Sony's PS4 Team Makes Disabled Fan's Day

Gameranx: "Sony has made a group of disabled gamers happy at the EBGames Expo."

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Majin-vegeta1660d ago

You lucky mofo's good job Sony :).

Bad M$>:|

Septic1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Hats off to Sony. I really feel for disabled gamers and I think that reward more than makes up for the oversight.

Shame on MS though; just when you think their PR couldn't get any worse. Get your act together.

xHeavYx1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Just Sony being Sony and MS being MS.
I'm sure though that a new story will "suddenly appear" later today, where, somehow, MS will "redeem" themselves, or someone will complain about Sony

pyramidshead1660d ago

Was thinking the same thing about MS's continuing PR blunders. You literally cannot write this stuff. It's like Sony and Microsoft literally met up before all this began and MS, for some reason, was eager to take the hot seat this gen, and with Sony's experience of PR fuck ups early this gen, happily let them haha.

johndoe112111660d ago

Personally, i wouldn't say that microsoft did anything wrong in this situation per se, it's just that sony did everything RIGHT.

TechMech21660d ago

Technically the MS that you are talking about is just one or two lower ranking people.....

Eonjay1660d ago

Thats whats up! Taking responsibility for all your fans! Good stuff.

amiga-man1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

And these are the sort of reasons I have more faith in Sony as a company than I ever will M$

Kryptix1659d ago

While Sony apologizes and gives those 4 gamers free PS4s on launch day...

...on Microsoft's side:
The gamers then made their way over to the Microsoft/Xbox One area of the convention and were simply told, "Sorry, it's upstairs, you can't try it" and sent off without even a simple apology.

Just Microsoft being Microsoft.

Lykon1659d ago

just goes to show that M$ are the real spastics .. not the handicaps

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sinncross1660d ago

This is a nice story to read. I hope they enjoy the PS4 when they get it :)

vigilante_man1660d ago

".. Wheel Chair seating has been accommodated for inside EB Arena offering a full uninterrupted view of both the stage and the screens.. "

So they can watch everyone else play!!

Good on them for having the balls to try the MS stands after already being given the promise of free PS4s from Sony. Great idea. They nearly came away with both consoles!

Shame on MS for not realising when they are in the wrong as Sony had already done. But is this legal in Australia? In the UK all such public exhibitions have to have access for people with disabilities.

Shame on you Aussies as well!

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RobbyGrob1660d ago

Oh how i wish i was disabled. They've got all the money, the chicks, and now the consoles too.

Septic1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Be careful what you wish for bro. People out there would happily trade money, chicks and games consoles (lol) for many of the basic functions we take for granted.

'Nuff respect to all those guys who are born disabled or get disabled in some stage in their lives. Their moral strength and sheer resolve leaves me astounded.

johndoe112111659d ago

To the 1 person who disagreed with septic and myself, you are mentally disturbed, please seek some help.

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TrevorPhillips1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Much love and respect to Sony, but MS, you guys are jerks.

MasterCornholio1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Don't have an internet connection?

Buy a 360.

My cousin who works on a submarine and is a hard core gamer was offended by this.

I know they pulled a 180 with that but it shows the kind of things Microsoft is capable of saying.

Nexus 7 2013

hankmoody1660d ago

I lean more towards the Xbox and even I've gotta admit that was an idiotic thing to say. Definitely something that shouldn't have been blurted out in front of an audience.

Fez1660d ago

Considering Sony will probably make a profit from these gamers in software sales and positive press from a perceived gesture of goodwill, this action becomes far less altruistic.

Plus, what kind of solution is that to offer? They should have run an extension cord downstairs and moved a tv and console down so they could try it. MS should have done the same but at least they didn't stoop so low as to try and tie the gamers into their eco-system.

If this story is true, Sony have gone down in my estimations.

RytGear1660d ago

They gave away something for free and you are saying they have gone down in your views?

Wow, I didn't realise that Xbox People hated anything free so much... Jeez

KYU21301660d ago

Fez, are you serious??? While it would have been even more awesome had Sony set something up just so the disabled player could take full advantage of the show, It was very good of them to admit to their own oversight and compensate the gamers the way they did.

You can't run over sony on this one. If Sony was looking for advertising out of the issue they would have leaked the story themselves. As it stands the gamer is the one that spilled the beans about what Sony did for them. So any press positive or negative will be because of the gamers not Sony.

Fez, As a disabled gamer myself i find your outlook at the solution quite offensive. The Sony rep and booth staff handled themselves professionally and should be applauded for their actions and efforts.

torchic1660d ago

I think you need to re-evaluate your life.

