All The 6th Generation Pokemon Leaked?

Have all the new Pokemon from the upcoming X and Y already been leaked?

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TomShoe1204d ago

Totals 89 Pokemon in all.

That can't be all of them, unless Sugimori finally got artist's block. Not to mention some of the sprites in that chart look a bit awkward. Must be taken from screen caps.

All in all, it seems legit, but don't get your hopes up just yet.

Craigatorian1204d ago

If their idea of new pokemon is just mega evolutions of old ones, then this generation is gonna suck

ForgottenProphecy1204d ago

Yah, I've been keeping up with the leaks since they started coming out, and the awkward ones came from screen caps.

ABizzel11203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )


Actually that is pretty much it. 69 New Pokemon in total. 18 Megas revealed so far. There's chance for a few event Pokemon (usually 2 - 5)

However, it's rumored that each Elite 4 has a Mega

Scizor / Probopass, Torkoal / Chandelure, Druddigon / Altaria, and Gyarados (confirmed) possibly Starmie. It's also rumored more Megastones one is for Gavantula, the others are unknown.

However, there have been rumors and leaks stating that there will be significantly more Mega evolutions, as well as a Ruby and Sapphire remake featuring new Mega Evolutions.

My guess is that there are so few new Poke's, because they had to make 3D animated models for over 700 mon's.

HmongAmerican1204d ago

All the new Pokemon cannot beat the 1st gen mega evolution.

LordDhampire1204d ago

blastoise looks garbage, and venasaur didn't really change

charzard black form is sick tho

tillame0571204d ago Show
Trunkz Jr1204d ago

who cares about 70 or 89, we can finally customize our character, imo thats huge when it comes to the games, I can feel like my character is more of my own now.

TekoIie1203d ago

I'll be really happy if they include loads of Pokemon from previous generations!

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1204d ago

gengar and charizard X look sick

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