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GTA Online Review: Do Not Play Right Now | IGN

IGN - "If you're wondering how the GTA Online review is going, there's been a slight snag: I logged in on Sunday to discover that my level 20ish character I'd been playing with all week is gone, vanished, along with all my money, my property and my cars. Character deletion was distressingly commonplace during GTA Online's first few days, but after Friday's title update, which fixed several issues with the game (including the ridiculous medical fees discussed in the last updates), a second wave of deletions appears to have happened on Saturday night and Sunday, with many, many players reporting the same issue." (Grand Theft Auto Online, PS3, Xbox 360)

01animeking  +   537d ago
come on rockstar please sort you shit out
Septic  +   537d ago
Yeah man, three of my mates have had their characters deleted. I enter a MP game with trepidation, fearing that my character's details have been wiped.

I don't want to be stuck on that tutorial thing again. I probably spent around 4 hours doing it.

This video from KSI is hilarious and so true. (Contains NSFW language):

Lukas_Japonicus  +   537d ago
Lost my character and rank last night, but kept my 155k. Im tempted to wait for a patch but its too much fun to stay away from.

Always seems to be in the evening (UK) that the problems arise for me and my friends (matches,races,missions endlessly loading,freezing, cant connect to cloud servers,timing out). If it freezes or endlessly loads, the only option you have is to turn your console off and on or quit game. Which usually causes your character to disappear.

I hope R* fix this soon, it kind of defeats the point of creating and progressing your character if it just gets wiped.
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Pintheshadows  +   537d ago
I'm just going to avoid it like a Venetian plague doctor who left his mask at home until it is fixed but maximum sympathy to those who have lost characters they have invested heavy time into. It has happened to me in other games (usually my fault though) so I can empathise.

What a disappointment. The single player, I really loved, but almost a week after launch the Online is still broken. It isn't really good enough. I could of taken 3 days, but a week for a game which made $1 billion is a bit of a piss take. I know R* are not wizards but get more people on this. Hire more with the cash you have that have experience in this area. Raid Blizzard if you have to.
WilliamH  +   537d ago
For me it's been a huge letdown. The character creation is horrible, gameplay is all over the place & of course it could fuck up your save file. Anyway 6 days to Pokemon X.
tigertron  +   537d ago
Lost my character last night too. I was nearly at level 11 and had 72k in the bank. Not happy.
Hellsvacancy  +   537d ago
My level 17 was gone yesterday, but when I made a new character I still had 100K, so i'm not too stressed

I'm up to 7 now, just remember to quit in the main menu, if your stuck on a loading screen use the xmb and sign out of the PSN (if your on the PS3) it'll auto save
BallsEye  +   537d ago
Just lost my char yesterday...FFS...worst online launch ever. They had weeks after release to prepare for this. Most of my friends got so mad they already sold the game -.-...losing characters is no fun, especially for people who don't have much time to play after work.
boeso  +   537d ago
Me and 2 friends lost ours last night after being timed out of the servers. Not looking good almost a week since release.

EDIT: The annoying thing for me is resources have been taken away from the story mode (more heists please) and put into a game mode I cant play.
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Jubez187  +   537d ago
One thing to take note of: if this wasn't a R* game then there is NO WAY that they would just suspend the review...they would review it as is. So many games get reviewed when they're buggy and IGN puts the review out saying "oh yea this is unplayable" but seeing as their site would crash from flame comments if they gave it a 5/10 (which it probably deserves atm) they will just "suspend" the review. They refuse to update their League of Legends review where they talked about bugs/missing features (which was 3 years ago and the game is still changing and living) but they'll hold out for GTAO.
T2  +   537d ago
Yeah ive never seen this before its an obvious free pass , they will wait till most bugs are fixed then promptly give it a 10... So much bias not even funny
FunAndGun  +   537d ago
I have been saying the same thing.

Other games release with a working SP and MP and they get nit picked. This game releases with no MP and still gets perfect scores.

The Metacritic for this game is 97/100 but half of the game is not even playable. Why does this game get special treatment? If any other game released like this it would have been docked points.

Just because it is R* and GTA.


My comment from another article:

Here is IGN's review. It says "GTA 5 review". It doesn't say GTA 5 single player review. No mention of that in the review.


Here is Gamespot's review. It says "GTA 5 review". It doesn't say GTA 5 single player review. No mention of that in the review or video.


The Metacritic has already been tallied. That 97/100 doesn't say for the single player, it says "GTA 5 Metacritic score 97/100".

There is a complete double standard here and it is complete BS. Other games release with a working SP and MP, but they are deducted points and picked apart.

Take Starhawk as an example. A lot of people complained there was no SP in Warhawk. They tried to add a SP in Starhawk to a mainly multiplayer game and the reviewers knocked off points because the SP wasn't good enough.

