Beyond: Two Souls - David Cage talks making a story-driven game and why it's different to film

MMGN: The competitive teething issues seem to be largely falling by the wayside now as people begin to embrace the differences and strengths unique to each medium. Beyond: Two Souls perhaps represents one of the closest harmonies between the two, but Cage explained in great detail what made the process of creating Beyond so different than film production.

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ab5olut10n1623d ago

I honestly don't know whether to agree or disagree with this.

Skate-AK1623d ago

Disagree and report. It's spam.

vallencer1623d ago

Just finished playing this game. It was absolutely fantastic!!!

georgenancy1623d ago

what rating would you give it

vallencer1623d ago

Easily give it a 9. It's worth 60 dollars no questions asked. Only issue I had with it were the controls. Mainly just the character movement was a little clunky at times but that's it.

linkenski1623d ago

WTH!? People are already playing it today!? Shit. I gotta get off the internet until the 9th when I can play it, to avoid spoilers!