"F**king Hell": Hands on with Bayonetta 2 | Laser Lemming

Gareth Newnham of Laser Lemming Writes:

"Last week I finally got some hands on time with the Bayonetta 2 at Eurogamer, on the demo that has been doing the rounds since this year’s E3."

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LonDonE1693d ago

LOL the way the writer reacted is the way most do after experiencing the flawless combat of bayonetta, seriously this game runs like grease lightning, and is one of the best show cases that wii u is a true next gen console, bayonetta 1 while great, and one of my favourite combat action games on last gen, had severe problems running on ps3 compared to 360, yes now it runs fine, i have it on ps3.

But after being blown away by the first game, i thought no way can any action game beat bayonetta, but i was wrong, bayonetta 2 on wiiu is bayonetta 1 X 10!!!!
Seriously it looks like they have improved it in every way, and most importantly the sequel has no screen tearing, is 1080p and a locked 60fps!!! i cant wait till it launches, i will be smashing it up!!! serious after playing and mastering bayonetta no other action game has been able to satisfy my urge for intricate, flashy combat which takes split second timing to make kicking the ass of the enemies look good!

I am also a lover of the ninja gaiden games, especially ninja gaiden black, but with each new release the franchise has slowly become worse, its a shame, bayonetta on the other hand is glorious!! for me if i didnt own a wiiu, i would gladly buy one for bayonetta 2!!

deafdani1693d ago

Have you played Wonderful 101? If not, I recommend it to you. Seeing how you like Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden so much, trust me, Wonderful 101 will be right up your alley.

My favorite game of this year so far (and maybe of all time).

Just a tip: forget about drawing on the gamepad to activate the powers. Learn to do it with the right stick for seriously fast combat and fun combos. ;)

for we are many1693d ago

Couldn't agree more, I've said it before and will say it again, The Wonderful 101 is one of the best action games I've played in my almost 30 years of gaming, and it's one of the most criminally underrated games at the same time; it has a deep satisfying over-the-top combat system that is engagingly complex and unrelenting; the game oozes character and charm while running buttery smooth with all the crazy intense action that is going on all the time. Definitely recommended :)

Concertoine1693d ago

well said
honestly every action game ive played since bayonetta has disappointed me. god of war 3 was too short and wasnt quite as deep, dmc was just a bad action game period (no lock on -_- really), metal gear rising was also not deep enough.
the wonderful 101 will satiate you though, as deafdani said. its a deep, complex combat game in its own way.

LonDonE1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

thanks Concertoine, deafdani and for we are many

I own wonderful 101, and LOVE THE HELL OUT OF IT!
so much so that i had to write it in caps LOL
and yeah agree with you guys, i have metal gear rising too, but felt disappointed with it, and like i said its not just that game in particular, every action game now feels so easy,and limiting, and too simple, bayonetta is so underrated, its combat system is perfection, and i feel the sequel will be even better, which is something i thought impossible till i saw footage of it!

Wonderful 101 too is awesome, I LOVE PLATINUM games, they are awesome!
and i agree w101 is so much better when the stick is used instead of the touch screen, its such a shame platinum's games don't sell more, they really are one the best action game developers in the world!

Some people i think feel intimidated by the flamboyancy of platinum games, but i love that about them, i just urge more people to play their games, and in my experience a platinum action game is not a game you will enjoy on your first go, its a game which you have to put some time into, and once you learn the intricacies of it, you will love it!
I cant wait for bayonetta 2, and love nintendo even more for publishing it!

I just want more nintendo fans to go out and buy it when it releases, seriously people no one makes action combat games as good as platinum games!

Thanks guys for having a civilised conversation with me, its a rarity these days on the internet, and bubble each for you good sirs!

thomasmiller1693d ago

Totally agree with this article! gonna be one of my favorite games for wii u, the graphics are unlike anything I have ever seen! this is a must buy for me!

AJBACK2FRAG1692d ago

Already looks so fast and very freaky! I can't imagine how it will look when it get's released!

bobacdigital1693d ago

I just really hope the Wii U starts to turn around come holiday season... With the releases that are out now , I still feel they dont have much momentum going into the holiday season.

Neonridr1693d ago

Day one purchase for sure. Game looks absolutely over the top ridiculous. And I love it!

triforce791693d ago

Outstanding ive only seen better on wiiu in MK8 and Smash bros remember the graphics are not finished in smash,show me that action or textures like in MK8 on ps4 copy and paste me a game that looks as good its got to have 60fps at 1080p native as well.....I'm waiting oh Killzone is 720p...

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