EB Expo: Fifa 14 On PS4 Hands-On Gameplay Footage

Press Start managed to grab some off screen footage of FIFA 14 running on the PS4 at EB Expo

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PositiveEmotions1623d ago

Wow it looks so real :) its like watching an actual live game :)

KAEM71623d ago

Anyone know if EA has an upgrade option if i buy the ps3 version and want to upgrade to ps4 version when it arrives?

slimeybrainboy1623d ago

Yeah im pretty confident its £10 $10 to upgrade. I think its at game.

OrangePowerz1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I was looking on the weekend, the digital version didn't say that it would and EA never came out and said that Fifa would be in the upgrade program so I'm not sure.

Retailers probably have an upgrade program for it.

XtraTrstrL1623d ago

The upgrade from PS3 to PS4 for games is kinda pointless for people that plan on going fully digital. I don't want to have to get up and trade out discs all the time, and you'll have to keep the PS3 version disc in the tray when playing the upgraded game.

KAEM71623d ago

Thanks for all the help guys. (+bubbles to all)

I also didn't see anything official from EA, so I was wondering. Guess i should check retailers.

Im am definitely not going fully digital as long they are still the same price. I dont mind having to exchange disks. If/when they drop the digital price below retail i will buy more digital.

chrissx1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Looks wayy better than fifa 14 on current gen.plays better to. I'll be getting this on Ps4 that's 4 sure

Fasttrack761623d ago

Yeah trade in offer is at game, you get a £40 trade in promise for the ps3 version when you buy it on ps4

ANIALATOR1361623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I dont see what the fuss is about. It looks basically the same as the current gen version to me. Has the same bloody commentators for years too

shancake1623d ago

The AI and physics are much improved. It also looks a ton better. It runs on an entirely new engine.

iistuii1623d ago

The UK commentators are the same because they are the sky sports commentators who are still on sky now.