essentially forced me to play it that i finally finished the rest of the game in about 3 days. This was only about a month ago and i will say definitely one of the best PS3 games I have played and is up there for me with MGS4 as a game that blew my expectations away.

I don't see anyway i could have enough patience to enjoy beyond souls regardless how good the game looks and i am a graphics whore. I hope to see more impressive games than Killzone shadow fall by next yr because so far that is the most impressive game graphically shown so far but is still not 16x better than current PS3 games like sony claims. I am not expecting 16x better games but i want to see games that leave no doubt that they couldn't run on PS3.

Eonjay1628d ago

I really don't see why this has to be constantly reaffirmed. A GPU with more performance is in fact a GPU with better performance.

Themba761628d ago

me too just paid off my bf4 bundle with watchdogs will be adding killzone.

kingduqc1628d ago

Great news for console gamer, welcome to 2006...


UltimateMaster1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Assault Android Cactus for PS4 and Vita.

AndrewLB1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

mewhy32- Most powerful console conceived? I take it you completely missed out on the recent announcement for the SteamBox or whatever they're going to call it. Even the slowest hardware configuration kicks the crap out of both the PS4 and Xbone. See... Valve put an actual desktop CPU and GPU in their console, both of which have their own dedicated memory (fast DDR3 for CPU and fast GDDR5 for GPU). Shared memory like PS4/Xbone utilize is what's commonly referred to as "laptop tech", like every other component Sony and M$ are using.

I had hoped these "next-gen" consoles would have gone with a hardware setup like the low-end steambox. But they didn't.

And I'm sure someone will complain that steambox is "just a PC running linux", which is true. But the same goes for PS4. Both systems use a closed linux based OS.
And another person will b*tch about price. Well... at least with the steambox you can upgrade the GPU or CPU in a few years and not have to replace the whole thing.
Towards the end of the PS3's cycle, look how pathetic it started looking...

Skyrim on PS3-

Skyrim on my PC- (i had to shrink this down to 1280x800 to closer match the PS3's 1280x720 resolution)

This is exactly why long platform cycles like consoles have done in recent years end up holding back graphics technology and innovation. My Skyrim screenshot is running a bunch of mods, but it clearly shows how much better graphics would be if they made consoles more powerful OR if they would run shorter cycles between platforms. If PS3 and 360 weren't so weak, I guarantee Bethesda would have released Skyrim with graphics like my modded version.

And with such an already weak PS4/xbone... the cycle repeats itself.

And I GUARANTEE that neither the PS4 or Xbone will ever be able to produce graphics like my PC Skyrim screenshot. (btw... it looks like that while running 1600p/60fps). Neither console has the power to match my "Last-Gen" GTX680 which currently costs less than either the PS4 or xbone.

Rodent851627d ago

up me,,,spoted another pc fanboy on console section article (again)

Groo1627d ago


why is it that PC fanboys can't help themselves to try and bash anything console? Everyone has a preference be it handheld, Ipad, console, pc etc to game. I don't believe many console gamers will go into a PC oriented article/comment section and just start bashing on PC's. If PC is so great then why would you need to bash on consoles in the first place? are you jealous? are you bored? you aren't going to convince anyone of anything by trying to bash consoles to make yourself feel better.

If you have that much time on your hands, more power to you. Sounds like the symtoms of a bored troll.

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worldwidegaming1628d ago

honestly, 60 fps @ 720p is ideal. If they can pull 1080p with no drop in frame rate I am sold!
(Wait, I was sold months ago!)

Lovable1628d ago

Considering the scale of the game. I'm really surprise that they can do that!

Paid my 180 days subs already!

creepjack1627d ago

There is absolutely nothing ideal about 720p. This is supposed to be next gen. These consoles right outta the gate are weak. Launch titles pushing them to their max. Pathetic.

Beastforlifenoob1628d ago

You guys are arguing if this game is running at 60FPS

Thats soooo sad it looks like a stupid mobile game. The idiot who makes the game thinks he needs quad sli titans to run his game or something

DigitalRaptor1628d ago

You say it looks like a stupid mobile game. You should be asking yourself "does it play like a mobile game?" - and the answer would be... Nope.

Regardless of any kind of shallow judgement you can throw out about these types of games, they will always be made to perform to the strengths of the console. Resogun is another strong example.

CryofSilence1628d ago

It's in development for a mobile: PSVita. The visuals won't differ drastically for visual parity.

Consoldtobots1628d ago

GDDR5 is going to make for some interesting pipeline design.

vigilante_man1628d ago

Great/Lucky/Great design decisions are paying dividends for this next gen.

I really do not understand Microsoft. Not talking about all the 180s but I guess its related - am talking about releasing their console too early when not fully ready.

PS4 caught them off gaurd in Feb. I believe MS were geared up for a 2014 release. They have rushed just to compete.