DragonKnight1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

@RytGear: Free doesn't exist in the vocabulary of Microsoft or their fanboys. They don't know what it is. It's a concept that is completely alien to them. If they're not being gouged for every cent they have, they feel something is wrong with the world.

@joe90: You're confusing MS with Bill Gates. There is a difference. Also, Sony didn't use the kids for this as they didn't say anything about it. The kids are the ones who told the story about this. Sony probably didn't want to make this a big deal because of their gaf in the first place. Get off of Microsoft, they're not going to give you part of that alleged $30 billion in charity.

shadow27971660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I know I shouldn't feed the troll, but...

It will take a lot more software sales for these gamers before Sony earns a profit on them. They're taking a complete loss on each one of those consoles. According to Sony, they break even with the sale of the console and a couple games or accessories. So without charging anything for the PS4, they won't make a profit on any of the gamers for a while, if at all.

In the grand scheme of things, the small loss won't matter to Sony, but don't act like they did it for the profit.

They also didn't do it for positive PR, because there was no guarantee that the players would post it on the Internet, nor that some website would see it on Facebook and publish the story.

If you're going to be cynical, they probably did it to avoid the negative backlash and earn those gamers as customers. However, I still fail to see how what they did was a bad thing. The gamers could always sell their console if they don't want it.

johndoe112111660d ago

I hope you REALLY HATE microsoft then for trying to tie you in with all those free "games with gold" games you're getting now.

And damn, europe should REAAAALLY hate them for that free copy of fifa.

thejigisup1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Your statement= You've been bad Sony for only giving away a couple of ps4's. Everyone should get a ps4 for free bc you're gonna make money off of the software sales and the positive press. Let me spank you, bad Sony, badddddd.
Microsoft is the best arghh im cuuuu cuu ahhhhh. We didn't have to be nice we just said no, just like drugs say no to disabled people in fact I don't think our kinect works on wheel chairs something about the metal haha watch us walk up these stairs while you enjoy the rest of the flat surfaces at the show buhbye now...

Really Sony didn't do the right thing? Oh and ms did? Practical solution to the problem. Sony says sorry you can't try it, but you can have it for free and that's a bad thing?

andrewsqual1660d ago

Are you high? If you were them would you have said "No thanks, get this sorted now. I'm offended you offered me a free unit of the most powerful next gen console. Good day to you sir."
Microsoft if they actually had have done ANYTHING, which they didn't, would have gave them "free" Xbox Live t-shirts, caps and lanyards that say "Go Gold". I work high up in retail and see that shit all the time.
Lol there is something wrong with being tied up in the Sony bosom of awesomeness?

abc12331660d ago

Wtf did I just read. Firstly, Sony had no guarantee that this would gain as much publicity as this, they could have got the free consoles and maybe posted about it on FB whilst gaining little attention. Secondly, how the hell have they been tied into the PlayStation ecosystem? They're getting a console FOR FREE! They can easily sell that console and get an X1 if they really wanted to, Sony isn't holding a gun to their heads and telling them to keep the consoles and buy as many games for it as possible. Ridiculous

ziggurcat1660d ago

@ dragonknight:

it exists in their vocabulary, but they (for whatever reason) like to refer to it as, "renting."

insomnium21659d ago

How about if those people sell their systems huh Fez? Making 400 dollars off of Sony is bad too I recon....

Kryptix1659d ago


"MS should have done the same but at least they didn't stoop so low as to try and tie the gamers into their eco-system."

What's wrong with giving people free stuff along with an apology? Sony has already done this before. Remember the PSN shutdown and people were gifted with free games as an apology? Was that also meant for a boost in software sales when they lost millions during that time?

And what about Microsoft giving Europe FIFA 14 or Forza 5 for free with day one preorders? Is that also a publicity stunt or are you holding a double standard here? Let's be honest here, you and me both know you're just another Xbot and the irony here is if you're aware of your contradiction then you're the one looking for attention. Point blank period.

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zippycup1660d ago

yeah but on the other hand do we want people in nuclear submarines playing vid games

remember that the government says video games make you violent and your cousin might push the button when his gta save gets corrupted

and i read on the internet that we should trust our government and if they say it on the net we should believe it

(wonder if i should put sarcasm tags this is n4g after all)

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Icy-Zone1659d ago

Sony hands out consoles to handicap folks while
Microsoft makes fun of transsexuals...

The message is obvious here.

noctis_lumia1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

hankmoody:(guy below) if the ps3 was put to shame from the 3shitty
it wouldnt outsold it WORLDWIDE as we speak despite all the problem it had

enjoy your kinect and third place for another generation.

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