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Remind Me Why I Need a Next-Gen System

GotGame: (Justin) - It’s the end of the generation. After an exceedingly long hardware generation we’re going to get our dirty little gamer hands on a new piece of technology. Fans are swooning over specs they hardly understand and insulting each other over which plastic box they prefer. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

ArchangelMike  +   567d ago
Because... you have to keep up with the Jones' to be cool.

Everybody knows that ;)
MestreRothN4G  +   567d ago
Also because you NEED to play games designed exactly with the same mentality of three or four years ago (RDR, CoD and Demon's Souls's MP are the template) with better lighting effects.

So revolutionary!

Oh, and because it will be fully compatible with LifeInvader.
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yhirunna866   567d ago | Spam
Eddie20101  +   567d ago
Why did this person leave half the PS4 launch tittles off the list. Last I heard there is going to be 33 launch games for PS4, that's about ten more than Xbox One. If your going to research a console launch please do it well and equally.
alphaomega88  +   567d ago
Its 30 games I believe, with at least 12 being indie and at least 12 being cross gen games...which leaves Killzone, Knack, Driveclub, and...thats it really.
Eddie20101  +   566d ago
The same cross gens that are in the Xbox One list and smaller digital games were counted for the Xbox one so why shouldn't they be counted for the PS4 plus the PS4 has the free to play MMO's that are exclusive plus many of the indie games are exclusive. Digital games are just as good on the PS4 as they are on the Xbox one.

Some of the digital games for Xbox One were in development for Xbox 360 and were just moved to the Xbox One to flesh out there line up(Kinect Games at that)

PS4 has 3 exclusive first party games at launch, Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, and Drive Club.

Also has three free exclusive MMO's, DCU, Warframe and War thunder.

Also has many Indie/digital games that are exclusive or timed exclusive like Resogun, Putty Squad, and contrast to name a few.

Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate may be a timed exclusive or exclusive to PS4

Plus some Third party games will have exclusive to PS4 content Like Assassin's Creed IV and Watchdogs.

Plus a pack in game, The PlayRoom ( needs camera)

Also the free games you get with Playstation Plus.
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Ramon3MR  +   566d ago
obelix01  +   567d ago
"Swooning over specs they don't understand" exactly I don't understand the technical stuff but I understand the Xbox one has the games I want to play. Most Sony fans feel the same way about the ps4. Bitching about specs if you don't know what your talking about makes you look like an ass.
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SegaSaturn669  +   567d ago
I weep for your terrible sense of quality games.
TechMech2  +   567d ago
Dude, it's not cool to argue with the games people like. It's their opinion. I like halo, therefore Xbox one is the choice for me. Of course, playstation has many great first party franchises, but some people just enjoy different games.
SegaSaturn669  +   567d ago

I weep for your terrible sense of quality games.
BosSSyndrome  +   567d ago
I weep for your terrible close-mindedness to other people's opinions.
ssj27  +   567d ago
Because most AAA games will only be made exclusively to next gen technology ..

I'm going to be where the best devs are.. that is why I'm keeping my PS3 at least one more year.. we still have good PS3 GAMES coming.

But most will be coming exclusively to the PS4.
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Trago1337  +   567d ago
That's a lie good sir.
N8  +   567d ago
I agree, I can't get rid of my ps3 yet there are still to many games to play. I unfortunately have no need for my 360 after ps4 comes out.
VforVideogames  +   567d ago
why the hate? we need both consoles to get the best of gamming.
ssj27  +   567d ago
I meant "exclusively to next gen systems and PC''
I will only get a PS4 next gen and maybe if they last over 5 years to show show the PS5 I may build or get a gaming PC or steam console if I can play 4k games at over 60fps on modern games and it does not cost me over $500 .

But I bet and I hope PS5 comes out by 2019 or before.
Dunban67  +   567d ago
You should buy as many next gen consoles as you can to support the economy

I biught a Wii U for my son- so I have to hang on the "supporting the economy" reason for doing so

If I could do it over again I would have bought a PS3 instead
cedaridge  +   567d ago
If u don't think you need a next gen console whom am I to tell you why? But I can tell you who do need it? And that is me!!!!
Rockstar  +   567d ago
1 reason...

Shiny new toys!
4logpc  +   567d ago
To play games.
Remy_S  +   567d ago
If you need to ask, there is no helping you.
thebudgetgamer  +   567d ago
Eonjay  +   567d ago
Because you want to. Come up with your own reasons. Nobody has convinced me that I need a PS4. I'm getting it because I like the features, price and the games.
OrangePowerz  +   567d ago
You don`t need one, it`s not essential for living :)
Brucis  +   567d ago
If you want the exclusives that will come to it, either at the start or later on down the road. If you don't want the games then there's no point in getting one.
Ketzicorn  +   567d ago
This question gets tiring. If you want the system buy it. If you don't don't. Your a person that has the research that can lead you to the decision of whether buying or not buying would be a good decision for you.
isarai  +   567d ago
New games and New tech that allows new experiences not to mention all the improvements made from current gen systems.
SegaGamer  +   567d ago
Nobody needs one, but if you like games you will get a next gen console, that is all it's about.
VforVideogames  +   567d ago
im getting and X-1 first because of better launch line up and ps4 next year when the real games start showing up.
ssj27  +   567d ago
KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is the only true next gen game to get vs Forza..

The rest of the games for the PS4 or Xbone are irrelevant.

Let's see which game sales more.. usually Forza sales more and KZ has competition two of the best FPS are coming out on the same dates.

Once we see which game get better reviews sales and leave a better taste on the gamers we can tell after that who had a better exclusive, it's only fair to wait and see how thing's goes.

It's very immature and egotist to say Xbone or PS4 has better launch tittles.

I will bet for PS4 and Killzone SF .. see you after the number's are out and show us who was more popular "better"
TechMech2  +   567d ago
I'm buying an Xbox one first, but I gotta say that Killzone shadow fall personally looks like the best launch title for either system,
elda  +   567d ago
I'm in no rush to buy a PS4,just bought myself a PS Vita as a early xmas gift to myself including several PS3 games,Beyond,R&C:ITN & more PS3 games earlier next year,I will be gettting a PS4 this coming Feb.
jagstatboy  +   566d ago
No hurry here to get a PS4, not a big fan of any of the launch titles. Still got a lot of PS3 gaming to do...big backlog that I want to finish. I'll wait to get a PS4 until Dragon Age 3 comes out and by then Infamous SS will be discounted.
BitbyDeath  +   566d ago
Cause you work for a gaming website and you should be keeping up with this stuff.
Or whatever, close it all down and don't buy one.
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