Kinect Sports Rivals could be Xbox One's Mario Kart, says Rare - lots of free DLC planned

Rare's Simon Woodroffe wants Kinect Sports Rivals to be among the first games you buy for an Xbox One - even a few years after launch. The developer has extensive plans for post-release support, he told OXM at a recent preview event, and hopes that the game's cuddly aesthetic will stand the test of time.

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sobotz1657d ago

Seriously? A Banjo driving game is gonna be more suitable than this game.

Trekster_Gamer1657d ago

Yeah all the time you have spent playing this game you really know don't you..

Wizziokid1657d ago

I can't see this having anywhere near the success of Mario Kart, sorry Rare.

Bigpappy1657d ago

It will no doubt do very well, but Mario well is dreaming. To be fair he did not say it will sell as well, but I do see it having a high attached rate on X1. Rare does a great job with Kinect

fsfsxii1657d ago

MS can't come up with anything original.

sobotz1657d ago

*look at lbp kart and ps all stars*


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The story is too old to be commented.