GamePro: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Preview

In a surprise move, Midway has announced that Mortal Kombat 8 will actually be a spin-off game entitled "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe." It will feature Mortal Kombat heroes and villains tackling DC Comics superheroes.

As for the storyline, details are scarce (hint: it involves magic) so GamePro will let Midway's press release handle the hard work.

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nutjuice3683d ago

it is nice to see the detail in the screenshots. from the video clip I couldn't really tell much. But from the screens I'm excited

Richdad3682d ago

Seen the preview video at Gs and the game looks good, its UE I would say but being a fighting game it is detailed too much and the game retains it original look of SNES days perfectly. But the trailer showed very stocky animation and slow fight which are of the most concern.
Well lets see if Midway could patch it since early MK games where not slow like this one may be this is since it is a very early build shown.

Tyrael3682d ago

All I know is that what's happening in the picture there seems correct. Sub-Zero FTW

Kratosnake3682d ago

is there one screenshot where batman is not beating the hell out of subzero? This isn't MK vs. DC, it's MK getting kicked in the ass by DC.

I have no problem with that.. I mean how can liu kang beat superman?

TH3 GAM33682d ago

This game is going to fail in my opinion. After all those tries making MK, they still haven't got it right since MK3U.