Ed Boon confirms no Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition for Xbox one

the confirmation came from his twitter that fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us is coming to PlayStation 4 - but not Xbox One.

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Majin-vegeta1716d ago

PezDOY© ‏@PezDOY 48m
@noobde when is the release date for the 360 version?

WTF is this guy for reals??xD

cleft51716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I can't imagine it not coming to the Xbox One at some point. But this could be one of the first signs that it isn't easy to develop games for the Xbox One or at least port them. I have to imagine that the PS4 version is just the PC port with touchpad functionality.

Maybe Sony worked some sort of deal with them, but that doesn't really make a lot of sense. Either way this is just interesting and I do wonder if it is an indicator of things to come.

mohuzas1716d ago

the real reason is chaching.

pedrof931716d ago

No Xbox One version at launch ?

That means its a Ps4 timed exclusive.

vigilante_man1716d ago

Sounds daft to me. If its coming out on 360 then it should come out on XB1 since its coming out for PS3, Vita, PS4 and PC.

Just an aside: Anyone noticed over the past month the amount of games earmarked for Vita? Its PS3 & Vita or PS4 and Vita or all 3. No surprise to anyone who has a Vita.

We need to get the hose pipe 'cause Sony is on Fire at the minute!

FamilyGuy1716d ago

PC version = fast PS4 port, X! = not so fast PC port. They're most likely just going to have to wait a little longer.

Or they want to see how well X1s sell before spending time on a port.

Or MS told them no (unlikely) because they want Killer Instinct to be the focused on fighting game at launch.

hazardman1716d ago

Or just maybe they dont want other fighter competing with killer instincts.

LegendofSquanto1711d ago

Of course it's a Sony/DC thing. It's the only reason why you get to play as the Joker for Asylum, DC Universe Online is available for PS3 & PS4, and DC Comics distributed Infamous comics.

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MehmetAlperTR1716d ago

Actually i m sick of Injustice. Yes it s a good game. But it's enough already. Don't you think it's a time for new Mortal Kombat or another game. So yeah WTF with this man..

MehmetAlperTR1715d ago

The people who disagres with me doesn't want new Mortal Kombat !!!! Are you insane ?

HardcoreGamer1716d ago

give m 2 v 2 and kratos for the ultimate edition please

abzdine1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

and here it starts..
PS4 is definitely the console to own if it already starting like this

nick3091716d ago

Dude, sony pays for that. It might be a timed next gen exclusive.

abzdine1716d ago

paying for injustice makes no sense.

EXVirtual1716d ago

While I think your comment has reason to it, by that logic, PS4 fans can assume that Titanfall is a timed exclusive for the XBO. I personally don't care, I'm just making a point.

Also, it really doesn't make sense to pay for a fighting game as a timed exclusives.

Sevir1716d ago


They paid for it, Sony has a partnership with Warner Bros Interactive as a publisher, and Exclusive content to Sony is covered on an IP by IP basis, Batman Ip gets special treatment with DLC and Marketing for PS3 along with a stand alone Vita game, While Madmax gets marketing exclusively for PS3&4. This news of Injustice coming exclusively as a PS4 title further cements that partnership with Warner Bros Interactive publishing...

Vita and PS4. And it'll continue with more games as they work with Sony. This partnership deals aren't free, Sony probably helped fund the game's development on PS4 and Vita to solidify that the games release on their platforms.

Baka-akaB1716d ago

Like you said , it's Ip by IP basis . Makes no sense paying for it now , with the dust settled on new consoles with a limited audience , from with there will be even fewer prospect for now .

If they wanna anything exclusive from Injustice , they've gotten some dlc or something at its original release on ps3 and 360 .

strigoi8141716d ago

lolz Sony dont bother wasting dollars on timed exclusives..they put their dollars on real exclusives...

JoSneak1716d ago

that's actually true... I'm a PS fanboy to death! but I'm pretty sure Sony must have paid for this, whether is't a time exclusive or not, it's all because of Sony and has nothing to do with porting the game as an issue.

SilentNegotiator1716d ago

Paying for timed exclusivity of a port of a last gen game?

Any proof?

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SyrusRiddick1716d ago

If this was gtaV I'd completely agree but with it being a game like injustice that's already on 360 it might just be a day one exclusive that will come to x1 down the line now if the same thing happens with gta it's a done deal.

nick3091716d ago

Exclusivity. Heard of that?

tehpees31716d ago

I said this for ages. You shouldn't assume XBO will get third party support just because 360 did. MS screwed up on the whole handling of it and when games are getting pre-orders that low would you risk making a game on it?

To give you an idea, in August Killzone had more pre-orders then Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Titan Fall and Ryse combined.

cell9891716d ago

then again part of the reason KZ got more preorders than those other games, is because the game looks really good, like really really good

cleft51716d ago

Yeah this is pretty much like what started happening with the 360 when it first came out. We saw ports of games that just came to the 360 before the PS3 because of how everything on the 360 was setup. Looks like the same situation, only now the PS4 is the console of choice.

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DestinyHeroDoomlord1716d ago

Aah damn... who cares about this

FlameHawk1716d ago Show
DestinyHeroDoomlord1716d ago

I really doubt a current gen title coming to next gen is noteworthy, unless of course you want to play current gen games on next gen consoles

Boody-Bandit1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Day 1 purchase for me.

Now all Boon has to do is announce a new or remastered Mortal Kombat. Hell yeah!

thejigisup1716d ago

Definitely noteworthy especially to me bc I kinda missed out on picking this game up. Now I can enjoy it on my ps4 with all the dlc. I'm pretty excited.

cell9891716d ago

I do, now my initial PS4 lineup will be cemplete, a fighter, an FPS, a racing game, and a 3rd person when Infamous comes out

DestinyHeroDoomlord1716d ago

These comments are laughable, only thejigisup's comment makes sense.

cvflyboy1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Believe it or not people do enjoy fighting games. With the live streaming features on ps4, people are going to get a lot more from this game. The real question is who comments on articles they don't care about???? Get a life dude

DestinyHeroDoomlord1716d ago

Valid reason... followed by immaturity

MRMagoo1231716d ago


You mean valid reason followed by valid reason

I dont care about this game in the least i dont really play fighting games much but it fills a hole that the ps4 line up had and thats a good thing. I could bring up another fighting game that the other side seem to be in awe over but i am not here to start a fanboy war.

dale_denton1716d ago

i'd rather have this with next gen graphics than shit killer instinks.

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chrissx1716d ago

I'll take this game over KI anyday anytime

infectedaztec1716d ago

You mean you'll pay for it. They are 2 very different offers

Ron_Danger1716d ago

You'll still have to pay for Killer Instinct if you want to compair the two. With your argument, you are saying that you are only going to play the free version with only one playable character.

xHeavYx1716d ago

Unless you are planning to use only Jago, you'll have to give MS some $ too

DeadManIV1716d ago

what exactly do you get for the free version of KI??

cell9891716d ago

off topic, Microsoft offers a "free to play" like KI at launch for those that initially cant afford many games. Sony on the other hand offers Driveclub PS+ edition, PLanetside 2 and others I cant recall at the moment. To me this reflects the perspective, attitude, and vision of the 2 companies.

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