Fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 Urge Square Enix to Release PS4 Bundle

Gameranx: "Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have set up a petition to call upon Square Enix to release a PS4 bundle with the upcoming KH3 game."

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

it would be pretty sick. The game is still a fair ways off. Also I would want a Final Fantasy XV bundle as well.

guitarded771627d ago

The game is probably years off. I think they're jumping the gun with the bundle thing.

EXVirtual1627d ago

I'd buy it, but I'd like an FFXV bundle, because it comes out before it. This game isn't coming out anytime soon.

FlameHawk1627d ago

Umm pointless because by the time Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out the PS6 will be out.

GrilledCheeseBook1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Kind of early to ask for a bundle. This game is years away. I'm not getting my hopes up for anything sooner than at earliest 2015 and that would still shock me as being a quick release. What timeframe is FFXV supposed to even come out?

JackVagina1627d ago

Wtf? the game wont be out for years...