Kinect - We Can Learn To Love Again

With Kinect 2.0 being bundled with everyone Xbox One, Drew gives us six games that he thinks could really make the device something special.

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TomShoe1449d ago

"We can Learn to Love Again"

Did we ever love in the first place?

P0werVR1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Yeah tried her out, but it's just a darn female dog. She makes you feel like she knows your heart, but she doesn't know a damn thing...Dumb broad!

Trekster_Gamer1449d ago

Me and the family have had a blast. Bring on KINECT 2.0!

ABeastNamedTariq1449d ago

My Kinect 1.0 (?) collected dust after the novelty wore off. Hopefully, when I get an XB1, the same thing does not happen.

I'd like to think that there are more interesting ways to utilize it besides voice commands and small gestures. (If there's more, they're escaping me.)

1449d ago
VforVideogames1449d ago

I like and use mine since day one and I already like this one.

LackTrue4K1449d ago


"do you still use it in a weekly bases???? And if you do, what game do you play on it??

Trekster_Gamer1449d ago

Kids still play..
Kinectamals...Disney adventure..
Pixar game.. And I enjoy pod racing kinect Sports season 2.

VforVideogames1449d ago

yes every week me and my kids play dance central, kinectimals, Disney, (just to name a few) and the most played by every one in my house is Kinect party (its free with live) that game is a blast for all ages!!!!!! up to five people on screen at the same time.

Wizziokid1449d ago

For me it was like wii sports, fun for a short burst with the family but boring as hell in the long run.

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