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IGN - "If you're wondering how the GTA Online review is going, there's been a slight snag: I logged in on Sunday to discover that my level 20ish character I'd been playing with all week is gone, vanished, along with all my money, my property and my cars. Character deletion was distressingly commonplace during GTA Online's first few days, but after Friday's title update, which fixed several issues with the game (including the ridiculous medical fees discussed in the last updates), a second wave of deletions appears to have happened on Saturday night and Sunday, with many, many players reporting the same issue."

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01animeking1658d ago

come on rockstar please sort you shit out

Septic1658d ago

Yeah man, three of my mates have had their characters deleted. I enter a MP game with trepidation, fearing that my character's details have been wiped.

I don't want to be stuck on that tutorial thing again. I probably spent around 4 hours doing it.

This video from KSI is hilarious and so true. (Contains NSFW language):

GarrusVakarian1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Lost my character and rank last night, but kept my 155k. Im tempted to wait for a patch but its too much fun to stay away from.

Always seems to be in the evening (UK) that the problems arise for me and my friends (matches,races,missions endlessly loading,freezing, cant connect to cloud servers,timing out). If it freezes or endlessly loads, the only option you have is to turn your console off and on or quit game. Which usually causes your character to disappear.

I hope R* fix this soon, it kind of defeats the point of creating and progressing your character if it just gets wiped.

Pintheshadows1658d ago

I'm just going to avoid it like a Venetian plague doctor who left his mask at home until it is fixed but maximum sympathy to those who have lost characters they have invested heavy time into. It has happened to me in other games (usually my fault though) so I can empathise.

What a disappointment. The single player, I really loved, but almost a week after launch the Online is still broken. It isn't really good enough. I could of taken 3 days, but a week for a game which made $1 billion is a bit of a piss take. I know R* are not wizards but get more people on this. Hire more with the cash you have that have experience in this area. Raid Blizzard if you have to.

WilliamH1658d ago

For me it's been a huge letdown. The character creation is horrible, gameplay is all over the place & of course it could fuck up your save file. Anyway 6 days to Pokemon X.

tigertron1658d ago

Lost my character last night too. I was nearly at level 11 and had 72k in the bank. Not happy.

Hellsvacancy1658d ago

My level 17 was gone yesterday, but when I made a new character I still had 100K, so i'm not too stressed

I'm up to 7 now, just remember to quit in the main menu, if your stuck on a loading screen use the xmb and sign out of the PSN (if your on the PS3) it'll auto save

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