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TrevorPhillips1505d ago

Cannot wait and please bring a Mortal Kombat to the next gen!

pedrof931505d ago

This just make Ps4 launch lineup even better.

Abash1505d ago

Yet another PS4 game I have to get at launch. So glad I passed on the PS3 version, now I have a fighting game to sink my time into as soon as I get my PS4

Crazyglues1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Wow - how did we not know about this, makes me wonder, could there be another title out there that's coming at launch that we don't know about yet...

Uncharted my fingers are still crossed.. LoL

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Mad Aizen1505d ago

The PS4 is looking more and more like the upstart son or daughter of the PS2. What an offspring!

titletownrelo1505d ago

my wallet is getting raped Nov 15

guitarded771505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I hope this means Batman Arkham Origins is coming. Porting an older game leaves hope for a newer game. Or at least a complete edition later down the road.

Eonjay1504d ago

Nice to see it coming to Vita as well.

FamilyGuy1504d ago

This is just further proof of the development speed associated with the PS4. Getting ports up and running so fast that they'll make it at launch. Great news overall too as the PS4 didn't have any announced fighting games till now. This is just a port and of an Ultimate Edition but it's better than nothing and hopefully improvements are made in the next gen version.

indysurfn1504d ago

This type of 3rd party exclusive (inadvertent) reminds me of the start of the PS3/360 era. Slowly games where announced that only came to 360, or came to PS3 late.

That brings me to my real point. Is this a start or sign of the wins changing to Sony's favore early this next generation. Or even better than it started in the ps3/360 war? I think so!

Glad I jumped ship when Microsoft stabbed me in the back. They lied the grass is MUCH greener on this side!!!

indysurfn1504d ago

Lets do some research I go to gamestop and as of today I see 13 xboxone games that is ACTUALLY being sold by Nov, 22.

I look at the the ps4 section and see 15 games that are actually being sold by Nov 22.

Seems like PS4 has more games if you ask MATH.

lsujester1504d ago

I'm glad they're are doing this. My PS3 refused to play this game, even after I repeatedly installed and reinstalled, and even changed copies of the disc. And I've been wanting to play it.

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PunisherRevenge1504d ago

Yes please. This game is gonna look awesome on the PS4. It already looks stunning on the current gen systems.

e-p-ayeaH1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Not a fan of this game but curious to see in how it will turn out.

Muerte24941505d ago

Not disagreeing with you because you're entitled to your opinion. But I own it and it's a very good game. It requires fast thinking and isn't as random as Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I definitely recommend giving this game a look if you're into fighting games.

Ezz20131505d ago

i look at it as a very good justice league game
with great story
and i love the combat

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1505d ago

It definitely has it's issues. Spamming being the big one. I've never seen a game where it's so easy to win just by spamming projectiles. Supposedly they've been doing balance patches but i haven't been playing it to see (too many other games coming out). If the graphics are significantly better, and it's finally balanced then I'll get it on ps4.

Reem1505d ago

No Xbone version and wouldn't be suprised if this game will be much better than KI.

badz1491505d ago

I'm not saying that KI is going to be a bad game but this is a next-gen re-release. the game got good reviews across the board already. so people know that it's good. the PS4 version will be superior it seems. 1080p 60fps this time around, maybe?

sarshelyam1505d ago

Only confirmation is the lack of confirmation. The official press release mentions PC/PSV/PS3/PS4/360...nothing else.

Xsilver1505d ago well if's this not confirmation i don't know what is.

Studio-YaMi1505d ago

I disagree,KI looks remarkable after seeing some gameplay footage,if I would get an XboxOne,I would buy it for sure.

I'm glad though that I'm gonna enjoy a fighting game like "Injustice Gods Among Us" on the PS4.

BigShotSmoov0071504d ago

Injustice is a great game and for those that don't have the game, it's a great pickup if your going to be the PS4 at launch. Makes the launch lineup a little better for sure.

andrewsqual1505d ago

@Reem You wouldn't be surprised if a game made by guys making fighting games over 20 years will be better compared to a game made by a team who have a record of butchering renowned franchises and no fighting game experience? Don't you mean the complete opposite?

@BobBelcher Yes, for now anyway. http://games.premiercomms.c...

Enemy1505d ago

Anything with Mortal Kombat in it is better than Killer Instinct, especially Killer Instinct on Xbone which only brings 6 characters, lmao. Can't even do 1080p and it's a fighting game.

PunisherRevenge1504d ago

@Reem....Huh? Wait let me get this right you're comparing a low budget download game to a full and already established retail game? Chances are this game might be better than KI because they had all this time to iron out the kinks seeing as they made at least three versions of the game already and KI is not done yet.

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Sevir1505d ago

Yes!!!! I'm getting this game in addition to Watch_Dogs and Killzone!

ded10201504d ago

WD still hasn't sold me yet, but I'm right there with you for everything else!

Would be nice if we could do the whole "put in your PS3 disc and buy the PS4 version at a discount" thing.
But hey, they know the PS4 is BARREN when it comes to fighting games out the gate. Know a lot of us are sitting here with fight sticks getting dusty, fiending for some combo goodness on it.

p.s. The inevitable head to heads KI and Injustice will bring should be interesting. Hope that "next gen technology" means "We Fixed the netcode and uped the graphics".

p.p.s. If my fight stick doesn't work am gowna be pizt

BobBelcher1505d ago

Honestly... I just want to see Primal Rage on a next gen console.

theXtReMe11505d ago

Yes! With realistic visuals and animation.

Xsilver1505d ago Primal Carnage Genesis on PS4 u give that a try hey its something.

The_Villager1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Oh man that would be awesome.

Deadpoolio1505d ago

Luckily Midway shut down so we wont have to ever worry about anymore Primal Rage games....Not that they would make another that game was terrible in almost every aspect, I've never understood why anyone has a hard on for a game that awful.

Silly gameAr1504d ago

Yes please. Or a new Eternal Champions.

Angrymorgan1504d ago


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