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SonyNGP1659d ago

That's cool I suppose.

snitch_puck1658d ago

What's with that gloomy sentiment? :D Doesn't playing Injustice ANYTIME, ANYWHERE feel awesome??

r211659d ago

Its time to finally jump in on the Injustice bandwagon, ever since the title did well on consoles, it would surely lead to the vita version being made :)

Sevir1659d ago

Coming to Next Gen Exclusively on PS4 as well.

Sevir1659d ago

Yes, The Next Gen Version of the Game is on PS4 only!

Thirty3Three1659d ago

That doesn't make sense, Sevir. I don't think you know what Exclusively means.

sherimae24131659d ago

a rumor finally confirmed as real ^_^ and its soon!
im sure there are more surprises for this coming holidays

miyamoto1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

this news is so hardcore

Mark Cerny was not kidding when he said the PS Vita and PS4 were designed together.

"im sure there are more surprises for this coming holidays"

not just the holidays but in the whole life cycle

but Sony should really make Vita games for younger gamers to expand and broaden its appeal

example is Minecraft

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