Worst 5 games of Eurogamer Expo

As fun as going to the expo has been, some fun has been sucked out by a few disappointments at Eurogamer this year and see which ones fall into this.

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Dover81714d ago

Bit odd for Battlefield 4 to be on this list, but each to their own.

Gozer1714d ago

Shes also sony biased if you bothered to read her bio.

JokesOnYou1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

From the author right before her analysis:

"Let’s just erase the fact I’m not a fan of the Xbox just for one second, ok?"

-I appreciate her honesty but no Im going to erase the fact that she's not a fan of xbox because I think it has alot to do with her perception of anything xbox related, granted Kinect Sports Rivals was the only X1 exclusive but then she also says basicly she doesn't like fps games....sorry then what good is her opinion to me; I enjoy everything she dislikes, might as well ask me to recommend a jrpg.

lol, vvvvv gaelic laoch of course takes her biased opinion as gospel.

gaelic_laoch1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

3 Xbone, 1 XB360 & 1 F2P PS4 Games

Fireseed1714d ago

Glad you're keeping tally as if it matters.

HaMM4R1714d ago

Games console = for games. Bad games = bad console. I feel its good to keep tabs.

Fireseed1714d ago

Alright now tell me the difference between a "bad game" and a game someone doesn't like.

HaMM4R1714d ago

I'm not referring the the article, I'm just saying in general. In fact I'm quite like the look of most games on the list (except kinect sports rivals). It was more of a general comment on keeping tabs on games. I'll tell you what a bad game is. Action 52. There you go.

@jatakk. TBH if I had the money for both platforms I would get both. I was always an xbox guy so I'm sure to miss some titles. Plus DR3 and titanfall look sweet, but as it stands I would say without a doubt the PS4 is my platform of choice. One of the biggest xbone launch titles (ryse) looks like awful and most of the others don't excite me. And if you're going to get technical, 3 of the games are for playstation, 4 are for xbox, so in that respect xbox still loses. Just sayin'

Lon3wolf1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Aren't BF4 and WTNO Multi-plat titles, so one XBone one 360 one PS4 and 2 Muli-platform titles, if you really really need to count these things.

jatakk1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

And your point is? ..that you can count to three? Good job!

Since two of those X1 games is also coming to PS4 = PS4 is a bad console

You should be proud of your analogy :)

gaelic_laoch1714d ago

Some seem unable to count past ONE ;)

jatakk1714d ago

You're right, since I'm binary I only use ones and zeroes

hellzsupernova1714d ago

Only two were exclusive though. And kinect games there's no surprises that it's bad. And fable was never a great game.

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sonicsidewinder1714d ago

"the geniuses behind the likes of Skyrim"

Geniuses at releasing bug-ridden games that get praise anyway, despite succesive games being worse than the last.

Ezz20131714d ago

they are geniuses because
no one else will be able to put the same huge amount of bugs like bugtheseda put in it games

abusador1714d ago

I agree, they are not that genius!

sweendog1714d ago

Just do what I do. Dont buy the launch/beta version and wait for the GOTY/bug free edition with all the DLC

bigboirock1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

im sorry skyrim didn't work good for you on your ps3 i really am but i didn't encounter any bugs for skyrim, fallout new vegas, fallout 3 ,or dishonored on my 360.. my openion no other game studios will make a better open world first person rpg

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CanadianTurtle1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Read the article.
It was most likely written by someone who absolutely knows nothing about gaming

pacosanchez881714d ago

If THOSE were the worst games there, i doubt they looked very hard

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