EB Expo: Contrast PS4 Hands-On Gameplay Footage

Press Start Australia got to check out the Indie section of the PS4 booth. One of their standouts was Contrast from Compulsion Games which looked incredible with it’s unique art style and even more fascinating gameplay concepts.

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PoSTedUP1503d ago

wow what an awesome concept! i am sold.

BobBelcher1503d ago

The indie section of the PS4 booth. Is there any other section after that?

joking, JUST joking.

Anyways, crazy game concept. I like it.

hazardman1503d ago

Lol...anyway yeah PS4 has indie at forefront for launch thats why so much love for indie. I have a feeling after launch that the main system movers will all be mentioned then. to not take away anything from smaller games!!

BobBelcher1503d ago

I'm just glad Sony is lending itself to the indie front a bit more. The PS3's architect was pretty rough on indie developers.

chrissx1503d ago

Some rly unique exclusives coming to the Ps4. Loving this concept

arexw1503d ago Show