Games Aktuell GTA4 Review: 'We can't score it 11/10.'

German magazine Games Aktuell is the latest magazine to review Grand Theft Auto IV. Here is their verdict:

* Graphics: 9/10
The gigantic size of the city makes you forget the few graphical imperfections of the game.

* Sound: 10/10
Best GTA soundtrack ever, and probably the most compelling feature in the game.

* Controls: 8/10
Far from perfect but a big step from the previous GTA games.

* Multiplayer: 9/10
Great concept and innovative integration with the single-player mode.

* Gameplay: 10/10
We can't score it 11/10...

* Conclusion:
GTA4 is by far the best action game ever created.

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kosha3889d ago

no ones given gta4 a bad review yet. Thats very promising

Time Lord3889d ago

To beat GTA for Game of the year.

JVIDICAN3889d ago

the bad reviews always seem to come last though
i can garentee there will be a few but not until a month after the games release

kosha3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

it got really good reviews and then i think it was 1up that gave it a 7.5

[email protected]: i couldnt really remember who it was but i knew someone gave it a bad review

smart_head3889d ago

kosha, 1up gave the game an 8.5. I think you meant Gamespot giving the game a 7.5.

Milky3889d ago

graphics 9/10 ? The graphics look so mediocre. Also it shouldnt be 10/10, if they calculated the score correctly they would have gotten 9/10

TheIneffableBob3889d ago

Maybe they're like IGN and don't average the score.

djcosta3889d ago

just do it...mark it 15/10!!!

gameraxis3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

but come on... graphics 9 / 10??? that's doesn't leave much room for R2 and KZ2 or game that are REALLY top notch visual masterpieces. I believe GTA is gonna be nasty, i preordered mine already but when was the last time a GTA series was strong for its graphical brilliance??

Point is, i think reviewers are being way too lenient...

MorganX3888d ago

Don't see how you can give graphics 9/10 because the city is big...

VigorousApathy3888d ago

GTA has the best graphics it could possibly have for it's volume. So you're right, it should be a 10. Show me a larger game with 100 pedestrians walking around that has better graphics. There aren't any. And there won't be till the next Grand Theft Auto where you'll complain about the graphics again.

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Real gamer 4 life3889d ago

No game deserve a 10/10, the media is just buying into the hype.

matt19913889d ago

yea i agree look at halo 3 for example great game but the hype gave it a realy good score. plus you already no GTA4 is gonna be good

chaosatom3333888d ago

well if they gave halo a 10/10, then they HAVE to give GTA a 10/10. You know what i mean. because GTA > HALO

omodis4203888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Mario 64 man, Zelda (series) God of war 1.

IN MY OPINION are games defiantly worthy of a 10/10

Blue Legend3888d ago

No room for improvement, this is the best sound and gameplay the ps3 & 360 are capable of. Thats what a 10/10 tells me.

VigorousApathy3888d ago

So can I assume your scoring system would be out of 9? I can just imagine the review you'd write. "Grand Theft Auto gameplay scores a perfect 9.7 out of 9.7 (9.7 is the best gameplay a game can have). And a near perfect 9.5 out 9.6 (9.6 is the best sound a game can have)."

Milky3888d ago

Getaway 3 is looking better.

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Rockstar3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

It seems as though this game is gonna kick some arse.
Although I've seen some games this gen get higher than they deserve because of hype and anticipation, let's hope that's not the case.

I've got 3/4 of a game to beat before I grab this so I should be getting it quite soon.

Also, looking at the review I tally a 9.2 out of 10 if were going by the average of all those scores.

Am I wrong?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3889d ago

Awkwardly enough, no gaming review site ever goes by averaging. For example IGN has some part at the end which says that they don't total the score.

VigorousApathy3888d ago

I'm glad you learned a thing in Elementary school. But this is real life where things like gameplay and sound don't have equal values.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

...because we played the xBox 360 version!!! ;-D
(i.e the PS3 version is a 11 out of 10!!!) ;-P
Ooooooooops!!!;) (All my Bubbles are going to Disappear!!!) ;-D

BrianC62343889d ago

I saw a site review a Mario game on the Wii an 11 out of 10 so if they want to give it an 11 I'd say a precedent has been set to allow it.

heyheyhey3888d ago


btw i didnt know that Ken had been working on his internet speak during retirement

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13888d ago

I now can say crazy things and not be called crazy!!!;-D

hotshot1273889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

this clearly shows that reviewers arent professional, they just go off of thier personal hype. this is why i love ign because thier the only level headed reviewers.

gta i a great game, no doubt but how did the controls get a 8 and the 10 and other things didnt get 10's but overall the game got a 10. that makes no sense.

well if gta gets a 10 in sound, then mgs4 should get a 15/10. and if gta got a 9/10 in graphics then mgs4 should get a 14/10. sorry but i had to bring it up

EDIT: @STO. dont get me wrong, i really dont care that it got a 9/10 in graphics(i play gta for gameplay) but i care because it just shows where reviewers heads are at now. thier are so many great games that came and come out that reviewers look down upon just because it didnt have the ad/hype backing that some other games have. think about how great these games were and how many people dont/didnt play them because they read thier "favorite reviewers review" there are sequels in games that i would love to see but because nobody really brought them, its not happening. i think there needs to be a change in the way reviewers review games. there should be no numbers at the end of the score, rather just words.

but since the day and age we live in, everyone is too damn lazy to read so they skip to the score. pathectic and sad if you ask me

sephiroths_revenge3889d ago

if GTA got 9 for graphics then FF13

should get 50

GTA4 graphics suck. I would give it 7/10

St03889d ago

Once you see how much stuff will be on screen at any one time, you will see why they gave it a 9/10.

Bubble Buddy3889d ago

You make good points. I have high respect for IGN.

Time Lord3889d ago

So have you played the game, From what I read,every preview/review have stated that GTA4 looks AMAZING.

nuff said.

EZCheez3889d ago

You can't say people are buying into the hype when scoring a game when YOU haven't even played it yet. You have no idea how good it is.

Also, you have to remember that not all reviewers use the scores as an average. Not even IGN averages it's final scores.

Reviewers usually score games a 10 when they are that fun to play. No matter what else is wrong with a game, if you REALLY enjoy playing it, you'll want to give it a 10. A lot of the time, the other scores don't matter in comparison to the "fun factor."

marichuu3889d ago

Graphics can mean many things in this review.
It could be good looking highres textures.
Level of detail (trash on the streets, dust, clothing reacting to wind etc.)
The atmosphere in the game during the different time of the day.

As for audio, what do you know about MGS4 audio mechanics? Have you read the GTA4 audio Q&A? If you ask me, that's a whole lot of advanced audio details for a game.

Now, I'm not here to defend GTA or anything, but you can't really judge the reviewers for their opinions... they simply tell you how THEY feel about the game and its details. You can either agree or disagree with them, just like my post here will be bashed or loved.

If you judge games by reviews, then reading only one review won't do you any good. Go to and see the average score for each game from all the reviews it got.

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