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Infinity Ward can't change Call of Duty too much because it's like a sport

Infinity Ward appears to be making ch-ch-changes with Call of Duty: Ghosts, its vaguely post-apocalyptic and canine-loving Xbox One debut, but there's such a thing as a bridge too far. That's according to the studio's executive producer Mark Rubin, who explained to OXM at Gamescom that the franchise is, to some extent, the victim of its own success. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Lukas_Japonicus  +   691d ago
Lame ass excuse, we know the exact reason why you don't change that game year in year out.

MONEY. Change brings risk and risk brings potential loss of $.

Grow some balls and make a new engine from the ground up, you lazy, greedy Aholes.

YouTube "Call Of Duty Ghosts team deathmatch gameplay" and tell me if what you see looks next gen to you. Pathetic.
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BobBelcher  +   691d ago
Lukas_Japonicus  +   691d ago
Yep, ive bought and played every Call of Duty game. Ive waited in midnight launch lines and they are ALL the same. With all the next gen footage im seeing on N4G of other games and being very impressed, this game doesn't impress me in the slightest. Looks like current gen .5

But what do you expect from lazy,greedy developers/publishers like them. They class innovation as being able to play as a low res texture dog and sun-rays that come from multiple sources and laughable destruction.
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bumnut  +   691d ago
Wow, it took you that many purchases to realise that?
OrangePowerz  +   691d ago
People that buy CoD every buy it because it's CoD.

Also why does BF get a free pass when the main series doesn't change much either?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   691d ago
Who's giving BF a free pass? I didn't mention BF.
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lonz358  +   691d ago
Battlefield actually improves in gameplay. Dice puts in effort to make the game better and not keep it the same because "it's like a sport" lol. COD basically has been the same since Modern Warfare
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OrangePowerz  +   691d ago
The BF4 Beta feels the same as BF3.
CaptCalvin  +   691d ago
IDK what you're on. BF4 is looking to be a massive improvement over BF3 in terms of gameplay. BF3 feels like a prototype to BF4 actually.
Shane Kim  +   691d ago
BF4 is BF3 with a falling skyscraper. It doesn't mean that it is bad, but see the game as it is.
lsujester  +   691d ago
I don't know about massive, but it does fix a couple of BF3 issues, but also introduces some of it's own. Either way, the core gameplay hasn't changed that much, except it does feel a bit faster to me, which is most definitely NOT an improvement.
OrangePowerz  +   691d ago
BF so far had the adventage of bigger gaps between each game so that makes changes more noticeable especially between BF 3 and the previous main games (not including bad company). CoD comes out every year with smaller changes and tweaks and that makes it very hard to see the differences.

I'm not saying BF4 is going to be bad, but I'm realistic enough to see that not much has changed to 3 and I'm ok with that as I buy BF4 because I enjoyed BF3 and want more of the same experience.
Lol do u guys remember when there was a comparison between blackops 2 and ghosts, only true difference was resolution from what i remember.
MizTv  +   691d ago
All they do is cut and paste
Palaven  +   691d ago
I won't be getting Ghosts on day one but why should they change it when it works and millions of people buy the game ever year?

I am obviously going to get a lot of disagrees but Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer looks very similar to CoD multiplayer in gameplay videos. It just shows that the CoD multiplayer formula and mechanics work when other developers are taking inspiration from them.
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Soupaman66  +   691d ago
why don't we give this much hatred to sport games. its like were just hipsters to the generic things. I bet after so many people praise bf and how cod is filled with kids, kids will go to bf and people will want another shooter and hate bf. I'm not hating. its just annoying seeing these types of complaining about the same thing for years. their method of making cod games is very different from others. I'm even seeing ea doing the same with bf and medal of honor. if that's the way they do it and many consumers like their games and you don't like it, don't buy it. It just means you have an opinion. I bet somebody is probably going to call me a cod fanboy but its the same for everything. People hate on apple, cod, windows 8, and many other things as if there's nothing else in the world to use. People cant call themselves grown people if they keep complaining about products.
RioKing  +   691d ago
pedrof93  +   691d ago
You are wrong, they are right in not changing the game, what is inexcusable is that they release o ton of Dlcs and make the exact same game every year._
Lukas_Japonicus  +   691d ago
"they are right in not changing the game"

"what is inexcusable is that they make the exact same game every year"

Way to contradict yourself.
MidnytRain  +   691d ago
That video wasn't Call of Duty Ghosts.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   691d ago
What, the video titled "Call Of Duty:Ghosts multiplayer gameplay" wasn't footage of Call Of Duty Ghosts?