It would of been more clever to let Sony have their end of 2013 glory then hit back with some hardware improvements to match if not better the power of the PS4 in say 6 months or so.

Microsoft's haste has meant all they seem to be doing this past summer is chasing Sony's tail. Missed a great chance here MS!

kremit-211628d ago

@ vigilante
I agree, to me the xbox one keeps reminding me of the sega saturn. i hope it doesnt end that way, but it still seems to have that same feeling.

dmeador1627d ago


I still dont understand why people keep saying this. If you were a company and had 5 years to plan a console, what season would you want that product to launch? And if you look at the launch games, its clear the devs didn't plan on another year in development. Look at the big multi-plats coming out. You can be sure that the major publishers knew the time table all along, they would not spend the resources getting a title ready for a system when they had an extra 6 months.

The X1 isn't chasing so much as reverting. The backlash turned them back into the standard console setup. You can't chase much on the hardware side, they cant do much about having a few less horses under the hood

Bobby Kotex1628d ago

That's all you care about? Well it already exists on a PC.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1628d ago

I'm trying to still figure out why this powerful console is having trouble putting BF4 at 1080p 60fps... why it's having trouble putting KZ at 1080p 60fps and so on.

qzp1628d ago

lets say it is overrated, it's still better than xbox 180.

DigitalRaptor1628d ago

Nice elaboration you provided there Tristan.

@ Mightnighter

Because... launch games. I don't recall launch window titles ever representing close to the full power/capabilities of a console.

madpuppy1628d ago

As consoles go. frankly, It's not.

truechainz1627d ago

The PS4 is not overrated. It is going to be a great console that I am looking forward to owning sometime in the spring. It is easy to get burnt out though on n4g. This site is a Sony circlejerk if I ever saw one with articles like these being a perfect example of another unnecessary affirmation of how powerful the PS4 will be when it already speaks for itself. My advice to you if you are not a troll, is to find a more balanced site where people are excited for the PS4 but do not worship it.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1627d ago


then why is everyone giving Ryse a hard time, and every other launch X1 game?

Is it because the really cool thing to do right now on game boards is to make fun of the X1? It's so hot to bash it right? I've never seen anyone defend X1 games being launch titles... just how weak the X1 is.

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Syntax-Error1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Enough with this fanboy bullshit! Both consoles will me amazing. They both have features that stand out on it's own merit. That pick a side nonsense is juvenile an immature as shit. An XBO exclusive will look amazing for it's console and a PS4 exclusive will look amazing for it's console, period. Multiplatforms will be identical regardless of what platform was lead because they are so very close in architecture unlike current gen.

QZP - You must be the only idiot still calling it Xbox 180. Hey why dont you try going back to hating COD and EA since the trend slowed down. Maybe you can rejuvenate the hate train. #FOLLOWERSALWAYSFOLLOW

MajorLazer1628d ago

inFAMOUS:SS is looking gorgeous :D going to purchase a PS4 in February when SS releases

BallsEye1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

All great but I want big devs to speak up. Ones that make awesome graphics happen. Not just exclusive indies that don't even have access to both systems =/. We know it can pull off 60 fps in a android-like game. What I wanna see is 60 fps in watchdogs, destiny or anything else that big. Kz single player in 60 would be much more appreciated...knack not pulling off that stable 30 yet.

TAURUS-5551627d ago

thank you sony ¡¡¡¡

RIP xbox1

triforce791624d ago

Say hello too Beyonetta2 mate co-op in intense action and backdrops to die for with bosses that are incredible in detail.......Rock solid .60fps at FULL HD 1080P NATIVE wow is all i will say and platinum say wiiu handled it with ease.

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GarrusVakarian1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Awwwww yeah.

Cant wait to get my PS4. Next gen can't come soon enough.

WarThunder1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

You guys have confirmation from Gaijin (PC devs) and Witch Beam.

Give the PS4 a year and all games will run at 1080p 60fps.

GarrusVakarian1628d ago

Already knew that anyway, but thanks :)

Just common sense.

solid_snake36561628d ago

Why would it take that long, since it was the developers who helped design the ps4? Anyways I can't wait for Nov 15

pyramidshead1628d ago

lol this article is going to be in the hot ratings for a fair while I predict >_<

gaelic_laoch1628d ago

PS4 the One True Next Gen Console! Hail!

Boody-Bandit1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

"The one is your right!"

Waterboy that you?

OT: Only 5 weeks away. Can't wait!
And now I just added Injustice to my list of Day 1 games for the PS4.
Greatness awaits!

gaelic_laoch1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

There is time to Repent your XbonE ways 'thrust'



:) I am more a connoisseur of fine gaming and does not like to spoil ones palate!!

thrust1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Am getting both consoles, just like winding up the people who feel so stronge they are only choosing one.

And still call themselfs gamers!

