Assassin's Creed 4 on Xbox 360 is "absolutely identical" in feel to Xbox One version insists Ubisoft

Fear not, crew of the good ship Xbox 360 - you've got just as much right to fly the Black Flag as your compatriots on those swanky next gen galleons. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will look best on Xbox One and PS4, Ubisoft Montreal's art director Raphael Lacoste has told OXM, but will be more or less the same game beneath the glitter.

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GarrusVakarian1689d ago

Haha "in feel".


Now the graphics on the other hand...........

KazHiraiFTW1688d ago

Sure it will mostly feel the same, except for low fps, input lag, pop in, you know the usual.

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vishmarx1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

so either xb1 version is crap or
there isnt THAT much of a difference in nextgen/current
version to begin with,which seems a lot more obvious tbh,given all the gameplay ive seen ,the game is a lot more fun than a graphical milestone.

infact im worried how watchdogs looks on current gen instead in that regard ,which looks phenomenal on next-gen.i'd be fine if nex gen vers werent the major focus, like most other games for now.but the superior version we have seen so far is being advertised like hell and were clueless as to how current gen looks.
that being said,i'm a console gamer and ive never cared about the game's graphics more than the game itself.ill play whatever's it a 2d 8 bit sidescroller.
i just dont want it being inferior simply because devs were lazy
r* has clearly shown what current gen is still capable of,i know it aint a fair comparison but gtA V is now the benchmark of sandbox games..

also that FEEl argument is stupid,that way no pc,nex gen version is ever superior.
which isnt true//

GarrusVakarian1689d ago

Well the PS4 gameplay ive watched looks very nice, much better than current gen.

MizTv1689d ago

I agree
I wasn't going to get this game
But I after I saw gameplay on ps4 I said why not?

sobotz1689d ago

Hahaha I knew someone will bashing x1 over this. do you think. do you seriously think that this game version will be MUCH difference between PS4 and X1 port?

Super Taru1689d ago

The devs have already stated what the differences will be between current gen consoles and next gen ones. Anyone who'd like to know, just google it.

The gameplay will be the same. It must be the same. It's an offline singleplayer experience. The extra online features that next gen consoles will have, are not essential for the core (and most significant) experience. So, stating that AC4 will have an identical feel is like a no-brainer answer.

For me, better visuals, possible higher and more stable FPS and whichever addition they're going to include for PS4/XB1 is going to make the game run really smooth, ultimately making it current gen as a second option. I'm a console gamer and for games I really like I wanna play them in the best possible way, which is next-gen consoles. If I had to stick with current-gen consoles, it would be mostly because I couldn't afford going next-gen.

sarshelyam1689d ago

I'd say that if you're arguing that each version may, as a possibility, look similar...that's less of a knock against the hardware, more of a knock against a development team taking the lazy approach and simply not optimizing for the fresh platform.

I fully expect some companies to adopt this initial development scheme, growing and learning in time to truly take advantage of the respective platforms...but we've all seen those videos of Watchdogs, and they're quite telling in regards to how truly great the jump is. Just look at the ambient lighting, volumetric effects, etc.

AnthonyJrWTF1689d ago

Did you even read the article snippet above, mentioning how the X1 and PS4 versions will be visually superior?

triforce791688d ago

Look its all bull look at exclusive wiiu games next year and when they hit shops less people will buy all this multiplat crap xbox1 version identical in feel to 360 version look I'm buying most of ubisofts games on wiiu but i'm looking forward to Mario world wow after the recent trailer it looks insane and looks outstanding smashes galaxy's graphics to shreds,ubisoft have had 2 years to prepare for xbox1 and ps4 because of their stock hardware but wiiu when fully tapped will easy equal the new HD twins...

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lifeisgamesok1689d ago

Good thing he isn't talking about the graphics... Whew!

ZBlacktt1689d ago

They don't like stressing that to much as it makes sales go down on current Gen from those not buying Next Gen anytime soon. But it is very true. Next Gen games are built to Next Gen specs and look far far far better with a lot more added details and effects.

Manic20141689d ago

I think the guy meant for both Xbox one and PS4......

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