Lol,whatever you say buddy.
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MidnytRain  +   691d ago
-_- Perhaps you should have just provided a link. I'm looking at a video with that exact title and it's not CoD Ghosts. On a side note, just because I video is titled a certain way doesn't mean it's real. People fish for hits.
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BobBelcher  +   691d ago
This is what I've always said. People compare CoD to BF when really it's more like Madden and Fifa. Annually released and competitively based.
Thomaticus  +   691d ago
Quick scoping is a sport now..... And quick scoping while spinning around fast as hell is a sport now..... Sports change parameters to make the game more competitive or balanced all the time. The devs have got to continue to improve gameplay. Don't let the series get stagnant like madden and FIFA (maybe FIFA ) because you're a video game sport.
obelix01  +   691d ago
I hate quick scoping. Its just as bad as camping.
Campy da Camper  +   691d ago
Brix90  +   691d ago
There's no quick scoping in Ghost they took it out.
CaptCalvin  +   691d ago
What a lame excuse. Some sports undergo changes EVERY YEAR. Look at F1 for example.
RioKing  +   691d ago
What a lame example -_-
CaptCalvin  +   691d ago
man why you gotta be hating on f1?
CynicalKelly  +   691d ago
For me, it's not about the lack of changes, I know what CoD is and I can appreciate it for exactly that. A arcade style fast paced shooter. For me, it's that all the changes they do make, are god awful and terrible.

The map design seems to have hit rock bottom, every map is now what seems like a small maze with three or four ways to go. No longer do we have long range areas for snipers, mid range for assault rifle users and close ranged areas for SMGs and the gameplay mechanics have been altered to suit that.

Snipers don't need to aim, too many dumb perks and attachments, explosives, lag compensation.

It's not about change. It's about bad and lazy development. I would buy the same old crap every year if it was like CoD4 or even MW2 but MW3 and Black Ops 2 were two of the worst games I have ever played... That is a huge deal, I play a lot of crap.
Trekster_Gamer  +   691d ago
I will buy Call of Duty ghost and enjoy it. I know its like all the other call of duties but I enjoyed the story and the cinematic atmosphere that each game brings.
01animeking  +   691d ago
After mw3 i switched to BF3 and when BO2 i realized BO1 was actually balanced a lot better the shit that is black ops 2 now after two shit sequals i don't plan on buying a cod till it's fixed
iistuii  +   691d ago
I agree. It's like Fifa & Madden. If it's successful & sells don't tinker too much & ruin it. Now you can all come on slagging it off, fine, but people love how it plays & millions queue round the world to play it & if they messed with it too much it wouldn't sell. Take battlefield, I've been playing that from the very beginning & they still have conquest like they did back in battlefield 1942, why, because it's a great successful mode which doesn't need too much tinkering with. If people on here hate COD then fine, I can take it or leave it but enjoy the odd shoot out, but they won't get away from what makes it the worlds biggest game.
sigfredod  +   691d ago
Lol those excuses
Garrison  +   691d ago

Sorry for caps. But call of duty plays perfectly and looks just fine. It's a well oiled machine in which you know exactly what your getting when you buy it.

There is a ton of great shooters out there, I love shooters actually. Which is why instead of crying about call of duty changing I actually buy other games that are already different and have amazing gameplay as well. Killzone is incredible.
Halo has always been great.
Battlefield is fps excellence.
Buy and support different games instead of whining about wanting 1 game to be everything to you.
I love Call of Duty, but I guess I love it due to the fact that I DON'T buy every Call of Duty game out there. Last one I played was Black Ops.
I don't know about you but Activision didn't come to my house and blackmailed me into buying their game every year.
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UnHoly_One  +   691d ago
I'm glad somebody else gets it.
gedden7  +   691d ago
But they can at least change the engine.. BF4 Beta is pretty damn good (yes i know Glitchy) But the Domination game mode is action packed...
Saryk  +   691d ago
Most people can't handle big change, so i agree with the comment about the game.
arexw  +   691d ago
Exactly CoD shouldnt have changed. MW1 and 2 where the best games. They were simple, had weapons with 2 attachments max, and a bunch of killstreaks. Now you can have 50 attachments on a weapon and theres 50 types of killstreaks and they added and added and not simple anymore. Thats why mw1 was so good, because it was simple. You got a bunch of weapons and a few attachments for each, not 50 kinds of acogs and 50 kinds of scopes. Bring back the simplistic and open maps as well. Im hoping titan fall will be lik this, and not throw a shitton of options in your face
DomceM  +   691d ago
stop commenting about this game. its last gen trash and no one cares.
Matt666  +   691d ago
The developers are just lazy

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