Konami's Hits at €19,95 in EUR

On April 24th, Konami will cut down the price of many games on every console in Europe, including hits like Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Castlevania Portrait of Ruins, Silent Hill Origins...

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Minimee3867d ago

Silent Hill Origins will be mine on 24th April then :) Thanx Konami.

Metaliko3867d ago

Castlevania PoR ... Cool ! :)

Vicktorrr3867d ago

OMG I'm happy ! :) I will buy PES 08.

Minimee3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

I was wandering...what about PES 2008 on PS3 ?? No price cut ?

BlackCountryBob3867d ago

You aint missing much mate! As a long time PES devotee I can say the PS3 version is bloody awful TBH in almost every way. I am thinking about picking up FIFA as from the demo it seems much more enjoyable.

shine13963866d ago

intially, I thought it was even more worse then what you are writing here...but they have updated with patches, so makes the singles/master league etc actually work better and plays good and stuff...but the damage is done...

ps. i don't know about online...cause last I checked it was the worst pile of -cra$p ever!!!seriously shi*e!!!!!!!!!

Lord_Ash3867d ago

I may pick up Suikoden V, since I missed it back then. What? no PS3 Love...

Minimee3866d ago

I think Suikoden V will be hard to find...actually, it is already hard to find one now so...

Lord_Ash3863d ago

Maybe it will be available if they re-released it with the budget price, worst case I'll borrow it from a friend, thanks for the info.

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