Now here we have GTA 5 that doesn't even ship with a working MP and it gets perfect scores before the MP can even be played. Those scores are already out to the public and aggregated before the MP portion is released.

Come on, people are just so far up R* and GTA's butt that it doesn't matter to be fair in reviews.

I am not saying GTA 5 is bad at all, I am just pointing out a double standard in the review process when it comes to certain developers and games.

People can disagree all they want because they feel GTA is the holy grail of gaming, but what I pointed out is the absolute truth.
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swishersweets20031  +   537d ago
i know i'll get flamed for this and disagree apon but after the head ache i had trying to make a half decent looking character to just having it deleted and gone and not being able to get in.. and when it does it just messes up im not even going to bother with the online. Rockstar should just stick to making single player games. For a game company to get so many things right with RDR online mode.. how could they get this one so wrong?
franko  +   537d ago
I lost everything too. Pissed as hell.was lev. 8. My friend who is level 35 or so, have cars, villas, boats, garages,weapons...never lost it. I can't even imagine the piss he will be if he loose all the s**t.
desertpunk86  +   537d ago
defiance had more and faster support than gta online,they apologize and gave out free boosters and items but rockstar no not rockstar they are too good for that.

im not saying defiance is better than gta online all im saying is that the dev did a great job at supporting the community and sending patches on a daily basis.
RedDevils  +   537d ago
In the mean time I will try to finished all those PS+ games that I downloaded
cleft5  +   537d ago
I am working on finishing Blue Dragon and then I will get to my ps+ games.
obelix01  +   537d ago
If this where any other game doing this, I would just give up. Its really really fun when its working. Things like Crooked Cop are so ridiculous its pure chaos its great. I really hope they fix these issues asap.
isa_scout  +   537d ago
280 million dollars to produce, and already over a billion dollars made, and this is what we're left with...Are they to busy counting their money to come out with a decent patch? Two patches in and the damn thing is still barely running.
The last patch actually screwed up my singleplayer as well...Come on R* if your game was this ambitious then why not have a public beta?
I still had a blast with GTAV, but the longer it takes to get this thing working the more people are going to become uninterested in even playing the Online.
DARK WITNESS  +   537d ago
I have to ask, does anyone feel this game is making them paranoid ??

Between getting shot or run over by randoms and having to pay FF"^64!! hospital bills to grinding missions and then losing everything... I don't think I have ever played a game that I wanted to play so much but then when I do play I do nothing but sit in my Pad...well at least I did until it got deleted !

Level 43 character with 300k pad, 2 sports cars and a bike all modded out and boom!! all gone for now anyway.

I can't bare to play the game again unless my character comes back.

oh, and another rant I have; What is the point of a passive mode in the game if when you are in passive mode you can still be run over by randoms in a car or if you are in a car you can still be shot and killed? Totally pointless
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Seafort  +   537d ago
I played it the first day and it was lagging like hell. The 2nd day I lost my character and haven't been back since.

I don't feel the need to play the game online as I finished the single player and that was enough for me.
I'm not interested in the ganking and crap that goes on with online games like GTA.

I bet it's a big letdown for alot of people who were looking forward to it after the amazing single player story.
hankmoody  +   537d ago
Like someone above me said, I simply don't have the time to gamble on a character that might get deleted by accident. I'm just going to wait until they sort this out. Hopefully it doesn't take too long.
NaViTo  +   537d ago
Thanks Rockstar for finishing the development of the game using the old gen consoles users as betatesters, much appreciated.

Now I hope the definitive versions of the game will have a smoothest launch(PC, Xbone and PS4) LOL
abusador  +   537d ago
Wait they are putting off the online review because the online is a mess? lol wow talk about fanboy, morons. Listen part of the review should include the mess it is!!!!! Wtf your dying to give it a high score so youll wait until the mp is perfect months down? So let me gett his straight every single game gets marked down for having a broekn or messed up mp but Rockstar gets a pass? %ucking reviewers really are biased %ssholes and pick and choose how to rate games.
TRD4L1fe  +   537d ago
Well i've been playing under solo session or invite only sessions and i havent had any problems. Gotta say it is pretty damn fun too
Harpers_Ferry  +   537d ago
The problems are annoying, but her complaints are almost as overblown as the praise IGN gave the game prior to launch.

Feels like alpha code? Not even close. Hell, the majority of the problems the game is having are based around the cloud servers it uses. Then you've got the final comment in the update, which reads like a threat not to finish the review should the character not be returned. Yeah, that's real professional. I'm all for giving Rockstar shit for not being better prepared for fairly obvious problems, but there are rational complaints, and then there's pissing and moaning. This comes off as the latter.

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