GTA Online Has Far Bigger Problems Than Wiped Characters

Rockstar Games continue their efforts to fix the progressively annoying problems associated with the highly anticipated launch of Grand Theft Auto Online; but they've got far bigger problems on the horizon

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Ashunderfire861384d ago

I think they need to fix the character creator mode man! Too many buttons to set up this and that lol!!! And I hate being force to compete in a race, when all I wanted to do is play free roam, like GTA 4 online where it was actually simple to jump in an play, then you try the racing modes and etc.

3-4-51384d ago

GTA5's character creator was like a failed prototype for a bad N64 game.

It's that minimal and bland.

The game is really fun though.

Donnieboi1384d ago

What are u talking about? U only have to play ONE race, and u don't even have to win it. U can just put controller down and let lamar win. Simple. You're complaints are the LEAST of GTA Online's problems (and it has MANY).

hankmoody1384d ago

Really hoping that they can get this up and running because with every passing day my interest wanes more and more.

weaver9291383d ago

Does anybody know how to restore your character?

Emilio_Estevez1383d ago

Nope, they still haven't said what they're gonna do about it either.