Dragon Age: Inquisition – BioWare’s RPG returns to its Origins | Edge

Edge - "Crestwood is under attack – and the player is to blame. Cast as the Inquisitor, head of an order dedicated to uncovering the cause of a fresh batch of trouble in Ferelden, we have established a keep in the beautiful rolling countryside around the small, rural village."

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Kal853997d ago

Cannot wait for this! Please don't let me down BioWare.

NewMonday997d ago

"BioWare’s RPG returns to its Origins"

I see what they did there

MWong996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

I'm with you there, I am praying that BioWare doesn't let me down. So far the only thing I don't like about DA3 is that you're going to be commander of the forces. I would have preferred the Inquisitor, to not be the leader of the forces and just be sent on missions to fulfill the ultimate quest. But I am optimistic and hope this game turns out to be even better than DA:O.

tanookisuit997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

I hope the party relationship system is similar to Origins too (as oppose to DA 2).

Douchebag696997d ago

I'm excited about open world. I like the other Dragon Age games a lot but I felt they were too linear.

fossilfern997d ago

Going to sound like a broken record but this Bioware post KOTOR, Baldur's Gate,Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 1 (Yes Mass Effect1).

Until I get to see more of it I'm not getting excited especially after efforts like ME3 (ME2 to a lesser extent), DA2 and SWOTOR.

Nerdmaster997d ago

I'll wait to read many and many reviews before trusting Bioware again. To be fair, Dragon Age Origins is the only game they made that I really liked, so I never trusted them much to begin with.