AMD Radeon R9 290X and Radeon R9 290 Specifications Confirmed –Hawaii Chip Features 5.6 TFlops

The final specifications for the AMD’s next generation flagship Radeon R9 290X and Radeon R9 290 Hawaii GPU have been confirmed by The specifications which we have been reporting since a while are legit and the Hawaii XT core indeed features 2816 Stream processors.

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HelpfulGamer1688d ago

I demand Playable Ruby Tech Demo! Pretty Please.

nukeitall1688d ago

Got dang!

About 3x the power of a PS4. PC is soo way a head of consoles it is ridiculous. Even the price points are narrowing significantly now.

BiggCMan1688d ago

While the price of the GPU alone is only 200 more than a PS4, it is ONLY the GPU, and you still need a hefty power supply, CPU, and RAM to take full advantage. Add it all, and you will near 1500 most likely.

Shane Kim1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

That's the problem. This GPU will probably cost 600$ alone. Then you need a HDD, a CPU, RAM, a case, the power supply etc. Yes it is 3 times as powerful as a PS4 but it's also 3 times as expensive.

Edit: Besides, there are no games worth playing on PC, let alone utilize all that power in the GPU.

KazHiraiFTW1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

@Shane Kim

You say there is no game worth playing on PC while all shooters play better on PC due to better controls and sharper, higher resolution graphics that make it easier to pick off enemies.

I bet your next post will be Killzone Shadowfall is the best looking game of all time "cuz itz a ps4 xklusive"

PS: any person with a reasonable amount of intelligence could build an entire PC that is twice as powerful as a ps4 for only slightly more money. And it would be fully upgradable so in 2 years they could spend another $200-$300 and their system would completely annihilate the far outdated console which by that time will be rendering games at 720p 30fps max.

nukeitall1688d ago

@BiggCMan & Shane Kim:

If you would settle for slightly lesser 4.9 Tflops, the GPU itself is $449 before any discounts and sales you will certainly find soon. The rest do cost money, but this is a high end card. You can easily get a superior PC to a PS4 for less than $400-500.

Next year, this card will be less than half the cost to boot.

@Shane Kim:
"Edit: Besides, there are no games worth playing on PC, let alone utilize all that power in the GPU."

That is extremely short sighted, and there are plenty great games to play on almost all platforms, let alone PC which has the most games released, the most exclusives and the most diverse types of games.

I don't play much on PC, but even I know that.

That said, there is a huge comeback of PC right now to boot and I'm not talking about Steamachines. It's the fact that most games are now lead on PC, then ported to consoles.

It used to be completely opposite and since you are doing that, you likely to release on PC as well. That means, other than a few first party games, the vast majority of consoles games will be on PC and superior as far as money can buy!

Shane Kim1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

@KAzHirai: No I don't, but I think it looks stunning. I have a good PC to play most games on high settings and I don't think the differences are night and day like you pc elitist like to say just because you spend 2000$ on a gaming rig with crappy games. Keyboard and mouse is superior to controllers for FPS, but controller are more than good enough.


Well name me a few games on the PC that I can play that isnt' 12$ steam indie games wich I CAN'T play on the PS4/PS3? Because I can list lots of games that is ONLY playable on PS3 including two of the highest rated games this generation.

thezeldadoth1688d ago

many people spend 600 dollars on a shit computer, then get a console. consolidate it, and just build a really nice computer. it will improve your gaming and your computer use speeds.

webeblazing1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Lol seriously you want us 2 post all that
And I never heard some say Dont name Indy games at 12
Ur reaching. The strategy genre alone has more exclusives than a list you would post. this is why PC gamers Dont post list like console gamers. Then you call someone an elitist but downplay Indy games like those games r not worth it. N why say anything about highest rated game this gen when u know PC Dont have gens. R u sure u have a PC . Rome 3 received perfect scores damn near everywhere so what's the point. Things like that seem to always happen

Keep on hyping. It's one thing I do respect about PC gamers at least they r realistic about things n respect gaming

ProjectVulcan1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Yes it costs more than PS4 by itself, yes its far, far faaaaar faster. You get what you pay for.

This wasn't even possible in 2005. There wasn't even a single GPU card twice as fast as Xbox 360 let alone one 3 times as fast.

It kinda shows how the new consoles are behind the curve compared to older generation, when there is a card on sale 3 times the power of the most powerful console a month before they even arrive!

I look at the price and go fine, because these aren't even 20nm cards. By this time next year 20nm will be complete and those cards will be released.

At that point this card's price will crumble. This performance will be $300 tops in less than a year.

nukeitall1687d ago

@Shane Kim:

I don't game on PC much, but the ones I play are Starcraft 2 and WoW.

That said, you can get most of the same games you get on console, but with superior performance.

Highly rated is overrated i.e. there are plenty of games on PC that isn't rated.

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Pain_Killer1688d ago

Beast specs, now only if they came early. Can't wait for the release of the Hawaii chip!

WarThunder1688d ago

Im so getting the AMD R9 290!

ninjahunter1688d ago

Hmm, idk AMD GPUs have not been known to make good use of raw numbers like TFLOPS and Gflops.

I havent looked into the numbers recently but i seem to recall that nvidia GPU's achieve similar performance on much less "raw power".

Best wait and see the real benchmarks

nukeitall1688d ago

My issue with AMD/ATi has mostly to do with their sh!tty drivers. Often very bloated.

However, I don't buy top end so don't know.

Nvidia has as long as I remember, the best drivers and even the control management tools. In general, I like nvidia far better from personal experience. However, the price on these are dang good.

KazHiraiFTW1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

I've owned 6 Nvidia cards from the 8800gts through gtx Titan and 5 AMD cards from 5870 through 7990 and I can honestly say that Nvidia has the far superior stuttering, better minimun fps, less glitches, less crashing, less problems with driver forced graphics options.

And for hardware Nvidia always has quieter, cooler gpus (except for the 400 series). AMD needs to come up with something miraculous if they want to outshine Nvidia any time in the near future.

MidnytRain1688d ago


That's the trade-off for being cheaper. They don't NECESSARILY need those things because they're overall performance is better than Nvidia at most price points.

KazHiraiFTW1688d ago

So by better performance you mean higher max fps? I would take a cooler, more energy efficient video card that works properly with reliable software, higher minimum fps, more consistent frame-rate than just a slightly higher max or avg fps at the same price point. Performance can mean a lot of different things.

I sold my Titan and bought a cheaper 7990 for mining digital currency. The Titan is just a night and day difference. I can't believe they actually released the 7990 @ $1000. Yeah the 7990 gets higher fps but it feels like a lot less due to micro-stuttering, even with the new frame pacing drivers. I'm looking forward to a Titan price drop so I can buy another one. Not impressed with AMD the last few years. And they have become worse at price gouging than Nvidia so your price-performance ratio argument doesn't really hold up anymore.

xKugo1687d ago

Need to see some benchmarks between this, GTX Titan and GTX 780. I might build another PC, AMD based, if I'm impressed with what I see. Can't get enough of PC gaming right now; So glad I made the switch.