Name a MGO Clan, win a beta code, or a spot to reveiw MGO

A lot is being said about the problems gamers are having registering for Konami and Gamer IDs. Though many are upset about this there is something that we all must remember.This wouldn't be the case if people didn't want to be a part of the beta.

Playstation site, Sev1512, is offering the opportunity for those that did not get into the MGO beta to win a beta code. What do you have to do? Help us name our clan. Many of you were able to get into the beta. For those that already are in the beta, we offer you the opportunity to post your own review of the beta.

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belal3839d ago

what about

The patriots ?


denied3839d ago

how about R2K=RIGHTS 2 KILLS my online name is zyron-

denied3839d ago

u gonna get own by R2K=RIGHTS 2 KILL :) online name is ZYRON- add me up on ur PS3

denied3839d ago

If u got skills n can play really hitme up on ur PS3 add me up online name is ZYRON- or DinieD which ever u want let me c what u can do..COD4...WH...if u have pic let me c ur face to c if u r a chick,,p.s this is not a pick up line,...... ;)

denied3839d ago

If u got skills let me c what u can do in name is ZYRON-....If u got a pic let me c ur (((FACE))) to show me u r a chick who can kik AZZ plz have a mic too..thanz

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The story is too old to be commented.