If anything they hate on gamers! ;)

@flunkinmonkey, if that makes you feel better ok by me pumpkin :)

FlunkinMonkey1628d ago

This rubbish about Xbone fanboys apparently getting both consoles, just so they don't come off as the sad fanboys they are is getting tiresome.

Judging from your spelling and your immature fanboy behaviour, i imagine you are young and still live with your parents, and would be extremely unlikely to have both bought for you.

Xsilver1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

People only say their getting both consoles to seem neutral but we both know @Thrust is on MS side don't know why he acting

Ouya 4!?!?!

atleast it has better hardware! #1.1
4d ago by thrust | View comment

here he called the PS4 a Ouya 4 lmao hes a xbox fanboy and he knows it so why lie.

Pogmathoin1628d ago

Nice comeback flunkinape, almost would not have detected the complete fanboy there... Whats wrong with anyone getting more than one console? Are you some kind of nazi? You responded like that to someone you claim is a kid, which makes you a grown up but immature a55.

Welcome2Die1628d ago


Just like this generation, when you buy the Playstation 4, the Xbone becomes redundant.
And it will be the same next gen too.
Playstation FTW!

sAVAge_bEaST1628d ago


"here he called the PS4 a Ouya 4 lmao hes a xbox fanboy and he knows it so why lie. "- Because he loves Micro$oft.. Why lie??? what else would you expect?!

Kryptix1627d ago


Not everyone has the money to get 2 consoles in one year. If you state otherwise then let me borrow a couple hundreds. I'm buying one console then follow up with all the great games that have been announced. And that first console is the PS4 for many reasons that I won't share with you because you're too ignorant to accept facts.

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DeadManIV1628d ago

Yep, ps4 and PC is where gaming is at

ape0071628d ago

yes because halo, super mario 3D world, Titanfall, gears of war, forza 5, zelda, smash bros, mario kart 8, donkey kong country tropical freeze, quantum break, crackdown, dedicated servers for almost every game, ALL THOSE aren't part of gaming right?


PeaSFor1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

titanfall? oh yeah the pc game i will get on steam.

omni gamer ftw!

PS3/PS4+PC+VITA+3DS is the way to go FOR ME

dontbhatin1628d ago

Dedicated servers have existed on pc for a long time now. and idk if you have heard but the ps3 actually had more dedicated servers than the 360, so what would make that any different now??

nub_cakes1011628d ago

@ ape007. Halo - overrated. Super Mario 3d World - meh. Titanfall - will be on pc. Gears of War - BROTASTIC terrible shooter...brah. Forza 5 - racing game that had to be downgraded because the x1 is too weak lawl. Zelda - Finished Wind Waker years ago. Smash Bros - very average fighting game. Mario Kart 8 - looks decent, but not a console seller. Dk Tropical Freeze - Nothing beats Diddy Kong's Quest. Quantum Break - cutscene with no gameplay lawl don't care. Crackdown - Really? Have they even announced a new crackdown? Dedicated xbox servers - full of foul mouthed 12 year olds. PS4 and PC all the way.

Pogmathoin1628d ago

Nubcake, I appreciate your honest opinions, even though you clearly proved you have no idea about gaming. Anyone with honesty will know those games are great, classic in some cases, whether or not they like the console they are on. Its nice to know you will not be on xbox live... A relief actually...

MajorLazer1628d ago


Sounds like you are one of those 'foul mouthed 12 year olds' with the use of words 'lawl' and 'BROTASTIC'

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Pogmathoin1628d ago

13 disagrees Gaelic?? wtf wrong with this site??? I think sony fanboys saw 'one' and jumped to conclusions, then realised when they actually read the rest... Pats for the title! Also vote for Maxi!

TechMech21628d ago

Actually Xbox one and Wii u also are. If you're so obsessed with power buy a pc

Palaven1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I am getting both consoles for the exclusives.

I have them both preordered but I prefer the Xbox for multiplatforms because of the superior online play & services, so according to you I am a 'sad fanboy' and I am lying... my life makes so much more sense now. /sarcasm

MRMagoo1231628d ago

What superior online play are you talking about ? If you are a multi console owner as you make it seem you would know for a fact the ps3 online was exactly like the 360 and sometimes better with games such as BF3, the only thing Live had that psn didnt in the online department was cross game chat and that is on the ps4. I really dont get this superior online play you 360 fannies keep talking about because it doesnt exist

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1628d ago


Your wrong cause you say it has superior online play even tho the ps4 is a new console and will have alot better online than the ps3 had along with xgame chat ect so yes you are wrong .. and i love how you mention services.. what services? i could care less cause they are all behind a paywall

Palaven1627d ago

LOL look at the Sony Defense Force scramble to defend Sony against a couple of words in my comment. Pathetic.

lifeisgamesok1628d ago

Another Indie developer that has probably never even seen a xbox one kit

Not believing this at all